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Chapter 91 The Beginning of the Battle

 The duel took place at the training ground of the Baskerville family.
 It is already late at midnight, and the short hand is turning the top of the clock.
 Tonight is a new moon. In addition, the sky is dark and cloudy. Although no starlight in the sky, there are several bonfires burning on the ground, so there is no need to worry about light.
 Just in time, I left the mansion and stepped into the training ground.
 Behind me are Levienna, Urza, Aeris, and Nagisa. The four of them seem even more nervous than I am, their expressions tightening into grim expressions.
 "I see you didn't run away. Zenon."
 "There's no reason to run away from a winning battle. Father."
 My father, Garondolf Baskerville, already waited for me at the training ground.
 Garondolf is not the only one in this place. There are several figures surrounding a wide-open space in the light of the bonfire.
 Some are servants of the Baskerville family, some are ordinary-looking men with no features, some are obviously suspicious figures wearing black hoods, and some are women wearing dresses and masks as if they are attending a masked ball... about 20 people in total are gathered there.
 "They are witnesses. Don't worry, they won't interfere."
 "In the beginning, I wasn't worried, and I don't think you're so weak that you need help."
 Surrounded by 20 witnesses, Garondolf stands confidently, looking like an absolute strongman.
 I'd like to believe that he's a little lower than the Demon King or the Four Heavenly Kings, but at my current skill level, he's an extremely difficult opponent to fight without using a doping bottle.
 "Though... I don't intend to lose"
 "Goshujin-sama, I wish you good luck, desu~no!"
 "Yes, I know it. But putting that aside..."
 I decide to finish what I have to do before the duel starts.
 I push Urza's shoulders as she cheers me on, and take her to a corner of the training hall.
 "Urza, come here for a minute."
 "Fweh? What is it?"
 "Come on, come on."
 I take out a very thick chain from my magic bag and wrap it around Urza's body, who is looking at me curiously.
 "Hyah! What? Are you going to do something naughty, Goshujin-sama!? Outdoors, on a leash, with lots of people watching us, it's too maniacal, desu~no!"
 "Of course not! Nagisa, you hold this end."
 "Hmm...? Ah, I'll do it."
 I give the end of the chain holding Urza to Nagisa, and asks her to hold it without letting go.
 This way, no matter what happens, Urza will not be able to move. Thus, there is no need to worry that she will break into the duel and go berserk.
 "This is a one-on-one duel. Don't interfere. If I leave you alone, you'll do whatever you want."
 "Really... Urza is not such a bad girl, desu~no! Urza is a good girl and she's doing her 'wait and see' thing, desu~no!"
 "How dare you talk to me like that... have you forgotten the 'ball-kicking' incident?"
 Thinking of Leon's fainting in agony after getting his balls crushed, I get a light shiver down my spine.
 Even though it was someone else's problem... it was a traumatizing scene. It's something I hope I never have to witness again.
 "Listen, 'no matter what happens, don't interfere'. Stay there and see what happens. Nagisa? Don't let go of the leash."
 "Yes, I'll hold it tightly. Fight well, my Lord."
 I remind Nagisa and lightly pat Urza's bound head.
 Finally, I look at Aeris and Levienna, in turn, and tell them not to worry, even though their faces are clouded with anxiety.
 The preparations are now complete. All that is left is to fight.
 I draw the sword from my waist and walks over to Garondolf, who is standing in the center of the training ground.
 "Thanks for waiting. Father."
 "No problem. Say goodbye to them as long as you like for this may be the last time you speak to them."
 "Ha! That goes for both of us. I'll make sure you don't live out your days in peace!"
 I've already drawn my sword. Garondolf draws his too.
 My friends, the Baskervilles' servants, and an unknown someone are watching, and Garondolf and I come face to face.
 We don't need a signal to start.
 We're both already in a state of readiness, waiting for the right moment to slash at each other.
 For about a minute we have been staring at each other. But then, without warning, the moment arrives suddenly.
 Is it a coincidence, or did the tension of the situation become unbearable? Because there is a wild bird flying into the night sky from a branch of a plant located a little distance away from us.
 Garondolf and I swing our swords and slash at the same time.
 In the light of the blazing bonfire, our swords clash, and sparks fly.
 He is neither a hero nor a demon king.
 But, for me - for Zenon Baskerville - he is the Demon King. The curtain falls on the decisive battle against the last boss.

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