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Chapter 119 Death-eating Bird

 The Baskerville family—the leader of evil in the Slayers Kingdom.
 Since its foundation, the Baskervilles have ruled over criminals and gangsters who may harm the state, mainly in the underworld, and many crooks have served under their command.
 The Death-Eating Bird—Lin Hua, is one of them. She is a member of a Necromancer family that has been in the service of the Baskervilles for three generations.
 It is said that Lin Hua's grandfather was a Taoist trained in the East.
 A Taoist is a kind of monk who trains himself for immortality, and is skilled in the art of manipulating dead bodies.
 Everyone has probably heard of the monster called "Jiangshi" at least once. Yes, Jiangshi is an undead creature used by a Taoist.
 According to the story, Lin Hua's family was a kind of evil practitioner who had strayed from the right path, and they were driven out of the country after a dispute with the royal family of their hometown.
 They fled to Slayers Kingdom and were taken in by the Baskervilles, and the master-servant relationship continued until their granddaughter Lin Hua's generation.
 Incidentally, Lin Hua is another character who appeared in the game.
 She is Zenon's supporting character in [DunBrave 2], and is a villainous character who helped him to hunt down and cuckold Leon's heroine by using her undead minions and puppets.
 "I'm glad that boss came to see me~"
 As soon as we see each other, Lin Hua hugs me with a smile on her face.
 She was only as tall as my waist, and her smile seemed innocent and pure... but I clicked my tongue and put her in a headlock.
 "You! Don't you dare to harass me, your Lord! Really, you're getting on my nerves every time!"
 I squeeze the girl's head tightly and warn her.
 The puppets that attacked us earlier, they were monsters used by Lin Hua.
 Necromancer' is a magic job derived from Summoner, and it can cast specific monsters to fight for her.
 But only undead and inorganic monsters such as puppets can be used by Lin Hua. The fact that she could cast more than 20 monsters at the same time is a testament to her power.
 "Bushi. I can't do that. I have to find out if my leader is worthy of being my leader. The best way to do that is to fight, aru~yo"
 "...I've never seen anyone say 'aru (アル)' in real life. Everything you say is so shady."
 Despite the lock on her head, Lin Hua's face is cool.
 In fact, her childish face was dyed with joy, as if she was happy to have skinship with me.
 "Muu! That's not fair, desu~no!"
 In the meantime, Urza intervened from the side and forcefully pulled Lin Hua off of me.
 Apparently, she didn't like the fact that I was having a tit-for-tat with another girl, who was about the same size as her.
 "Who is this little bit*h! Urza can't allow another little girl to have an affair with him, desu~no!"
 "Oh, is this the oni girl? She's as cute and tiny as people say. Her height and chest are the size of an ant's. She's adorable, aru~yo."
 "Ghhh... You said it, you little cow! Even though you're a loli, your breasts are too big, desu~no! You'll get a red card, desu~no!"
 "Hahahahaha, can you satisfy the boss with such a small body? I think I can make the boss feel much better than you, aru~yo."
 "You piss me off! If there's enough technique, I don't need a big chest, desu~no! Even Goshujin-sama likes Urza's mouth very much and last night..."
 "Stoppp! Stop ittt!"
 I grabbed Urza's and Lin Hua's head and forcefully separated them from their quarreling.
 Even though Lin Hua is my subordinate, I don't want my night life to be revealed out loud.
 "Stop playing around and let's talk about work. Lin hua, what about that thing I entrusted to you? Did you get the information out of him?"
 "Shi~, of course I did. I've done my job properly, so I want you to praise me, aru~yo."
 Lin Hua tries to hug me... but Urza quickly steps in between us and blocks the way. She defends with the agility of a seasoned point guard.
 "I won't let you do it! The Loli slot in Goshujin-sama belongs to Urza, desu~no! I won't let the evil little cow have it, desu~no!"
 "Bu hao (No way)! You annoying little oni! I'm going to show you that Lolippai is the best in the world, so be prepared, aru~yo!"
 "...Give me a break. I don't have enough tsukkomi."
 I slump my shoulders in exhaustion.
 The two girl, Urza and Lin Hua. I had been wondering what would happen if I put the two loli girls together... but it turns out to be even more boisterous than I had imagined.
 In the end, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do ten minutes later.
 Still, the two Loli's continued to argue at a low level until I was able to quiet them down and get them to calm down.

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