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Chapter 152 Life Path

 'Gaah! Gah!'
 'Khome one! Deshroy!'
 Monsters are attacking the white hemispherical dome.
 Although the barrier created by Ryuna does not seem to be broken, it is a heart-wrenching sight to see monsters attacking from all directions.
 Shakuna looks at the monsters outside of the barrier with a worried look and opens the lid of the potion she has been given.
 "Then... What are we going to do now? Shakuna's barrier will keep us safe for a while, but it will be the end of us as time goes by, right?"
 "I've used up a lot of my magic too... I can only use my healing magic once or twice now..."
 Ryuna's shoulders are shaking with anxiety.
 Ryuna's job is 'Priestess'. Among healers, she is a magician skilled in Barrier Art.
 The barrier she has put up surpasses even Aeris's barrier, the 'Saint', and will not be broken no matter how many monster attack.
 However... it cannot be maintained permanently. The barrier will collapse at the end of the time limit.
 If we do not take action before the time limit, we will be preyed upon by the countless monsters that have gathered around.
 "Don't worry. I'm not stupid enough to do something like this. But more importantly... Do you have any strength and magic left?"
 "I've got a potion that's helping. I've been wearing an anklet for a while now, so my magic power hasn't decreased that much."
 Shakuna answers.
 Thanks to the 'Anklet of Pastet,' the reward for clearing the 30th floor, which increases the magic attack power, her magic power doesn't seem to have decreased that much.
 "I have no problem either. Even though I am an old man, I am not so old as to be a drag on Her Highness the princesses."
 Haddiss also assures me while drinking the same potion.
 Despite his words, he seems to have taken a lot of damage from the attacks... but even if I point this out, the straightforward priest-knight would never say weak words.
 Even if it is a temporary endurance, I am sure that he will endure to the end.
 "Then, that's good. As for the plan from now on...as soon as the barrier is lifted, go straight to the stair leading to the lower floor. Don't worry about what's behind or beside us. We're just pushing our way in."
 "Pushing in... what about the monsters!? How can we ignore so many monsters!?"
 With the passage of time, all the monsters in the monster house had gathered around the barrier. These monsters would act as a wall with countless monsters, and there was not even a gap for the needle to penetrate.
 "I told you it's no problem... I'll make a way for you. All you must do is run as fast as you can."
 "Onee-sama, let's do as Baskerville-sama says."
 Shakuna tries to argue with Ryuna, but Ryuna smiles at her.
 "I have dreamed of a future of despair many times, but I have never seen myself die here. We must trust Baskerville-sama."
 "...I understand."
 Shakuna nodded reluctantly and pointed a finger at me.
 "But if my Ryuna get hurt, I won't forgive you! You'll have to take full responsibility!"
 "What do you mean, 'responsibility'? Should I take your sister as my wife?"
 "No... That's impossible! Making Ryuna your wife is not good!"
 "I'm fine with it. Sooner or later, I'll be Baskerville-sama's."
 "Don't be ridiculous, Ryuna! You're not going to marry into another country!"
 "Okay, okay, more importantly..."
 Ignoring Shakuna who was yapping like a small dog, I talked to Ryuna.
 "You've mastered [Divination Art], haven't you? I need you to find the location of the stair."
 [Divination Art] is the initial skill of Priestess. Of course, I remember that.
 This skill can give the user various kinds of information by divination. They would know the number of treasure chests on the floor, the number of monsters, the direction of the stairs, and so on.
 "Of course, divination is my specialty, but... perhaps, if I divined the location of the stairs, my magic power would run out. I won't be able to recover anymore."
 "I'm sorry... but we have no choice. There's no other way."
 There is no way to get to the stairs if the stairs are not known where they are in the first place. Even if it means abandoning the few healing spells we have left, we definitely need divination.
 "I understand. I bow before you..."
 Ryuna clasped her hands together and mumbled a prayer.
 But then she looked back to her left and opened her eyes.
 "It looks like the stair are that way. I don't know how far it is, though..."
 "It's enough. Then... as soon as the barrier is lifted... we'll run through in a single leap."
 "Yes... And the barrier will only last for a minute or so. It will be gone soon."
 Shakuna holds her sister's hand nervously. Ryuna nodded and shook her sister's hand.
 "I'll lead the way. Shakuna, take Ryuna's hand and follow her."
 "I am the rear... is that right?"
 Haddiss anticipates my thoughts.
 The straightforward priest-knight seemed to be nervous, and his expression was even stiffer than usual.
 "That's right... Could you do it?"
 "Of course. I would not have anyone passed me."
 "Well, then, let's see if we can get out of here!"
 The barrier has only about 10 seconds left.
 In this time, the white barrier flickers and flickers. That's the signal that the effect is about to wear off.
 5...4...3...I counted in my head, and when there was only one second left, I shouted.
 "Overlimits—'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit/冥将獄依)'!"
 I activate my greatest trump card, my greatest move.
 An aura of evil enveloped my body as if the lid of hell had been opened, and my body was filled with an overwhelming sense of omnipotence.

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