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Chapter 59 Nagisa's Question

Bonus chapter...
 "Hey, what are you talking about in a place like this?!"
 I blamed Nagisa as I looked around the park.
 There are many children in the park. There are some things that can be said and some things that can't be said.
 Fortunately, we are the only ones around the bench.
 "I'm sorry, I couldn't help but think about it. I have become your disciple and I was prepared to offer my body to you if necessary as a reward for your teaching me your techniques. Last night I shared a bath and a bedchamber with the intention of doing so... but in the end, you never touched me."
 "I was depressed because I thought that perhaps I was not attractive enough, but today I saw that this was not the case. You've been concerned about my skirt for a long time."
 "...I see, so that's why you told me that you weren't wearing any underwear."
 Come to think of it, it would be extremely insane to go out without underwear, even if kimono is her daily attire.
 So, she probably wanted to find out my reaction and see if I liked her at all.
 "Well, I usually don't wear underwear. But in school I wear it because the skirt of the school uniform is too short."
 "Wait, I didn't want to hear that!"
 It seems that my attempt to confirm the truth has brought out the cruel truth. I'm shocked and I hold my head.
 "Me... or even Centorea or that maid, why don't you touch us? Probably, both of them want your seed"
 "...Don't say 'seed'. It's too vivid"
 And don't casually exclude Urza. Aside from her looks, she's the same age as us.
 "Before, I think you're impotent, but you're not. Because in the bathroom it was getting pretty big."
 "Hey, I said don't be so explicit about it..."
 I scratch my head with a sigh.
 I look for an answer to Nagisa's question... but then I wonder why I really don't touch them?
 This is a world that is supposed to be based on an 18-restricted video game. And they are the heroines.
 They are the women who would have been embraced by Leon Brave in the original scenario.
 So, there is no rule that says I can't touch them. On the contrary, they even allowed me to do so.
 Then, what is the reason why I haven't embraced the heroines?
 "...Ah, I see. I'm scared."
 In this world, Zenon Baskerville is a cuckold man who seduces heroines with his vile methods and plays with their bodies as he pleases.
 Maybe somewhere in my heart, I am afraid that I will become a villain like Zenon in the game.
 There is a possibility that I might be awakened to become a villain like in the game, triggered by having a woman in my arms. This is what I subconsciously feared.
 Besides, the activity between a man and a woman, that is, s*x, is addictive.
 This is even more so when it is with exceptionally beautiful women and girls such as Aeris, Nagisa, and Levienna.
 Once I had them in my arms, I'm afraid that I would become so absorbed in them that I could not do anything else.
 "...In the first place, I have things I have to do. I can't just sit around and be absorbed in women."
 Just as misfortune and hardship can make a man grow, happiness and rest can corrupt a man.
 I still don't think I have the strength to survive in this beautiful and cruel world.
 And I think it will not be too late for me to make love to Nagisa and the others after I have enough power to fight my way through this world.
 "Indeed, that's a good reason"
 Nagisa nodded deeply.
 "It's an effective way to train yourself by cutting off greed and putting restraints on yourself. I admire your desire to continue your pursuit of improvement even after you have acquired such a power. It seems that I have not wasted my time following you as my teacher."
 "I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I'm glad you understand."
 I took a breath and drank the rest of the juice in my glass.
 "Anyway... after I have beat that guy, I'll reevaluate the relationship between you all."
 "That guy...? Who's that guy you want to beat?"
 Instead of answering the question, I keep my lips pursed in silence.
 In my mind's eye, I see the face of Garondolf Baskerville, my father, my sworn enemy in this world.

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