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Chapter 14 Big Stuff Kills

 A gargoyle flies in the air and swings its claws down at me. But I backstep to avoid the sharp claw strike and deliver a counter slash.
 The tip of my sword is precisely inserted into the gargoyle's torso, but it is bounced off with a sound as if it hits something hard.
 “Gyagyak? It's waste, waste, waste!” (*Note: Mudamudamudamuda)
 “Ah...I knew it. It's so annoying!”
 Gargoyles' bodies are covered with scales as hard as rocks, and ordinary attacks cannot damage them and they are repelled.
 The strength of gargoyles is on the same level as that of the monsters encountered in the middle of the game. Leon and his companions miraculously defeated them by the power of the blood of the awakened heroes, but they are not opponents that can be defeated in a proper fight.
 And the same goes for me. I couldn't even put a scratch on him with my initial equipment, Nakakura's sword.
 “Shadow Edge!”
 The gargoyle lets out a short scream as it takes another slash from the flying blade.
 This is the same as in the game. Gargoyles have high physical defense, but low magic resistance. It seems that even low-level magic can do some damage.
 “However... it's troublesome to cut it down with small tricks...”
 Now I can only use lower level magic of the dark attribute. I will have to hit the gargoyle with dozens of shots to defeat it with this.
 If I had a companion, a tank as a shield would draw them away, and the rear guard could cut them down little by little with magic, but unfortunately, I am playing solo. I have no one to rely on.
 My classmate who was fighting the gargoyle, Jean, is healing his friends in the back, so I can't count on his support either.
 “Then... I'll have to kill it all at once with a single critical blow”
 “How dare you? Kill, kill!”
 The gargoyle spreads its wings wide. I backstep to get away from it, anticipating its next attack.
 The next moment, numerous shuriken-like feathers fly out from its wings and pierce a wide area. If I had escaped a little later, I would have turned into a hedgehog.
 A quick glance behind me shows that Jean and his friends are safe. They seem to be out of the range of the attackers because of the distance.
 “I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I know about that attack? I've seen it too many times!”
 “And... I know your weakness!”
 The gargoyle freezes in place after I dodge its ranged attack. It was a big move that caused it to freeze.
 I took the opportunity to jump into the opponent. Even if I slash at it with my sword, it is sure to be repelled by it scales as before.
 But still I thrust the tip of my sword without hesitation.
 Aiming at a single point. The gargoyle's weak point.
 The gargoyle let out a desperate scream.
 My thrust pierces under the gargoyle's jaw and goes through its neck.
 Every enemy character in [DunBrave] has a weak point, and attacking the weak point is treated as a critical hit.
 In the case of the gargoyle, only the lower part of its jaw was not covered by stone scales, and that part was its weak point.
 “You bully the weak to get revenge for being beaten by a hero, and when you fail even to do so, you are killed by a lower-ranked opponent. It must be very humiliating for you, event boss”
 “Damn you... human...!”
 My attack is not over yet.
 I'll use the most powerful magic I can muster right now. Jet-black flames pour out into the wound, searing the gargoyle's flesh from the inside out.
 “There are various jobs in this game... but the strongest among the initial jobs is, without a doubt, the [Rune Knight]”
 “And there are only two characters who have [Rune Knight] job. Leon, the main character and ......Zenon Baskerville. Only me!”
 The strongest except for the hero and the king.
 There is no way that Zenon Baskerville, the Dark Swordsman, the opposite of Leon, the Light Swordsman, can't defeat such an early boss.
 “Guo... no... giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”
 The gargoyle, engulfed in jet-black flames, was flailing about, waving its hands and wings, but its resistance was too feeble. After a while, the gargoyle collapses helplessly, and its entire body is engulfed in flames.
 The gargoyle, which had been twitching and convulsing repeatedly, eventually stopped moving.
 Its body crumbled into particles and dissolved into the air, leaving only the magic stone as a drop item.
 “For the first time since I came to this world, I've had a proper battle. I've won”
 With a declaration of victory, I spun my sword around and struck a determined pose.
 I completely conquers a superior event boss in my first dungeon. It was a perfect achievement for the start of my new life in the other world.
 But I do not know how defeating the event monster, the gargoyle, will affect the scenario.
 But...for now, let's just rejoice in this victory.
 I have saved a life that should have died for sure.

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