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Chapter 136 The Royal Tombs of Salomon

 The Royal Tomb of Salomon.
 It is an extra dungeon in the additional scenario 'Jade Tombstone'.
 It is a dungeon with the highest difficulty level.
 It consists of 100 floors.
 This is the place where the ancient king Salomon, who was called the King of Magic, rests, and the inside of the dungeon is guarded by demon-type (Akuma) monsters summoned from hell before Salomon's death.
 This dungeon exists only to test players' skills, and has nothing to do with the scenario. Even if the player goes through the dungeon without conquering it, it will not affect the story in any way.
 The monsters become stronger the deeper one dives into the dungeon, and at the 80th floor and below, there appear many powerful enemies that even a party that has defeated the last boss would have a hard time.
 Even the dungeon boss 'King Salomon' at the lowest floor is stronger than the Demon King, and his skills such as [Spiritual Body] and [Anti-Magic Barrier] make him physically ineffective and the damage caused by magic is reduced to 1/10 of the damage, which is extremely unreasonable.
 Although such a backstage boss lurks in this tomb and the dungeon is a dangerous place, the merit of conquering it is great.
 In this tomb, there is a middle boss waiting at every 10th floor, and by defeating them, one can obtain the "Treasure of Salomon".
 The treasures include weapons with attack power comparable to that of the Holy Sword, armor that nullifies all attacks, accessories with magic reflection effects, and the 'Scepter of Osiris', the item that dissolves all evil. This treasure could be obtained by conquering the 50th floor.
 "I see... Surely, if we have the scepter, we can lift the magic placed on the King by the Guru..."
 I nodded my head in agreement with Hadiss's explanation.
 The scepter of Osiris is an item that could remove all kinds of magical effects, such as abnormalities, debuffs, and so on.
 It may seem to be a simple effect, but... it does not run out after use like a potion, nor does it consume magic power like a healing spell.
 In addition, it can heal the whole party at once, so it is quite useful in many situations.
 If the 'brainwashing' that the king was put under by the Guru is a kind of abnormality, this scepter would be the answer to everything.
 "A scepter, huh? I wish I had one with me..."
 I have conquered "The Royal Tomb of Salomon" in the game, but I don't have the scepter of Osiris on my hand. It's a useful item that healed the whole party, but there is a 1 percent chance that it would break when used.
 Because of that, the scepter I got in the game was broken, and it was not included in the items I collected at the "treasure room" before.
 "I don't mind if I get the scepter by attacking the 'The Royal Tomb of Salomon'... But..."
 There is a question that kept popping into my head.
 If the scepter solves the problem... why was Ryuna dead at the beginning of the 'Jade Tombstone' scenario and the king was still reigning as a tyrant?
 Perhaps the search for the tomb of the king, which Shakuna and her team are about to attempt, will fail.
 Ryuna also loses her life as a result of failing in the EX-difficulty dungeon in order to rescue the king from the brainwashing.
 As a result, the country is in a state of civil war?
 I gather my thoughts... and look again at the two princesses.
 The difficulty level of the tomb varies greatly depending on the level. The strength of the monsters and the viciousness of the traps vary widely. At the 50th floor, an ordinary adventurer would be nothing more than fodder for monster. Who knows how many of us will make it out of the tomb alive...? So, even if they are prepared for that, are they still going to challenge the tomb of the king?
 "Of course! Isn't it obvious!"
 "Yes, if it will save my father."
 The two princesses answered at the same time.
 One had piercing eyes and the other had soft eyes.
 Their eyes were opposites, but the light in them was the same. They were filled with an unshakable will.
 "Even if I tried to persuade you two to stop, you wouldn't listen, huh? Okay, I don't have a choice. I'll go with you."
 I shrug my shoulders and decide to accept their proposal.
 It would be a small price to pay if I could save Ryuna's life and avert a possible civil war in the future.
 "Anyway, you are likely to die soon if you are left alone. I'll babysit you so that you won't become the demon's (Akuma) plaything."
 "Hmph... You're really a very sarcastic man."
 "As expected of Baskerville-sama. I can count on you, can't I?"
 Shakuna folded her arms in frustration, and Ryuna clasped her hands together and shouted brightly.
 The contrast between the two sisters deepens my resolve not to let them die.
 And so, our next destination is decided.
 We are going to an EX-dungeon—'The Royal Tomb of Salomon'.
 Before I meet up with my friends in the capital, we are going to the demon's lair where the King of Magic rests.

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