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Chapter 13 Guild Marriage

 On the way to Jimna village, Shizuko and I stopped by the Adventurers' Guild.
 I asked them if I was still a member of the hero party.
 "I had talked with Zect, the hero party leader, and I agreed to leave the party amicably."
 "Okay, from the guild's point of view, since the withdrawal from the party has not been signed by the leader, Zect-sama, you are still a member of the party, and the account management is separate, and there seems to be no interference, so why don't you just leave it as it is, Ceres-sama? There is no harm."
 "If there is no harm, I don't mind, but there is a possibility that I will never see Zect again. Is there still no problem?"
 "Under the circumstances, no problem at all."
 But that's strange, isn't it?
 If that's the case, how come I'm partying with Shizuko?
 "Excuse me, but I'm partying with other people. Is that not a problem?"
 "Wait a minute! Ah, I see! No problem... your party was treated as a separate party of the 'Light of Hope,' didn't the staff member tell you about registering a party name when you formed a party?"
 "If you ask me, I don't think I was told."
 "That's because you registered your party as a separate party."
 "Then, how is Shizuko-san treated? I haven't talked with Zect."
 "There is no problem because the leader of the separate party is Ceres-sama, and your official titles are 'Ceres, the Leader of Separate Party Light of Hope' and 'Shizuko, the Member of Separate Party Light of Hope.'"
 If that is the case, does that mean that the privileges of the "hero party" will remain?
 "What will happen to the privileges of the hero party?"
 "In the first place, the privileges of the hero party will remain as you once belong to the party. After all, usually, when someone leaves, it is when they die or cannot fight anymore, and neither the kingdom nor the guild will deprive them of the privilege."
 There is indeed no one who will leave the hero party in good health.
 "Does that mean I'm a member of the Hero Party, too?" said Shizuko.
 "To be precise, you belong to a separate party. You are not related to the main party, but you are most likely Ceres-sama's subordinate... Also, I heard that an application for the title of 'Dragon Slayer' was submitted by the previous guild and was approved. "
 "But, didn't the title come directly from the King or the Pope, along with the medal?"
 "It seems that the permission was granted in a special case because you are in the middle of a journey with the hero party. The title will be written on your adventurer's card later, so Ceres-sama can start using the name today... The reward will be paid later, along with the money for the rock dragon. ...And the award will probably be given after Zect-sama defeats the Demon King..."
 "That's great, Ceres-kun. By the way, I wonder if other members of the hero party have hunted dragon species?"
 "Zect-sama has hunted a sub-dragon wyvern, and Lida-sama also hunted a wyvern single-handedly, but since it is a sub-dragon, they do not receive the title of Dragon Slayer... So, only Ceres-sama has done it in the past few years... Congratulations!"
 "Heh~ that Zect could defeat a wyvern. He's starting to grow a little bit."
 "Please forgive me for being rude, but no matter how close you are, you are dealing with a hero, and you should put 'sama' in the name!"
 "Shizuko-san is Zect's mother, so I think it's fine, right?"
 "Are you his mother? Please pardon me."
 "Heheheh, I don't mind because I'm Ceres-kun's lover now."
 The receptionist dropped her pen.
 "Yes? But Shizuko-sama is Ceres-sama's slave, isn't she?"
 "Yes, I guess I'm a 'love slave'? Heheheh..."
 "Ceres-sama... What does this mean?"
 Why should we talk about this to the receptionist we just met today?
 I thought so, but after all this talk, I might as well explain it to her.
 I had no choice but to tell her what had happened so far.
 "That father Sector, he's really an enemy of women! I understand what's going on, and although it's not something we can do as a guild, we'll put it on record... So, if you don't mind, I have a proposal for the two of you who love each other: why don't you have a 'guild wedding'?"
 "Ah no, even though I'm... an old lady... Heheheh, how embarrassing..."
 Shizuko seems aware of this.
 But her face is bright red, and she's wriggling.
 She's cute, though.
 "And what's a guild marriage?"
 "It's about the marriage system... This system is a system to notify the guild that you are 'married.' Although the church is the most common place for marriage, adventurers today often choose this system for convenience. "
 Hearing this, Shizuko's face is turning red... and well, since she's already my wife, it might be a good way to set the record straight.
 In short, it's the same as 'registering' in my previous life.
 "Shizuko-san, if you don't mind, why don't we have a guild wedding?"
 "Um... are you sure? I'm much older than you, and... it's a formal thing; you won't regret it?"
 "No, I don't regret it! I'm the one who fell in love with you first."
 "Umm, yes, please marry me in the guild... and with this, I'll be your wife."
 "I'd be happy to."
 Hmm, I think Shizuko said something strange, but is it okay?
 "Congratulations! Well, I'll take two silver coins as a registration fee, and how about a matching ring? They're all on a trend among adventurers right now."
 The receptionist girl is very business-minded, isn't she?
 Well, Shizuko wants one, so it's okay.
 "Okay, I'll take the ring too."
 "Thank you very much. Please put the rings on each other."
 Then, we put the rings in each other's hands and put them in each other's hands.
 The rings automatically changed to the right size, as if by a simple spell.
 "Congratulations, please sign this form."
 "Okay, I'll write it... here it is..."
 "Heheheh, then, the next is me."
 As we signed our names, I felt we were truly 'married.'
 However, for some reason, the adventurers in the bar and at the reception desk were looking at us silently.
 "If you don't mind, why don't you buy everyone a drink? Just a cup of ale, and you'll get their blessing... it's only 5 silver coins."
 This receptionist is good for business.
 Anyway, if Shizuko's so happy, I don't see why I should turn the offer.
 And I want to give her all she wants.
 "Hey, guys! I'm not going to be cheap to just buy you a cup of ale... so, drink as much as you want all day long... and this is 5 gold coins... Okay, sis?"
 "Everyone, it's Ceres-sama and Shizuko-sama's treat~ today is a private party, so celebrate with them~!"
 """"""""""I hope you'll be happy, you lady killer.""""""""""
  """""""""""Shizuko-san, Congratulations on your marriage to Ceres-san"""""""""""
 With everyone congratulating us, Shizuko and I left the guild.
 Although the receptionist gave us a push, Shizuko looked happy with her arms intertwined with me... So... yeah, it's a small price to pay.

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