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Chapter 1 Expelled

 The party leader, Zect [ゼクト], who has the job of a hero [Yuusha], tells me.
 "I'm sorry, but you're banished today."
 "Oh, well, that's okay."
 Zect and I have known each other since childhood, but I had a vague idea that this was going to happen someday.
 "Best friend" I thought for sure, but this guy has a bad habit that cannot be controlled.
 Lida, the Sword Saint
 Maria, the Saint
 Mel, the Wise Man
 The five of us, included me, were known as the S-rank party, the 'Light of Hope [希望の灯]'.
 The name of the party is a little bit chuuni, but it is not so strange because Zect is a hero, and there is a Sword Saint, a Saint, and a Wise Man.
 However, there is a problem with this party.
 That is because three of the members are women.
 Zect is not such a bad guy in general.
 But there is one thing that makes him a scum in my opinion.
 He is bad when it comes to women. He just can’t resist them.
 As I'm an adult, I don't disagree with all of this guy.
 Certainly, there is 'friendship'... but Zect puts 'love' before 'friendship'.
 That's the way he is.
 And lately I've been left behind by everyone else.
 It's true that I haven't been able to keep up with the three of them, who have grown up in terms of jobs, and I can't help it.
 So, I thought it was okay if I got banished.
 But isn't that wrong? Anyway, it's no use staying with them if I'm struggling with them, and even if I can't keep up with them in the heroic party, I'm still an S-class guy.
 There's plenty more what I can do next time.
 Even if I can't keep up with the brave party, there are plenty of other S-level parties that I can keep up. If I drop down to A-level, I'll probably be in a great spot.
 I don't have a problem with that.
 "Ceres, you know you can't keep up with us, right?"
 "Yes, it's true that I can't keep up with everyone as a Magic Swordman... It's hard." (*Note: 魔法戦士/Magic Warrior?)
 This is all right.
 I know what Zect wants. He wants a harem.
 For that I'm in the way.
 "To make a great leap forward as a hero, I need a great achievement. I'm afraid I can't do it with you. So, please understand, you may be out of the party, but you'll still be my best friend."
 I guess if the leader says so...
 I can't help it.
 I'm sure the others are no different.
 I looked into Mel's eyes, the woman I loved so much, knowing that she no longer had the kind eyes she used to have and that she was now completely Zect's girl.
 "I agree with Zect! You can't keep up with this party anymore. You will die or be seriously injured in the near future. You'd better quit now... This is for your own good."
 "Mel... I know it... Thank you!"
 Well, that's what she's gonna say. Though she never makes eye contact with me.
 Anyway, I don't care if she's sleeping with Zect... After all, nothing I can do about it.
 But then, my eyes fell on Mel's neck.
 There is a mysterious necklace on her neck, which is probably a necklace that Zect bought for her.
 She is not wearing the necklace I gave her anymore... And it makes me a little sad.
 Well, I'm a Magic Swordman, I guess it's time to give up.
 Two others were wearing the same necklace.
 So, there's no need for me at the harem party.
 However, should I check it out first?
 "Mel... You don't need me, right?"
 "I want to hear it from you."
 "Yes, I don't need you anymore."
 That's just... Yeah, as I expected.
 "Well then, Zect, be happy!"
 "Hey... You knew it, didn't you?"
 "Yeah, but Zect's a good guy... Any other man I'd duel with, but with Zect I'd give up."
 "I'm sorry!"
 "Don't worry about it."
 He looks sad, but he doesn't have to be.
 Though it makes me a little sad.
 "You'd better go back to the village and become a local adventurer... or find another weak party..."
 "Yeah, of course, I'll take it easy for a while and think about it."
* * *
 This guy, Zect, thought that Mel and I were dating and cuckolded me.
 However, in fact, I don't have any special feelings for Mel. Rather, it's been a bit of a problem...
 Still, he's my best friend, but he's got this womanizing habit... can't he get over it?
 Zect looks at me with a triumphant look on his face.
 He's looking down on me.
 And can he get rid of this bad habit too?
 Really... He's good at everything he does, he has a good face, he's strong, and he was chosen to be a hero.
 There's no need to look down on me that much.
 If he'd just shut up, everyone would say 'you're great'.
 But these two bad things are ruining him and it worries me a little.
 For the record, Mel is not my girlfriend, I just naturally took care of her since Zect always hanging out with Lida and Maria.
 Anyway, does he feel sorry for her?
 If he wants to build a harem, he should love them equally.
 Also, the 'best friend' part.
 He should be honest with me.
 He should talk to me at night, like, 'I want a harem'.
 Then, things would be a little clearer.
 "Goodbye, Ceres."
 "More importantly! I'm so sorry about Zect..."
 Four childhood friends all saying goodbye at once... This is more painful than I thought it would be.
 I don't want to say so, but I've spent a lot of time in my life, and I'm going to miss them a lot.
 "Don't be so mean, Mel! Ceres is my best friend too."
 "Don't worry about it, Zect! Next time we see each other, we'll smile and talk... also, thank you for your help until now. I hope you four live happily ever after!"
 "So, you're leaving the party?"
 "Yeah, you guys can go save the world. I'll take my time."

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