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Chapter 93 The End of The Deadly Battle

Bonus chapter...
 Surprise attack from the air.
 Blinding by flash bomb.
 A slash accelerated by skill.
 I tried everything I could, and even though this is a 'winning strategy' that I thought would take down Garondolf, I only managed to cut off his right collarbone.
 However, Garondolf's sword is pierced my chest.
 Who is the winner and who is the loser? It's obvious to everyone.
 "Gh... ghha...!"
 My heart is pierced, and an enormous amount of blood flows through the sword.
 The thought that such a large amount of blood had been circulating in my body vaguely flashed through my fading mind.
 "Stupid... Zenon, what have I done...!?"
 On the other hand, Garondolf, who should have mortally wounded the enemy, looked impatient for some reason.
 For the first time, a human-like emotion appeared on my father's face, who had always had a cold expression on his face.
 It's like a father who was worried about his son.
 Why would this man, who should not have any affection for his son, make such a face after all these years?
 As soon as I have this question in my mind, my vision blurs, and my consciousness fades away.
 My body is terribly cold. It is as if all the heat in my body is vanishing along with my blood.
 Is this... death?
 I've been through many ordeals since I became Zenon Baskerville, but this is the first time I clearly felt the scythe of the god of death against my neck.
 This might be really bad.
 My powerless limbs hang limp, and I feel as if my soul is about to be swallowed into the cold darkness.
 But... my consciousness is interrupted by the scream of someone.
 A thunderous cry of rage is released, piercing through my dying body and holding my consciousness together.
 "How dare you, how dare you, how dare youuuuuuu! I'll kill you! I'm going to kill you! I'll skin you and eat you up!"
 The one who emitted the atmosphere-shaking explosion cry was Urza, who had been watching the battle from the side.
 This trusty follower, the white ogre, had entered the "Berserker" mode, the same mode she had entered when she and Nagisa had once dueled.
 Her white hair swirled like a snake, and golden irises flickered wildly in the center of her red-tinted eyes.
 "Wait! Stop moving!"
 Nagisa shouts in panic, and does as I say, pulling the chain. Aeris and Levienna are also clinging to the chain, their faces turning pale.
 Despite the restraints of her companions, Urza is still furious. She pulled the chains that restrained her tightly and tried to tear it off with force.
 However... the chains are custom-made to restrain Urza's outburst. It's not easy to break the chain, and Urza's eyes, which had turned into the Fiery Eyes, hung up in frustration.
 "You... ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
 "Ggh... What an intimidating 'pressure'...!"
 Urza's roar became a sonic wave that shook the surrounding trees and buildings. Many of the people present were startled, their ears clamped down, and their faces drawn in fear.
 What was emitted from the small body was not just a roar. Instead, the [Intimidate] skill, which she had obtained with a skill orb before.
 The [Intimidate] skill is so effective that everyone in the training ground, even Garondolf, is glued to Urza's body.
 Ah, what a mess.
 This turn of events. This situation.
 Really, what a mess...
 "...I didn't think it would go this well. It was worth getting stabbed in the heart."
 I mutter to myself.
 Urza's screams keep me awake, and the pain is slowly subsiding.
 Even with my heart pierced, the words I mumbled come out of my mouth more clearly than I had expected.
 His son, who was supposed to be dead, started to speak.
 The anomaly brings Garondolf's attention back from Urza to me.
 But... he's too late.
 Even though he is an experienced fighter, he is still full of gaps because of the unexpected events that have happened.
 "Magic Sword — Black Wolf Sword Break (黒狼剣破)!"
 I put all my strength into the sword that is still clenched in my father's right shoulder, and I activate the dark magic sword.
 A jet-black aura overflows from the sword. Then, a black slash cuts deeply from his right shoulder to his waist, and this time Garondolf's blood splatters in the darkness.
 "I win... father! I don't accept your arguments!"
 I said this with a hearty smile, and pulls out the sword that is now piercing his chest.

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