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Chapter 130 Desert Sisters

Bonus chapter...

 As I am reminded once again by various events, it seems that there is no bottom to human misery.
 Even when I think I am at the bottom of my unhappiness, I can be dropped further down from there.
 "...How unlucky am I today? Did I do something wrong?"
 "Well... let me ask you a question. The ruffian, who jumped into a woman's bath."
 Upon seeing the two women naked, I was caught by their guards.
 I was bound with ropes and taken to a large tent that had been set up next to the oasis.
 I was seated on the sand, and the two women who had just been bathing were in front of me. Of course, they are not completely naked, but have changed into Arabic-style long-sleeved clothes.
 Around them are armed men who look like guards, and now, they are staring at me with a resentful look.
 "Don't think you'll get away with this for free since you saw us naked!? Who are you?"
 The one who looked down at me angrily with her hands on her waist is Shakuna Maafern, the heroine who also appeared in the game.
 Her bright jade-green hair reached down to her waist, and she glared at me with her strong-willed beauty.
 Although her slender figure lacked femininity, her dark skin is healthy and her long legs are very attractive.
 "It's better for you to be honest, okay? If you tell me everything, I will at least let you choose how you die."
 "...Are you so determined that I will die? You're so proud of yourself."
 "Of course, since you saw not only me but also Ryuna naked. Do you think you're going to make it home alive after you've left my pretty little sister in such a mess?"
 Apparently, the other girl's name is Ryuna. Ryuna is standing a little behind Shakuna with a troubled look on her face.
 Like Shakuna, she had jade green hair brushed back behind her ears and wore a jeweled hair ornament. Though smaller in stature than Shakuna, she greatly surpasses her sister in style. She looked very feminine with her large breasts, slender hips, and slender figure.
 They certainly have the same hair color and similar facial features. The only differences are their height and style, and the sharpness of their eyes. It made me understand that they are sisters.
 "Sisters...? I'm surprised Shakuna has a sister."
 I mutter quietly so they don't hear me.
 In the game's additional scenario—'Jade Tombstone'—Shakuna was supposed to be the only princess of the royal family.
 I think she mentioned in one of the conversations that she had a little sister... but she must have already passed away at the beginning of the scenario.
 Come to think of it... the Shakuna who appeared in the game seemed to carry more gloom than the woman in front of me.
 I wonder if her dark, gloomy expression came about because of her sister's death.
 "Hmm... Does this mean that her sister is still alive at this moment? What's going to happen now...?"
 "What are you mumbling about? Are you praying to God before you die?"
 Shakuna kicked my abdomen with her toe.
 I groan in agony, choking slightly.
 "...The Princess of Maafern Kingdom is very violent. Shakuna Maafern."
 "You know me? Are you one of my father's... or the hand of the guru Rudanaga?"
 "Rudanaga... Rujanaga. Why does that name come up?"
 "...I don't allow you to question me. Do you want to talk quietly or be tortured?"
 The words were spoken without mercy... and once again I thought to myself, "Oh, it is Shakuna, after all".
 Shakuna Maafern is a harsh and aggressive woman. She was like a tyrant who could be thoroughly ruthless with those whom she judged to be her enemies.
 However, she has a very soft heart for women and children, and is a merciful woman who never abandons those whom she has once judged to be her allies.
 At first, she is hostile toward Leon, the protagonist of the story, but gradually opens her heart to him through repeated fights.
 "...I don't want to be tortured. I have nothing to do with Rudanaga, but I will answer your question. My name is Zenon Baskerville and I am a marquis in the neighboring Slayers Kingdom."
 "Marquis...? That's a funny joke. I wonder if in the neighboring country, marquis come down from the sky and peek at naked women?"
 Shakuna snickers and declares my words false.
 "I know it's hard to believe. But... I'm sorry, but it's the truth. No amount of torture can make the truth a lie."
 I'm tied up and point at my chest with my eyes.
 "In my breast pocket I have a piece of identification. You can see it if you look at it."
 Shakuna looks at the man who seems to be a guard nearby, who has a stern expression on his face. The guard nods and puts his hand inside my clothes.
 He pulls out a silver pocket watch. On the outer cover is the coat of arms of the Slayers Kingdom.
 "In Slayers Kingdom, this watch is given to the head of a royal or noble family as a proof of identity. Royalty or dukes are given a gold watch. A silver watch is given to noble families from the rank of marquis and below. If you open the lid, you would find the name and crest of the Baskerville family engraved on the inside cover."
 "Indeed... there is. A nobleman on a diplomatic mission once showed me a similar watch. Apparently, they really are nobles from a neighboring country."
 Shakuna looks at me with difficulty.
 My identity was proven... but that didn't untie me.
 "But I still don't trust you. How could a marquis from a neighboring kingdom fall from the sky?"
 "Didn't you guys see that? You saw the big bird fly over this oasis. That's where I fell from."
 "That bird... the Queen of the Desert?"
 Shakuna raised her eyebrows in wonder.
 I tell Shakuna the whole story of how I came to this country.
 I had come to this country with my companions. We were on our way to the capital by dragon carriage and were attacked by sand bandits. How we had to fight against the Falcon Pharaoh, and how we got 'rid of it'. The fact that a monster bird that was supposed to be killed somehow got up and kidnapped me and took me to the skies. I managed to escape and fell into an oasis.
 "I can't believe it... you defeated the "Queen of the Desert". It's a legendary monster that can't be defeated."
 "I have proof. Check it out."
 I twist and turn while I'm tied up and flick my fingers at the scales of the monster bird I've been holding in my hands for so long.
 Shakuna's eyes widened as she caught the flying scales.
 "This... This is definitely it. These are the same scales on the forehead of the 'Queen of the Desert' as the scales of the national treasure kept by the royal family...!"
 "Oh, so the royal family owns the scales too. Is there someone else who defeated Falcon Pharaoh besides me?"
 "...The creator king. The first king who build our nation defeated the Queen of the Desert and the scales he stripped off have been handed down as national treasures. I never thought that anyone other than the first king could defeat that monster..."
 "Shakuna-oneesama, why don't you ask this person to help us?"
 Ryuna, who was listening to the conversation in the back, tugs at her sister's clothes and makes a suggestion.
 "We do not have many allies. A nobleman from another country would not have the influence of our father or the guru, and would be a good person to hire as an ally."
 "Ryuna... but I don't know if we can trust this man. He spies on us when we bathe and he has a scary face."
 Hey, it has nothing to do with his face.
 Why do I still have to suffer from my villainous face when I come to a foreign country?
 "I don't care about the face, but seeing us naked was an accident, and I don't think it's too much to blame. Besides... you can trust this man. I guarantee it."
 "Okay... if Ryuna says so, I trust him. You are a good judge of character."
 Shakuna nodded hesitantly.
 I don't know why Ryuna trust me... but it looks like I won't be tortured.
 Shakuna let out a sigh and ordered his guards to untie me.
 "Zenon Baskerville-sama. I'm going to let you go. I won't apologize for the rope, but I won't pursue you for seeing us naked either."
 "I'd appreciate it if you would. Thank you so much, it brings tears to my eyes."
 "And... here's a suggestion... Would you be interested in working for us for a while?"
 Shakuna looks at me with a strong gaze.
 Her jade green eyes, which I've seen in games before, are filled with a strong will, and they reflect my villainous face.
 "Please help us, just for a little while. Can you fight to protect my sister from the evil guru?"

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