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Chapter 2 After Parting

 Whew! I felt a bit of loss coming over me.
 After all, I 'loved' them.
 But not the kind of 'love' they think.
 Simply put, it was 'paternal love'.
 And there's something I never told them.
 That I'm a reincarnated person.
 Am I a hero or what? Of course, It's not like that... Anyway, in my previous life, I was a 42-year-old father.
 The memory of that life is still strong in me.
 I was an elite businessman with a wife and daughter.
 So, the other world doesn't do much for me.
 However, people might say, "Don't let your previous life drag you down since you're already reborn and living a new life..." But what can I do?
 No way, people my age are just like children to me.
 I'm not trying to make excuses, but I just really can't do it.
 Okay, I admit it... in this world, I'm babacon [Milf lover].
 But men in this world seem to me to be 'totally lolicon'. I mean, 17 is considered old in this world... But in Japan, it's JK, a minor.
 And what's more, women in their mid-20s are not treated as girls anymore.
 'Really, what a waste.'
 I'm 42 years old and dead, and I've been in this world for 14 years... and to me, unless a woman is in her late 20s... she's not a target for my love.

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