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Volume 2 Extra 4 Nagisa's Work (Part Two)

 "Cyclops! How can an undead turn into monster!?"
 "Is this Cyclops, that one-eyed monster?"
 Nagisa observes the monster in front of her as she listens to Lin Hua's cries.
 Standing in front of her is a two-meter tall, muscular, one-eyed, one-horned monster.
 From Lin Hua's words, she learns that it is called "Cyclops"... but a big question mark appears over Nagisa's head.
 "How is it possible for a human... or even a corpse... to turn into a monster? I've never heard of such a thing."
 "Of course, there's no such thing, aru~yo! It's possible to become undead~aru, but...?
 "You say 'aru' too much... Oops!"
 The Cyclops leaps at Nagisa.
 It tackles Nagisa with its arms outstretched, as if it's trying to crush her with its large body.
 "That's a wild attack. It seems that it does not have human intelligence."
 Nagisa ducks the tackle with a gliding step and slashes it as they pass by each other.
 The two flashes of light shined in the darkness. At the same time, Cyclops' arms are severed at the elbows, and it falls to the ground, bleeding reddish-black.
 "It seems that the undead has only grown bigger, but its strength has not changed much. It's still a small fry that's not worth eating... Hmm?"
 The Cyclops attacked. With its left arm, which should have been cut off.
 Nagisa leapt backward to avoid it. As if Nagisa's attack had never taken place, the Cyclops' arm, which had regenerated, pounded the ground.
 "Oh! The arm that had been cut has grown back~aru! It's as if a lizard's tail regenerated. This is an amazing feat of magic, aru~yo!"
 "Thanks for the explanation. So not only does it have a huge body but it can regenerate too? This is astonishing."
 "Gah! Gah! Gah! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
 Cyclops struck with a series of blows.
 Nagisa repeatedly backsteps in the back alley and avoids the fists that come out one after another. Seeing an opening, she counterattacks, but her slash wounds are quickly healed.
 "I see... This is tough. I didn't think that an enemy with a regenerative ability would be so troublesome, even though it is a lower-ranked foe without much power. I've learned another lesson."
 "However... I can't afford to be bothered with an enemy of this level! The place I aim for is far, far above. Compared to the place where my Lord stands, this level of the battlefield is as warm as the Pure Land!"
 Cyclops struck her repeatedly, but Nagisa sheathed her sword and drew it in a side-swipe.
 "Seikai Itto-ryu—Zekkai [絶海]!"
 A blue slash was released in a straight line, cutting off both of Cyclops' arms and its torso beyond them.
 The completely severed wounds are fatal to anyone's eyes. However, once again, the wounds are about to be closed up by the extraordinary regenerative ability.
 "Seikai Itto-ryu—Tenma Hajun (天魔波旬)!"
 But before the Cyclops could regenerate, Nagisa attacked.
 Her sword struck with countless slashes. Karatake, kesa, reverse kesa, zan-agi, reverse zan-agi, right cleave, left cleave, reverse kaze... the dazzling slashes were poured on Cyclops' body over and over again. (*Note: Kenjutsu)
 To the ordinary eye, it looks like a small storm brewing. Blue slashes and red blood mingle together, painting the back alleys of the night a purple hue.
 "And that's the end. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."
 Cyclops no longer responds.
 The countless slashes it has received have broken it into blocky pieces, and it is no longer possible for it to regenerate in any way.
 Countless pieces of the Cyclops fall to the ground. The back alley has been transformed into a slaughterhouse, and an eerie red stain spreads over the area.
 Having won the game, Lin Hua rushes to Nagisa's side.
 Lin Hua, looking excited, jumps into Nagisa's arms and hugs her covered in blood.
 "Oh! That's great~aru, you defeated it, aru~yo!"
 "Yeah, I see you're not hurt either."
 "Thanks to you~aru! In return for saving me, I'll turn you into a beautiful undead after you die, aru~yo!"
 "...I'll pass."
 While Nagisa is fed up with the little Necromancer who is hugging her... She looks at the remains of the Cyclops and thinks, "I have more to report to my Lord.".

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