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Chapter 82 Demon's Arm

 Magic Sword - Amanohazamaru.
 It is not a weapon that can be obtained in the game, but an original item created by taking material items to a blacksmith.
 The performance of the weapon, which has been strengthened through more than ten rounds of gameplay, surpasses even the strongest equipment in the game, the 'Holy Sword Ex-Brave'.
 Although it looks like a single-edged odachi, it is classified as a "sword" rather than a "katana".
 Its black blade is slightly damp as if it were covered with moisture, and reflects the light, giving off an icy emerald-blue glow.
 The overwhelming sense of intimidation that the sword carries, even to the untrained eye, suggests that it is an extraordinary work of art.
 In fact, Shinya Kushinagi's facial muscles tightened and he looked impatient as he saw me holding the Amanohazamaru in my hands.
 "Where did you get that sword...!? Answer me, you brat!"
 "What's the matter? Where's the composure you had before?"
 Shinya's face is distorted as I laugh it off as a taunt, because he has been mocked by someone whom he had underestimated as an inferior opponent.
 "...It's so sad. An insignificant brat seems to be getting carried away. It's sad that you are so foolish that you don't know the terrible fate that awaits you!"
 Shinya kicked the ground and slashed at me with his sword. His slash is fast and sharp.
 It's clearly different from when he was fighting Leon and Nagisa. It's a slash without restraint.
 But... I caught the full force of the blow with a minimal movement, only tilting the Amanohazamaru slightly.
 "You fool...!"
 "Huuf, it's too slow. Does it look like it's stopping?"
 I flick off Shinya's sword and slashes his left shoulder in return.
 Shinya quickly took evasive action, but he barely made it in time and blood splattered on the ground.
 "Are you hiding your ability!? How can a simple human being be this swift?!"
 "I don't have to answer you! You can die, you piece of trash!"
 I pretend to slash at him with the Amanohazamaru, but instead I kick him with my left leg. Shinya is sent flying backward, unable to react to the unexpected move.
 Of course, this is not the end of the story.
 I take a big step forward and release a follow-up attack.
 A slash as fierce as a storm — it is not Shinya, who is supposed to be superior, who is unleashing it, but me.
 I swung my Amanohazamaru down from above, slashed up, swung to the side, swung back, thrust, and swung down again.
 Shinya is not unresisting, but he is clearly forced into a defensive position. With only his one arm and his sword, he is doing his best to defend against my continuous attacks... but the slashes he couldn't catch kept hitting him one after another, inflicting more and more fresh wounds.
 Now, the game had turned.
 A one-sided attack. My turn goes on and on, and I'm pushing Shinya back.
 Of course, it is not that I suddenly became stronger after taking out Amanohazamaru.
 The factor that brought about my overwhelming strength — it was a small bottle, clutched in my left hand.
 Paid Item - Doping Bottle.
 The item, which I had once used to defeat Gigant Mithril, had the effect of temporarily increasing my proficiency in a skill to its maximum level.
 I have used this item to max out two skills, [Swordsmanship] and [Body Enhancement].
 In order to equip Amanohazamaru, I have to reach 90 or more in [Swordsmanship] skill. If I hadn't used the doping bottle, I would not have been able to wear it in the first place.
 Unfortunately, I could only bring three doping bottles into this world.
 I used one bottle to defeat Gigant Mithril, and used two more bottles here.
 These paid items cannot be purchased at stores, and they do not drop from defeating enemies. This means that I have used up my trump card item.
 "But... it's not too bad! If I can kill the bastard who hurt Nagisa!"
 "You bastardddddd! You brattttttt!"
 The furious attack by the maximum value of [Swordsmanship] and [Physical Reinforcement] had finally pushed Shinya to the brink. Probably, Shinya's strength had already been reduced to less than 30%.
 However...I don't have much time to spare either.
 The doping bottle has three minutes until it expires. Now, I have less than a minute left.
 If I'm Ultraman, the timer on my chest would be blinking. So, I can't take my time.
 "This is the end!"
 I try to make my final attack from the right side, which is Shinya's blind spot.
 Because Shinya's right arm, which is his dominant arm, has been cut off by Nagisa's father.
 Shinya screamed.
 His handsome face is twisted into a desperate cry.
 After killing innocent people, killing his mentor, killing his peers... the time of the end was coming for the evil swordsman who had sacrificed everything in order to become stronger.
 "...did you think I would say such a thing!? You sad and foolish brat!"
 —Or so it seemed.
 A moment later I swung my sword and tried to reap Shinya's torso.
 A bright red arm sprouts from Shinya's empty right shoulder.
 That is Shinya Kushinagi's trump card — 'Demon's Right Arm (Demon Light)'.
 The new right arm that Shinya has acquired by making a contract with a demon.

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