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Chapter 0 Prologue

 What is your favorite game?
 If someone asked me such a question, I surely would name the game [Dungeon Brave Souls] without any hesitation.
 This game is a fantasy RPG set in a world of sword and magic, combined with romance elements with multiple heroines in a school.
 The main character's name is Leon Brave. He is a descendant of the hero who once sealed the Demon King, and is a new student at the [Royal Sword and Magic Academy] in the Slayer Kingdom, where the story is set.
 Upon entering the school, the hero meets various heroines, forms a party, and goes on adventures in the dungeon.
 He fights against many enemies, finds treasures and magic items, and sometimes confronts incidents caused by human malice.
 The hero, who has strengthened his bonds with the heroines in this way, will eventually fight against the Demon King to save the world as a descendant of the heroes.
 This game, which attracted many players with its colorful illustrations and dynamic battle system, was originally an adult-rated PC game. Naturally, the game also included a strong love scene with the heroine.
 These scenes, which were later cut in the all-ages version of the game, were one of the elements that drew many men into the world of [DunBrave] a.k.a [Dungeon Brave].
 The appeal of the game was not limited to the game itself, but went on to become a manga series, merchandise, and even an anime.
 Now... I have been talking about the charm of [DunBrave] like this, but if someone asked me what game I dislike, I would answer like this without any hesitation.
 [Dungeon Brave Souls 2] - this is an unbelievably shitty game.
 As the name suggests, this [2] game inherited the worldview of its predecessor [Dungeon Brave Souls], but within a week of its release, it caused an uproar that shook the game industry.
 This game is set in the world after Leon has sealed the Demon King, but the main character is not Leon Brave. The main character is a man named Zenon Baskerville, Leon's classmate who had appeared only by name until then.
 If I had to describe this Zenon in a simple way, I would have to call him a "scum bag", a "womanizer and a bastard".
 Zenon Baskerville appeared in front of Leon, who had restored his peaceful life after defeating the Demon King. He approaches Leon as a male friend and they begin to interact with each other.
 Leon, who until then had been surrounded by heroines and had no male friends, accepted this new bad friend favorably and gradually opened his heart to him.
 However, the closer Leon and Zeno get to each other, the more the heroine that they had been bonding with begins to act strangely. They started to avoid Leon more than necessary and started to disappear from the school during lunch breaks and holidays.
 Those of you who are sensible enough to have noticed this, will have noticed it after I have explained the situation so far.
 Yes... Leon's beloved heroine has been cuckolded by Zenon Baskerville.
 Zenon approached Leon and used every means to seduce the heroine.
 Violence, threats, kidnapping, drugs, hypnosis and brainwashing by dark magic. No matter what the hero's comrades who defeated the Demon King could not defy the power of the Baskervilles, who were the high-ranking aristocrats in the Slayer Kingdom and the bosses of the gangs that controlled the underworld. With each passing moment, not only their bodies but also their hearts were corrupted.
 The three main heroines are not the only ones who have been exposed to Zeno's evil. The female teachers of the school, the seniors whom he had taken care of, the junior students whom he had cherished... To top it all off, even Leon's mother and little sister, who live in a remote village far from the royal capital, have fallen prey to Zeno.
 Leon Brave, the main heroine, the subheroine, and all the women he has ever been involved with, have been stolen from him.
 The young man who was supposed to be the hero who defeated the Demon King is finally accused of a crime he did not commit, loses his honor, and is imprisoned as a criminal.
 In the end, the heroines are shown being held by Zeno and letting out flirtatious moans, and shed tears of blood in despair.
 Naturally, this new [DunBrave], which has become an insidious and ugly NTR game, a complete turnaround from the heart-rending love and battle stories of its predecessor, has been flooded with condemnation and criticism.
 The production company's phone rang daily with the protests of traumatized players, and the production staff even held an apology press conference due to the overwhelming number of complaints.
 Why did the staff who were supposed to be producing a dreamlike fantasy game create such a challenging and problematic work in a bad sense of the word?
 There are various reasons for this, such as the producer's wife cheating on him with a young man during the production of the game, or the writer of the scenario getting scammed out of his savings by a marriage scam... there are various malicious behind-the-scenes circumstances of human beings.
 Of course, I sympathize with the staff members who have become despaired over the "female" creature and have become desperate. However, as a player who has been traumatized by them, even I cannot forgive them.
 At the end of the turmoil, the production company went bankrupt, and I believe that this was a natural retribution.
 Although [DunBrave] went through such a black history of glory and destruction, surprisingly, there are still some deep-rooted fans even after the turmoil.
 In this world, there are people who envy others' happiness and rejoice in their unhappiness. Although a minority, there are also people who long for the bad guys. To such people, Leon Brave, a man who has everything, including love and honor, seems to be nothing more than a bad guy for them.
 It seems that there were quite a few players who got excited at the sight of Leon losing his heroine and longed for Zenon who walked proudly in the path of evil.
 But I, a big fan of the previous game, couldn't understand it at all, but there were even people who said that [DunBrave 2] was a divine game. What an absolutely lamentable thing to hear.
 Well... now that I have discussed at length about the games I like and the games I don't like, I would like to get down to the main topic.
 I am very sorry for the sudden change of subject, but it seems that I am dead.
 This is not in the game world, but in the real world. Of course, I cannot be revived in a church, nor can I use resurrection magic.
 Wait, if I'm dead, there's no way I can talk. So who the hell am I?
 Since some of you may be wondering like that, I'd like to introduce myself.
 My name is Zenon. Zenon Baskerville.
 I am a person who lost his life in modern Japan and was reincarnated into the world of video game as a villainous protagonist.

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