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Chapter 154 Full Wounds

 "We made it through the monster house without incident... but I think this might be a bit of a mess."
 There is a boss room of the 40th floor in front of us.
 If we open this door, the boss monsters of floor level will attack us at once.
 "I'm wounded... My strength and stamina can't last much longer..."
 Shakuna exhales while raising and lowering her shoulders.
 Even so, we had made it from the 31st to the 38th floor without much rest.
 However, there was an unexpected problem: the threat of the Monster House.
 No doubt, everyone's physical strength, as well as mental strength, must have been greatly exhausted.
 "Well... my magic power is near its limit. I guess it's suicide to fight the boss with this condition..."
 I clicked my tongue.
 I've activated my trump card, the 'Meisho Jigokuyori (Underworld Hell Spirit/冥将獄依)', and I've lost a lot of magic power. Entering the boss battle in this state is a very hard mode.
 "I'm sorry... Me too..."
 I am not the only one who is drained of magic power. Ryuna, the healer, also had little magic left.
 As soon as she entered the monster house, she put up a powerful barrier to hold off the enemy's attack.
 She also survived the onslaught of dozens of demon monsters. No wonder she exhausted her magical power.
 "We're not that exhausted..."
 "We're not that depleted, but..."
 Shakuna and Hadiss shook their heads.
 They were not that worn out, but they had still made their way through the crowd of demons. So, they were not unscathed.
 Although they were not injured, I can't leave the boss monster to them alone.
 "It can't be helped. Let's take a rest here for now. Although there are no beds here, this is a safe zone too. Let's recover our magic power as much as possible."
 We were in a small room before the boss, but this was also a safe zone where monsters would not pop up.
 It is not furnished with bedding and a kitchen like the rest room, but we can at least recover our strength and energy by taking a nap.
 "For now, take some potions and portable foods. After taking a rest, we'll have to fight the boss. So, keep your strength up."
 After saying this, I take out a potion, dried meat, and dried bread from my item bag and distribute them to the others.
 It would have been nice to have some items to restore the magic power, but the bag given to me by the priest knight who left outside did not have such a wide selection.
 Fortunately, this preserved food also has the effect of restoring strength and magic. Though, I did not want to rely on them too much because they did not taste good.
 Now, Shakuna and Hadiss received the potion and food and put them in their mouths as they were told.
 Haddiss is nonchalant, not changing his expression. However, Shakuna is munching on a piece of dried bread with a sour look on her face.
 On the other hand, Ryuna is holding the food in her hand and looking down. She has a difficult expression on her face, as if she is pondering something.
 "What's wrong? Are you wounded somewhere?"
 Ryuna is being caught by a demon in the Monster House.
 But I rescued her right away, and she didn't suffer any serious injuries...
 "Umm... Baskerville-sama, what you just said... can you repeat what you just said?"
 "What did you mean... by what I just said?"
 "The words you said when the monster captured me... You see, the words 'She's mine'."
 When I think of it... it feels like I said something like that.
 It came out spontaneously, without any particular thought, but I said something rather outrageous.
 "...Forget it. It was just a slip of the tongue."
 "No, I'll never forget it. I'm so thrilled to find out that I've belonged to Baskerville-sama before I knew it."
 It seems I've been caught in a vulnerable moment. Ryuna's cheeks are tinted and she gives me a heated look.
 When I look away, I see Shakuna sitting a little further away from me with her eyes blazing with anger.
 "Ggggh...! My Ryuna... You thieving cat!"
 "Give me a break.... This is no time for romantic comedies."
 I wonder if it's also a case of "the rain falls and the ground hardens (a relationship is stronger after conflict)".
 After all, Ryuna's favorability has increased and Shakuna's anger has been aroused.
 Anyway, I bite off a piece of dried meat, feeling uncomfortable.

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