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Chapter 43 Skill Orb

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 “Well then, I have something for you two before we go on today's quest.”
 After saying this, I put my hand into the item box.
 What I take out are several jewels. They were white, red, blue, yellow, and brightly colored spheres.
 “These are skill orbs, aren't they?
 Aeris tilted her head when she saw the jewels on the table in the coffee shop.
 “Where did you get such a valuable item? I'm sure they are rarely found on the market...”
 “...I have a little connection. I got them at a very low price.”
 These skill orbs were all inherited items obtained in the 'treasure room'.
 To obtain skill orbs in the game, there are two ways. Either they were dropped by defeating monsters, or they were obtained as rewards for completing event quests.
 Skill orbs were also rarely sold at auctions, and were difficult to obtain because they depended on luck.
 “My family is a powerful family. So, rare items tend to come around.”
 “I see... The Baskervilles are indeed a powerful family. It seems that the power of the old aristocracy that has continued since the founding of the kingdom is still alive and well.”
 Aeris doesn't seem particularly offended by the use of family power as an excuse, and nods in admiration.
 “Goshujin-sama, are you going to give this to Urza?”
 Urza asks with a sparkle in her eyes after eating the huge parfait.
 Urza is not interested in jewelry or other ornaments. For this oni girl who values strength, skill orbs that can make her stronger are more appealing.
 “Yeah, this is for Urza and this is for Aeris.”
 I put the skill orbs out on the table and offered them to the two of them.
 “Over the past week, we've come to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. I want you to learn new skills to enhance your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.”
 “Thank you, desu~no! I want to be stronger!”
 “But... are you sure? Do you really want to buy such an expensive thing for me?”
 While Urza accepts the orb without a second thought, Aeris is reserved and keeps her eyes down.
 The skill orb was a reasonably expensive item if sold. She was probably hesitant to accept it for free.
 “Wouldn't it be better if I paid you something for it at least?”
 “No. Don't worry about the trivialities. Just use it.”
 “Look, Aeris, the stronger you are, the more likely it is that we will survive. I'm not giving this to you for your own good. I'm giving it to you to strengthen our party.”
 Aeris still tries to refrain from accept it, but I point my index finger at her and tell her.
 “But... if Aeris doesn't intend to work with me in the future, you don't have to use it. In that case, you're out of the party...”
 “I will use it! Thank you very much!”
 Aeris rushes to pick up the skill orb and holds the jewel in her hands. She snatches it away from me so vigorously that her huge chest is pressed against the table, distorting its shape.
 My eyes widen at this unexpected lucky scene, causing me to pull my hands back in a hurry.
 “I am Zenon-sama's healer! So, this is mine, too!”
 “O-Ohh... yes”
 It was supposed to be a joke, but the fact that she was about to be excluded from the party must have been too much for her. After all, she was desperately pleading with me. I was horrified by her attitude and shook my head again and again.
 “Then, feel free to use it. We are friends, so don't worry about it.”
 “Friends...? Yes, of course. Friends... Friends...”
 Aeris repeats happily, clutching the treasure she has just secured.
 Aeris, who has been called the 'Saint of Centorea' and revered by others, has always been in a position to be respected and admired by others. Therefore, she may be genuinely happy to be an equal peer.
 Anyway, I coughed my throat to compose myself, and explained the skills I was going to give them.
 “Okay... the three skills that Urza will learn are 'Hit Enhancement', 'Endurance Enhancement', and 'Intimidation'.”
 The 'Hit Enhancement' is literally a skill that raises the hit rate of an attack. Urza is equipped with a hammer, which is a weapon with high power but low accuracy. Therefore, the skill to increase the hit rate is indispensable.
 'Endurance Enhancement' is an effective skill for vanguards and tanks. The higher the defense is, the higher the survival rate will be.
 "What kind of skill is 'Intimidation'?"

 "It is a skill to intimidate enemies to drive away weak monsters, or to attract hate and draw attention to yourself. It is a skill that is necessary to protect your friends."

 I explain lightly and look into Urza's face with a serious expression.

 "It's important skill... So, I want you to focus on your 'intimidation' skill from now on. I'm sure you will need it eventually."

 "I understand, desu~no! If Goshujin-sama wants it, Urza will be happy to use it, desu~no!"

 "Yes, I'm counting on you!"

 I nodded my head in satisfaction at Urza's reply, and turned to Aeris this time.

 "The three skills Aeris will learn are 'Chanting Acceleration,' 'Magic Conservation,' and 'Protection Barrier'."

 Aeris is a healer, the lifeline of the party. The presence of a healer greatly affects the chance of survival of the whole party.
 'Chant Acceleration' is a skill that increases the speed of chanting. If she can use recovery magic in a short time, the safety of the party will be increased.
 'Magic Conservation' is a skill that reduces the amount of magic power consumed by a spell. If a healer can use more spells, it means that the strength and endurance of the party will be increased. This is also important to keep in mind.
 And 'Protection Barrier' is a skill that puts a barrier on users’ body to block the enemy's attack. It is necessary to protect Aeris herself, because if the healer is injured, the party is destroyed.

 "Thank you very much, I will use it very carefully."

 Aeris smiles happily and kisses the orb.
 The skill orb vanishes without a sound, and the light from the orb is absorbed into Aeris's body.
 Urza, on the other hand, bites the skill orb more vigorously. Likewise, the skill orb vanishes without a sound, and she has mastered the skill.

 Just to be sure, I wear the item that allows me to see the status of others, God's Eye, the monocle glasses, and watch them both through it.

Aeris Centorea

Job: Cleric

 Healing Magic 30
 Support Magic 27
 Barrier Art 20
 Chant Acceleration 1 NEW!
 Magic Conservation 1 NEW!
 Protection Barrier 1 NEW!

Urza White Ogre

Job: Berserker

 Physical Enhancement 26
 Toughness 31
 Hammer Art 32
 Hit Enhancement 1 NEW!
 Endurance Enhancement 1 NEW!
 Intimidation 1 NEW!

 For the note, a person can acquire other skill orbs, but the maximum number of skills is limited to 10. To add a new skill, they must erase the skills they already have.
 Of course, the deleted skills will not be returned. Therefore, they had to be acquired carefully, because the skill orbs would be wasted.

 "Well... now you have learned skills. You'll be training your skills in the dungeon from now on, so please use them actively!"

 "Yes, desu~no!"

 "By the way, Zeno-sama, are you sure you don't need to learn any skills?"

 "I've already learned it, don't worry about it."

 Note that... I have already used the skill orb at an early stage, and my current skill structure is as follows.

Zenon Baskerville

Job: Rune Knight

 Swordsmanship 41
 Dark Magic 45
 Training 47
 Magic Sword 15
 Physical Enhancement 20
 Magic Enhancement 11

 Thanks to the continuous defeating of higher-ranked enemies such as gargoyles and gigantic mithril, my skill level has increased significantly compared to the first time I started. However, it is not easy to increase after 50, so I am still far from reaching the max level of the game mark."

 "Anyway... why does the 'training' skill increase the most?"

 Even though the 'daily skills' that are not used in battle are more likely to increase, did I do something to develop the 'training' skill that I have from the beginning?

 I don't think so, but... maybe scolding Urza for her mischievous behavior and lecturing Aeris for her self-sacrifice are considered as 'training'?

 "......I don't want to think it"

 I abandon my thoughts and get up from my chair.
 I shake my head as if I were trying to escape from reality... then I leave the coffee shop and head to the Forel Forest.

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