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Chapter 125 Death Scorpion

 The leader of the sand bandit took us on a 10-minute walk through the desert. After sweating all over, we came to a small oasis.
 Near the oasis, there are plants similar to palm trees, and short grass is growing. There are several tents built on the grass, where the sand bandits seem to sleep.
 "Is this your hideout? How many of your people are left?"
 "...None. You guys took them all out."
 "They got what they deserved. Don't blame me."
 I tell the big man, who's giving me a hard time, resentful.
 As a bandit, he commits a robbery, and then he resents us for returning the favor? Only those who are ready to be killed are allowed to kill.
 "Then... let's call your 'Monster Tamer' friends..."
 "Yes, I understanddddddd!"
 The big man, who was still bound by the ropes, suddenly rushed out. He runs to the oasis with his legs cramped, and turns around at a distance from me. His hairy face is covered with a grin, an ugly grin.
 "Hahahaha, you fell for it, you idiot! I've lured you into my trap, you stupid brat!"
 "Hey, hey, hey... Why are you so cheerful all of a sudden? You were all teary-eyed just now..."
 "Fear me from the bottom of your heart! The execution's about to begin!"
 "It's too late to act tough all of a sudden. You've shown us all how pathetic you are. You can't ask us to be afraid now!"
 "Shut uppppppp! This is where the battle begins! Hey, guys, come out now!"
 When the big man shouts, some monsters emerge from the sand that surrounds the oasis.
 They are scorpion monsters as big as a large dog that emerges from the grayish-yellow sand.
 At this sight, Levienna stepped forward to protect me with her sword and shield.
 "Bocchama, it's a monster!"
 "Yeah. It's Death Scorpion... Hmm...? Oh... So, you're the Monster Tamer..."
 "Hahahahaha! It's too late to find out now, you idiot! I bet you were surprised to see my pet, weren't you!"
 The big, hairy man laughs, clutching his stomach, and shouts out in a grating, muffled voice.
 "I don't have any friends in the hideout, you stupiddd! The only thing here is my monsters on guard! That means you've walked right into a monster's lair!"
 The Death Scorpions increase in number by two or three... to a total of about ten.
 Then, the giant scorpion clasps its scissors together and buzzes, wagging its poisonous tail up and down from its rump.
 "Well... this is certainly a lot worse than the bandits."
 Death Scorpion is not a powerful monster, but it can poison its victims if it stings them with its tail, which it swings around aggressively. It is quite dangerous to fight Death Scorpion without a healer, not to mention without Aeris, who is a healer.
 Of course, I have a recovery item that can heal the abnormality, but it takes a lot of concentration to heal with the item while fighting against 10 enemies.
 I don't know why he didn't bring Death Scorpion to the first battle but it is a much more alarming situation than when we were dealing with the sand bandits.
 "Urza, Levienna, they are poisoned so don't go near them. I'll attack them with my magic, so you guys protect me and defend yourselves..."
 A high-pitched sound echoes through the air like a badly made flute.
 It wasn't the Death Scorpion surrounding us that let out a piercing sound that pierced my eardrums.
 But from a huge shadow, which is breaking through the clouds and appears from above our heads.
 "This creature... Get back!"
 I backstep backward as quickly as I can. Urza and Levienna follow.
 A huge shadow descended from the sky and attacked Death Scorpion.
 Death Scorpion's hard shell is crushed by its giant beak, and the poisonous scorpion is swallowed by the giant shadow.
 The shadow looked like a huge jumbo jet... It was an immense bird of prey with golden feathers.
 Its drill-like beak preys on Death Scorpion one after another, and the number of scorpions, which had been nearly 10, is decreasing rapidly.
 "Oh, come on... Seriously?"
 Maybe I'm just unlucky today.
 I hired a desert guide, got duped, got attacked by sand bandits... and when I got rid of them, I was surrounded by scorpions, and now an immense monster appeared.
 I feel like lamenting my life for what kind of bad luck I've had.
 "...Really, without a warning...? In such place, we encountered Falcon Pharaoh—Queen of the Desert. Tyrant of the sky!"
 I mutter bitterly as I look up at the huge falcon eating a scorpion with relish.

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