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Chapter 1 The Demon King Awakens from a Hundred-Year Sleep

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 "This is the end, Demon King!"
 "Gwaaaaah! I never thought I would be defeated...!"
 In front of me, the hero with a shining holy sword, Excalibur, is glaring at me while breathing heavily.
 It seems to be over. This is my end. My strength, energy, and magic have run out, and I can no longer bear to keep up. Even now my arms are crumbling to pieces.
 But I never thought that the day would come when I would be saved by a "Substitute Platinum Coin," which I had prepared just in case. This item, which I had made with alchemy a long time ago, was enchanted with magic, so I would not die.
 I'm glad I made it.
 But it will be at least a hundred years before my power is restored to me again. A hundred years, a hundred years... Hahahaha.
 "Well done, Hero! I admire you. But I will not die! I will return in a hundred years and when that happens, I will fill the world with grief and sorrow! Then you, mortal, will not survive! Hahahaha!"
 "Wh-What did you say!"
 I hear the hero shout over my fading consciousness. Enjoy the rest of your life. Until the time of my resurrection, let me enjoy my dreams. Adios!
* * *
 "...King, Demon King! Please wake up! It's already been a hundred years!"
 "Huh? Oh, Kabirumba. Good morning. Isn't it a nice morning?"
 "Yes, it's a nice morning...—I mean, how long are you going to stay in bed, Demon King? Please take that moldy bedding outside..."
 "Aren't you a Fungus Spirit? Can't you do something about it?"
 Kabirumba, whose body looked like a moss-green sea urchin with a small bamboo sticking out from below, glared at me with one half-lidded eye. Oh, scary. Even I am a Demon King, you know?
 "Hmm, then, I will make that bedding even more moldy..."
 "I'm sorry! I'll go hang it up right now!"
 I dashed outside with the bedding in my arms. With a refreshing breeze blowing, it seems that this place is still uninhabited, even after a hundred years. Being surrounded by the sea, the sea breeze was very pleasant. It's wonderful to be alive!
 Wait a minute. Isn't there something strange here? Like Kabirumba's attitude just now, isn't it a little too impolite for a resurrected Demon King?
 Oh, by the way, I kept a secret from everyone that I will be resurrected to prevent the "Substitute Platinum Coin" from being stolen.
 The only one who knew about it was Kabirumba, who has access to all kinds of information in the world, the so-called "Mycelial Network". No wonder the only one who would pick me up was Kabirumba.
 When I returned to the hut, Kabirumba was cleaning the room. Kabirumba is really a good kid. Even there was an apple on the table. It's my favorite food.
 "Thank you, Kabirumba. So, can you tell me what's going on in the world right now?"
 "Of course. I have to make sure the Demon King listens to me. Rather, it's for that reason that I'm here."
 Humph! I thought I heard Kabirumba snorting. Even though fungus doesn't have a nose. Anyway, I listen to Kabirumba as I bite the apple.
 "So, the demon tribe and humans have made peace with each other and are living peacefully together now."
 That's absurd! If it's true, is there a reason for my existence now... Or was Kabirumba here to prevent me from filling the peaceful world with a whirlpool of sorrow and grief?
 No, wait a minute. Something's wrong, something's not right.
 "Who made peace with the humans, Kabirumba? I can't think of anyone else who could do such a big thing."
 "Of course, the Four Heavenly Kings made peace."
 "No! Wait! Aren't all the Four Heavenly Kings defeated by the Hero? I mean, the Hero sacrificed a lot to defeat the Four Heavenly Kings."
 "...That's strange."
 "Yes, that's strange."
 What the hell is going on? Wasn't it because the Four Heavenly Kings were defeated that the castle was unsealed and the Hero came in?
 Maybe they were caught in the trap? Well, it's okay. Now that peace has been made with the humans, it doesn't matter now.
 "I see. I'm no longer needed. Ugh, even though I've worked so hard for the others, I'm useless to them now that I'm back. I'm just... just... so sad."
 With sadness enveloping me, I curled up on the floor and went to sleep.
 Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep on the floor, and there was a blanket over my body. Really, Kabirumba is kind.
 Anyway, I can't keep crying. Now, I've been resurrected. I have to live tomorrow. Those days of war are over. From now on... let's enjoy the slow life... like the others.
 "Kabirumba! Work! Work! If I don't work, I don't eat. So, give me a job!"
 "Even if you say so... but first I'll show you around the island and see if there's anything you can do while staying here..."
 "Kabirumba, I am no longer the Demon King. From now on you can call me Leonito—No, just Leo is fine"
 I looked Kabirumba and declared. The Demon King now is out of business. From now on I will live as a mere demon.
 "...I understand. By the way, Leo-sama. Why didn't you save some money here? Not just money. There's not even a 'single' piece of gold or silver."
 "No way! I never thought this would happen! Unbelievable!"
 "Wait, where did you learn such words?"
 "I'm not complimenting you."
 It seems... I got a little carried away, and Kabirumba gave me cold stares. It's like went from being a "yin-yang" to a "yang-yang". Apparently, it is difficult to judge this guy when happy or upset.
 Anyway, Kabirumba led me around the island. It seems that no one has ever come to this island for a hundred years. It had the same rich temperate ecosystem as when I first came here.
 The fruits, including apples, are abundant and will probably never run out all year round. Maybe... I don't have to work?
 When I told this to Kabirumba, it was quickly denied.
 "What are you talking about, Leo-sama? Do you really think you can live only on apples... or fruits? Sweet, too sweet. As sweet as this apple!"
 "Ahhh, my apple!"
 The fungus Kabirumba stretched its green mycelium and digested the apple. But personally, I think I could live with an apple...
 "Listen, you need to eat meat and vegetables to sustain your body. Didn't you do the same a hundred years ago? Why do you think you don't need them now?"
 "I don't fight anymore, so I guess it's okay."
 I glanced at Kabirumba, who was glaring at me with a raised eyebrow. Oh, this guy had an eyebrow. Maybe a nose, too?

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