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Chapter 15 Haruka and Kazuma

 "Good morning."
 "Good morning~, but isn't it past noon?"
 "I'm sorry, but it's been a while since we've done it."
 "Well, I don't mind it. Rather it's nice to be desired as a woman at my age, but at this time of the day, everyone is already at work, so let's greet them at night since we don't want to disturb them."
 Undoubtedly, morning comes early in the village.
 "Then, why don't we go to Kazuma-niisan's house to say hello and have lunch?"
 "Yes, I'd like to see Haruka too."
 Kazuma is the only restaurant in this village.
 And the name 'Kazuma' is the name of the owner.
 Kazuma is Lida's father and runs the restaurant with Haruka-neesan (Lida's mother).
 Kazuma is like a big brother to me, and Zect and I are very proud of him.
 He is a very handsome man and a good cook because he runs a restaurant.
 He also helped me recreate a dish from my previous life in return for helping Kazuma.
 Although we're not related by blood, I consider Kazuma my brother and Haruka my sister... or so I think.
 Well, Haruka forced me to call her that.
 "Haruka, I'm home!"
 "Nee-san, I'm home!"
 "Oh, isn't it Ceres and Shizuko? And Shizuko, I heard you had a hard time."
 "Heheheh, a little, but Ceres-kun helped me out, so it's all right."
 "Hmm~, so, this guy can be useful... Ceres, you played well."
 "Ouch, nee-san!"
 Until now, I don't know why Haruka-neesan slaps me so hard.
 "Really, Ceres is overreacting… Even though it is just a slap from a weak woman like me…."
 "Even if you say so, please don't hit my back. It hurts!"
 "Geez, you're burning even though both of you are brother and sister... he's my husband, you know."
 "Well, Shizuko, I heard you married Ceres. That's pretty bold of you."
 "Heheheh, Ceres-kun really loves me! I did it because he said he didn't mind being an old lady like me."
 "Hmm… Ceres, that's great! Because you've liked Shizuko for a long time!"
 Really, Haruka-neesan always used to play with me and slap me, even though I didn't know the reason.
 "Hey, nee-san, you're hurting me. Please stop…"
 "That's right, Haruka, and Ceres-kun is—"
 "Haruka, the pasta's ready... Hmm, has Shizuko come back with Ceres?"
 "Kazuma-san, it's been a while."
 "Kazuma-niisan, I'm back!"
 Really, Kazuma is always a handsome man.
 A handsome cook with gleaming teeth and kind too. After all, after my parents passed away, he told me, "You can think of me as your father or your brother."
 And since Kazuma was my brother, I inevitably started calling Haruka, Kazuma's girlfriend at the time, 'sister.'
 Haruka had short-cut flaxen hair and wore a hair band,
 She has a good style, neither large breasts nor small buttocks, and is beautiful and cute. However, she is very rough with me.
 Kazuma says that she envies me for it.
 And at one time, I was in love with Haruka, though I couldn't tell her or Kazuma.
 After all, Kazuma is like a big brother, and Haruka is his girlfriend.
 Moreover, Kazuma, unlike Zect, is not a crackpot, but a really good guy, so I kept this feeling to myself.
 Thinking back on it now, I might have given up on it by self-resolution, not wanting to lose Kazuma, who is like a brother to me, and Haruka, who is like a sister to me.
 But seeing it again, they are a perfect match for each other.
 "Ceres and Shizuko, I'll make you coffee and bake you a pizza. Please take your time. After all, I have work to do. Also, please take care of them, Haruka."
 "Thanks for the food, Kazuma-niisan."
 "I'm going back to the kitchen then."
 After saying that, Kazuma went back to the kitchen.

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