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Chapter 17 Treasure Room

 Continuing deeper into the dungeon, a large space soon appeared in front of me.
 In the place where Leon's group and the gargoyles had fought earlier, there were scratches on the ground as if by sharp blades, and the walls were scorched black by magic.
 While admiring the strong battle scars, I go to the pedestal in the center of the room.
 On the pedestal is a bunch of metal medals. I take one of them, put it in my pocket, and tap it lightly on my clothes.
 “That clears the dungeon. I guess I've completed the mission almost intact”
 This medal is a proof of achievement in the dungeon [Sage's Playground].
 By obtaining this medal, I will receive points for my skill and will be allowed to explore dungeons of higher levels.
 “The game made me cry... when I got rid of the gargoyles and went out thinking that was the end of it, I was denied permission to complete the dungeon because I didn't get the medal”
 Thanks to this, I had to dive once more into the dungeon I had already conquered.
This is a common failure for those who have played [DunBrave] before.
 By the way, did Leon and his friends bring back this medal?
 They might have forgotten it, since they seemed to have been wounded all over by the battle with gargoyles.
 “I'm sorry for their loss. And, uh...”
 I carefully check around the room to accomplish another task.
 In fact, there is one more secret hidden in this room.
 It is a benefit that appears only in the second or later rounds of play. This is a bonus that cannot be obtained on the first playthrough, and I wonder if it is reflected in this world as well.
 “...found it. Here it is”
 There was a part of the wall that was a slightly different color. When I pushed the spot with my hand, the wall rotated and a new passageway appeared, just like a hidden door in a ninja house.
 Without hesitation, I stepped into the passage. I walk about 10 meters and a blinding light spreads in my vision.
 “Oh... it's right there. [Treasure Room]!”
 A mountain of gold appeared before me.
 Countless gold coins are piled up in a heap so high I could see them. Surrounding them were a number of treasure chests, richly decorated with jewels.
 The name of this room is [Treasure Room]. It is one of the benefits for completing the game, which can be obtained by playing the game repeatedly.
 The scenario of [DunBrave] has several routes and endings, and is designed on the premise that players play the game in a round-robin manner.
 And, as is the customary in such games, there are some perks to be released by reaching the endings.
 One of these perks was [Treasure New Game]. One of the benefits was that I could take over the money and items I had at the time of the previous clear.
 When I visit the first dungeon, [Sage's Playground], after the second round, a hidden room appears at the far end of the dungeon. In the hidden room, the gold and items I have taken over are stored, and I can take them out freely.
 I open one of the treasure chests and take out the magic bag inside. This is a valuable item that can be obtained at the end of the game and can hold an infinite number of items.
 There were several tools that could store items, but this magic bag was the only one that could store an unlimited number of items.
 “He, hehehehe... hahahaha, I can't stop laughing. This much money? Item? I'm suddenly a millionaire!”
 Laughing at the urge that surges through me, I start storing the piles of gold coins in my magic bag.
 The treasure chests are neatly sorted into material items, consumable items, and equipment items, and I throw them into the magic bag without leaving any of them behind.
 “Oh? Is this sword really...?”
 I find a sword among the items and stop my hand involuntarily.
 The sword taken out from the treasure chest is a sword with one end dyed black like a wet feather of a crow.
 If I look closely, I can see red streaks like blood vessels on the warped blade like a Japanese sword, and it is pulsating like a living creature.
 “[Demon Sword, Amanohazamaru(天乃羽々斬丸)], you have come to this world too, haven't you? I love and miss you, my beloved sword...”
 It was once a weapon I created during gameplay.
 [DunBrave] can create a new weapon by requesting it to the blacksmith. The performance of the weapon changes depending on the material items brought in, so it is possible to create your own original weapon.
 Amanohazamaru is the best weapon I have created. It is a masterpiece that I have developed over and over again, taking time to collect materials, investing an almost insurmountable amount of money, and repeatedly strengthening it.
 The performance of this sword, forged through more than 10 rounds of play, surpasses even the most powerful weapon, the [Holy Sword, Exbrave], which can be obtained in the latter half of the scenario.
 When equipped by the hero who had trained his skills to the maximum, it was powerful enough to inflict heavy damage even on the Demon King in the hard mode.
 “If this sword is here... does that mean that the items in this room are based on my lap data? Who in the world prepared these items for me?”
 The existence of this bonus for clearing the game means that this world was created from [DunBrave] that I played.
 In other words, I didn't wander into this world by accident and possess the body of "Zenon Baskerville", but was intentionally reincarnated into this world by the will of someone else.
 “Who in the world... and for what purpose?”
 When I was in Japan, I have read several novels in which people were reincarnated as game characters, but I never thought that I would be in that position.
 I don't know if it is a god or a demon, but I wonder what is the purpose of the person who sent me to this world.
 It can't be a coincidence that I was reincarnated as Zenon, the main character of [DunBrave 2] instead of Leon, the main character of [DunBrave 1]. There must be a meaning to this.
 I pondered in agony for a while, and then I gave up and slumped my shoulders.
 How can a human being measure the intention of the creator of the world? It is a waste of time to think about a problem that I cannot judge whether it is right or wrong.
 If I dwell on them, I will lose the day.
 Wanko-sensei and my classmates who left the dungeon before me are probably waiting for me outside, so let's hurry up and finish collecting the items.
 I stopped thinking nonsense.
 With this, I just keep moving my hands to put the items into the magic bag.

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