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Chapter 128 Continued Bad Luck

Bonus chapter...

 "It seems it's over. It was a tough fight... but a complete victory."
 "As expected of Zenon-bocchama. Levienna is in awe that this mighty monster was defeated almost single-handedly."
 "Urza's Goshujin-sama is amazing, desu~no! I want you to hold me right now, desu~no!"
 Levienna and Urza embraced me while shouting excitedly. The soft touch of a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman wrapped my arms on both sides.
 As I was in close contact with them again, I realized that the size of their breast was hopelessly different from each other.
 Levienna's breasts are melon-sized and heavy. Though they are not as big as Aeris, whose breasts are as big as a watermelon, they are more than enough in size to give her a motherly and comforting feeling.
 On the other hand, Urza's breasts are at most as big as a banana peel. They are soft enough for a girl's body, but... the gentle hills seem to embody the concept of despair. Just being close to her like this, the sad and forlorn feeling almost brings tears to my eyes.
 "...Goshujin-sama, why do you look so sad? When you look at me so pitifully, why do I feel annoyed, desu~no?"
 "No... it's not important, let's just do what we have to do and get out of here. It's too hot to compete with you."
 I break away from the two women who are holding me and decide to collect the spoils of the battle for the time being.
 "...This guy dropped a feather and a beak fang. Oh, there's a medal, too."
 I find a medal on the sand as a proof of defeating Dangerous Pop. The golden medal has an illustration of a bird on its surface.
 Collecting this medal will give me a special item... but that is not important in this case.
 For now, I put the items in my bag. All of them are rare items, since they were obtained from dangerous boss characters. These items can be used as materials for making powerful equipment, or they can be sold at a store for a small fortune.
 "Urza, there should be a scale on its forehead, so please get it."
 "Scale...oh, I found it, desu~no"
 Urza climbs up on the face of the monster bird and grabs the scale that is there. The scale is like a jewel, shining in all colors of the rainbow, and reflects the sunlight in many different ways.
 "Why does this bird have scales on its head, desu~no?"
 "Even if you ask me, I don't know. Anyway, it's a valuable item that can only be obtained by defeating it. I'll take it without hesitation."
 I take the scales that Urza brought.
 But, just as I was about to put the scales, which were large enough to fit in the palm of my hand, in my item bag, I suddenly heard a voice behind me.
 "U... gh..."
 "Oh... it seems that the original idiot has woken up..."
 The voice comes from inside a tent, which had been set up in the sand bandit's hideout.
 On that tent, I kicked in the leader of the sand bandits whom I had knocked unconscious a moment ago. It seems that the unconscious leader has woken up.
 "Go wake him up. If we don't get that man, the 'Monster Tamer', to operate the carriage, we'll be dried out in this hot sun."
 For the note, the dragon carriage had been parked a short distance away from the road. They are staked and roped, so they can't escape.
 As we don't know the way to the town in the middle of the desert, we need the leader of sand bandits to show us the way.
 "Then, I will tie a rope around that ruffian's neck and drag him away. After all, he tried to trick us... to kill Bocchama. So, let's use him to the fullest and 'kill (殺り)' him!"
 "...I agree."
 Levienna smiles, says something horrible, and moves toward the tent.
 I think her last word "beat (やる)" is "kill (殺る)"... Hopefully it's just my brain's mistake.
 "Well... the bandits are either enslaved or executed anyway. It won't be a problem if we use them up as we please."
 I flick the scales of the trophy with my fingers like coins and catches it in midair.
 I play with it in a high-spirited mood, feeling refreshed after defeating a powerful foe.
 However... I was completely caught off guard.
 After defeating a strong enemy and escaping from the danger of almost getting lost in the desert, I seemed to have been distracted.
 I did not realize that this string of bad luck was not over yet.
 Suddenly, a high-pitched cry echoes across the desert.
 The loud cry that pierces the eardrums is emitted from a monster bird that is supposed to be dead--the Falcon Pharaoh.
 The fallen bird flaps its wings and slams against the ground, sending up a cloud of dust into the air.
 "How the hell... is it still alive!?"
 Falcon Pharaoh had definitely died.
 Otherwise, the materials would not be harvested, and the medal would not be dropped.
 But... In reality, Falcon Pharaoh has actually started to move, and its wings are moving up and down, attempting to leap up into the air.
 "Damn it... Did the gate of hell open!? Then I'll kill you again and again!"
 I put my hand on my sheathed sword.
 I'm going to cut off its head this time so that it can't be revived for sure... I think of this and try to jump at it, but Falcon Pharaoh moves faster than I can think.
 A high-pitched whistle-like cry echoed, and the resurrected bird charges toward me.
 Fortunately, it's not very fast. I quickly push Urza away, and I jump to the opposite direction using the reaction of the force.
 The bird passes between us as we dodge to the left and the right.
 However, at this moment... two misfortunes struck me.
 The first is that I dropped the magic bag I was carrying because I evaded with an unreasonable angle. The bag, which contained a large amount of equipment and recovery items, fell to the ground.
 The other is that the net which I had just used to block its movement that wrapped around the bird's body.
 The part of the net caught my leg by accident.
 I fell down as if I had been knocked off my feet, and was dragged up into the air by the monster bird.
 "Are you kidding... meeeeeeeeeee!?"
 The guides tricked us.
 We were attacked by sand bandits.
 Then, we were encountered the Falcon Pharaoh.
 And to top it all off, I was taken into the sky by a mysteriously resurrected monster bird.
 'It seems that some of us are having a hell of a lot of bad luck.'
 That was the line I had just uttered... but it seems I was the one with the bad luck.
 I was caught in the net, and hanged upside down, and carried away into the sky.

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