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Chapter 3 The First Villager, Found!

 We continue walking through the forest. Sometimes we hear the rustling of leaves in the distance, but no one seems to be coming this way. Well, I am a former demon king, after all. No monster is likely to come this way unless it is an idiot.
 "Kabirumba, be on the lookout just in case. We never know when monsters will appear."
 "I can show you the way but I can't search for them."
 "Excuse me...?"
 "I'm not good at monitoring moving targets. It requires me to go through several mycelial networks. During that time, they move around before I find them."
 Kabirumba's information network is very good. But its full power seems to be exerted only against things that do not move. This is the first time I've heard of it. So, there are not so many perfect superhumans like me, huh?
 "Then I'll be the one to search for them. Haa!"
 "If you can do it, do it from the beginning!"
 He looked at me with a blank stare again. It seems that Kabirumba has completely given up on me. But life is no fun if people don't have a little playful spirit.
 Anyway, first of all, check the safety of the surroundings, right? But there's trouble a little further away.
 "A human is being attacked by a black bear. And I'm getting the feeling... Kabirumba! Let's go help him! If we do well, we can enjoy the good life in the village."
 "So, you've got an ulterior motive, huh?"
 Oh no, Kabirumba's crying. But people can't live in this world with just nice words. Just like I was forced to quit my job as the Demon King. Not that I resent it, but if I could have gotten along with humans, I would have done so from the beginning. Then I wouldn't have had to become the Demon King.
 Anyway, it was too much of a hassle to wade through the trees, so I twisted a tree in my path and pushed straight ahead. Perhaps I could put it back later so I wouldn't get in trouble.
 Now, in front of me, I saw an old man and a black bear. The old man's shoulder was injured, and his clothes were stained with red blood.
 The black bear is about to jump on the "old man" who stands up on his two legs and opens his arms, but I throw a stick under the black bear's feet as hard as I can to attract its attention. As the stick hits it back with a thud, the body of Black Bear, standing on two legs, slowly turns toward me. Its eyes are bright red, as if filled with anger. It’s seemed to be saying, "I will not allow anyone to interrupt my meal!"
 At the same time, my eyes met the old man's eyes, and his mouth was completely open. But it's all right now. The Demon King is here, after all.
 Now this Black Bear turns slowly toward me. It's as big as a rock. And, as the rumors say, it has bristly black hair. Even if someone hit it with a sword, it will bounce off its fur and be easily swatted away.
 As the black bear having its eyes on me, it comes charging at me with its low, four-legged posture. But don't be naive, Black Bear. Your attack is anticipated. Your body which is perfectly stand on the ground will not be able to avoid my attack!
 My attack are these three fast-moving drills protruded from the ground. The drills, made of hard stone, easily penetrated Black Bear's body. Black Bear dispersed without uttering a sound. All that remained was "Black Bear's pelt.
 After retrieving the pelt, I head toward the injured old man.
 "Aren't you just used a magic spell without chanting a word? Are you one of the Four Wise Men?"
 "No, it's not... I was once a Demon K..."
 As if interrupting my words, Kabirumba head-butted me with its head. I didn't know mycelium could be used in this way.
 "Anyway, shouldn't your injury be healed first? Come here, quickly."
 "W-Well, you certainly have a point."
 I sprinkled the healing potion on the old man randomly. In a flash, the injury on his shoulder is healed. This should save his life. Though he will need to rest for a while.
 "How restorative! How expensive a potion did you use?"
 "It's just a healing potion..."
 "That's absurd. It should be an advanced healing potion! Wait, that's not it, maybe it's a healing potion++!?
 "What the hell is that?"
 Healing Potion++? I've never heard that name before. Is it some kind of language? I look at Kabirumba-sensei for an answer. Then, Kabirumba-sensei gently whispered in my ear.
 "It's a new way of classifying the different types of healing potions, depending on the recovery power of the same potion."
 "Why? Aren't all potions the same in terms of recovery power?"
 "During the past hundred years, it has been discovered that the potions produced by alchemists have different recovery power depending on their skill. Of course, it is not only healing potions. This is the case with all alchemical items."
 That means my alchemical items are very powerful, huh? Even though I made it with materials I found around here. Hmm, I might be able to sell it for a higher price than I thought. The slow life is one step closer.
 "Okay, the healing potion I used was a healing potion++."
 "As I thought... But where did you get that?"
 "I made it."
  When I smiled at the old man, his eyes and mouth became wide and round again. It seems that there are not many alchemists who can make a healing potion++. I might be able to sell it for a really good price. No pun intended.
 I felt as if a light went off in front of my eyes.
 "I see. In any case, thanks for the help. Oops."
 I steadied the wobbly old man's shoulder.
 "Let me give you a hand. The blood can't be recovered by the potion. Just get some rest when you get back to the village."
 "I'm sorry for everything. If there's anything I can do... let me know."
 As planned. Mission accomplished. Now I can sneak into the village without suspicion. Look, Kabirumba is impressed with my brilliant work.
 "I never thought it would really work. You seem to have good luck as usual."
 "Don't be rude. Luck is part of skill. Don't you know that?"
 "Yes, yes. I'll leave it at that."

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