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I Was Reincarnated as a Nameless Combatant in a Japanese-style Fantasy Depressive Erotic Game, but the Women Around Me Are All Dangerous, and I Have a Bad Feeling about It

Genre: Fantasy, Harem, Isekai, Yandere, Reincarnation, Mob

Raw Source: here or here

Apparently, I was reincarnated as a nameless mob in a Japanese fantasy game.
...and the genre of the game is a depressive game with eroticism and gore. 

PIXIV has created an article about this work, so here it is => here
Fan art manga (contents of chapters 1-3) => here

Wiki of this series: here

Volume 1 - The Fact That I Haven't Even Started the Tutorial and I'm Stuck Volume 2 - It's a Rare Case of a Safe Zone Disappearing in a Game Event Volume 3 - The Thing Is, a Child's Admiration Is Only Temporary, like Measles Volume 4 - The Case of Katsudon being Served is the Standard at the Interrogation Volume 5 - The Case of How Hard It Is to Train Newcomers, Even Those Who Are Teaching Them Volume 6 - From Here On Out, It's Hell (CV: Ono Kenshou) Volume 7 - It's Not Necessarily Possible to Interfere with the Choices, Right? Volume 8 - The Matter of Providing Care and Consideration to the Patients Volume 9 - From Innocent Countryside to the City: Everyone Seems Scary, You Know Volume 10 - Memories of the Past Are Beautified Volume 11 - Side Stories Can Be as Tricky as the Main Plot Sometimes Volume 12 - The Thing About Bills Coming Due When You've Forgotten About Them
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