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Chapter 18 Haruka and Kazuma's True Feelings

 "So, Ceres, why did you do this? You didn't mean to make fun of Haruka, did you?"
 "Ceres, even I am hurt by this! Please explain to me what you meant to do."
 "Kazuma-niisan, Nee-san, I..."
 "First of all, if you don't answer me, we'll never be siblings again, will we, Haruka?"
 "That's natural! If Kazuma hadn't come, I would've hit you!"
 I think she already did.
 Well, it's totally selfish of me.
 The two of them get along so well, but I interrupt it... it's over.
 But I should at least explain.
 "Nee-san, I liked you for a long time, but I had to give it up because of Kazuma-niisan."
 "Ceres... You..."
 "I'm sorry, Haruka, but please be quiet for a minute! And, Ceres, how can you give up on the woman you love just because of that? Is that what you really think of Haruka?"
 "That's not it... I mean, Nee-san seemed happy when she was with Kazuma-niisan... that's why I gave up on her, but when I thought Kazuma-niisan and Nee-san were so well matched, I envied it... "
 "I see. Haruka and I enjoyed being with Ceres. So, we thought we were real siblings. And you know, Haruka may look young, but she's Lida's mother, right...? Also, we're sorry we made you call us brother and sister. More importantly, she's the same age as your dead mother, Myrna... can you still love Haruka?"
 "Age has nothing to do with love, I can love her if she accepts me, but I don't want to make Kazuma-niisan unhappy."
 "Don't worry about me! I want to hear how you feel about Haruka now!"
 "I can love her!"
 "However, Haruka will grow old. Even if she looks young now, she'll be an old woman soon, but can you love her, Ceres? Can you promise me that?"
 "I can promise you!"
 "Haruka, Ceres has said this. What do you think?"
 "Ceres, I want to ask you something... Why me? I even changed your diapers when you were little, and I know you told me you liked me, but that was when Ceres was still little. Don't you think that's unusual?"
 "That's right, Ceres, when you grow to 30 years old, Haruka will be in her mid-40s by the time she reaches that age now, and she's already an old woman, but could you still want to be with her, could you still love her, can you say that?"
 ※ The life expectancy of the human race in this world is between 50 and 60.
 "I can still love... Nee-san."
 "Haruka, that's what he said... what are you going to do?"
 "I don't know what to do, Kazuma-kun."
 "Then Ceres, I suggest you hold Haruka in front of me right here and now... and I'll see! If you want Haruka, you must be able to do it!"
 "Ceres, you'll regret it, so let's not do this..."
 "I will not stop Nee-san, and if it would make Kazuma-niisan feel better... then yes..."
 "Then, show me."
 At this point, I can't back out now.
* * *
 "Nee-san... You're so beautiful..."
 I put my hand around her neck and kissed her.
 "Mmmm, puha... Ceres stop... haah, haah..."
 "Nee-san is really beautiful..."
 She really looks young and beautiful.
 Not only that, she's so nice to me.
 "Huh!? W-What are you talking about, you idiot! Get your hands off me!"
 "I'm sorry... but I don't want to quit."
 "You're so... stupid."
 She's saying that, but her face is turning red.
 Furthermore, when she looks away from me, it's so cute.
 And I pulled her close and kissed her, sliding my hand inside her thigh.
 "Hey... Stop! We're in front of Kazuma-kun! So, stop it!"
 "I'm sorry, Nee-san, I can't give up on you..."
 "You're an idiot... a real idiot... and one day you'll regret it... for sure!"
 "I won't..."
 "Nee-san, you're hurting me, and I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."
 "Don't look so pathetic... I do not hate it, but you need to calm down, or you will regret it!"
 "I don't regret anything."
 "Okay... If it's so, I'll stop refusing you... here, nmu..."
 Haruka started kissing me.
 Then I quickly removed Haruka's pants and underwear.
 Naturally, I didn't take off her top because of Kazuma's presence.
 "No, stop, this is so embarrassing... Ceres, wait, stop, please stop it... I said stop... Geez, aaaaa... Ceres, you can't. Kazuma's watching. Hey, Kazuma-kun is really watching."
 Despite resisting with her mouth, Haruka accepted me.
* * *
 When the deed was done, I looked around and saw that Kazuma was not there.
 "Ceres... you really love me, don't you? If you do this to me, I will not be able to... I mean, don't you dare say otherwise!"
 "You're hurting me, Nee-san."
 "Don't be stupid, don't tell me you don't love me right now, huh?"
 "I love you, Nee-san!"
 "Mmm, I love you too."
 Wait, something's wrong... what's going on?
 "Haruka, is it over?"
 "Kazuma-kun... yes."
 "I'm glad."
 What's going on? I don't understand!
* * *
 "Ceres, I'm sorry for deceiving you, but..."
 Kazuma apologizes to me out of the blue.
 "What's the meaning of this, Kazuma-niisan?"
 "Well, I'm sorry for trying to deceive you, but I was planning to give Haruka to Ceres if you wanted it."
 "What do you mean? I thought you two were like a couple of mandarin ducks."
 "You're not wrong, Kazuma-kun and I have known each other since childhood, and we're still good friends."
 "Yes, I think we're probably the best of friends among men and women in this world... but it's not what Ceres thinks."
 "That's right, we've known each other since childhood, and we've always been together because we're husband and wife... But, you know, Kazuma and I haven't slept together for more than 10 years now."
 "Speaking of which, when I called myself Ceres' brother, we weren't in that kind of relationship anymore, and since we had Lida, Haruka played the role of a wife, and now that she's in the hero party, we no longer have an heir... but... still, we never thought about another person."
 "That's it. After I gave birth to Lida, the romance almost ended. I look young, but I'm an old lady now, and I'm old enough to be a girl, but Ceres, you surprised me."
 "I told you, right? Ceres still likes you."
 "Idiot... how can I believe that! Such a young boy likes me..."
 "Really? Even at five years old, he used to hug you... at that time, he had the eyes of a man too... Ceres was."
 "Geez... it's embarrassing... but you're right, Kazuma-kun."
 "Look, this guy's been in love with you for 10 years as far as I know... this must be a relief."
 "Surely, Haruka and I have been over this relationship for a long time... but she's still my friend, my childhood friend... so I thought we could live like this, and she's like a little sister to me, too. So, that is why we still live together. But now, you can take Haruka."
 "Thank you very much, Kazuma-niisan."
 "Haruka, that's enough, isn't it? I mean, you've been excited about your new partner too... So, you can go to Ceres in peace."
 "Ceres... are you sure you won't regret this? I'm the same age as your dead mother. Are you sure?"
 "It's okay. I've loved you since I was little."
 "I can't help it. You really grew up to be a serious Babacon... But please take good care of me even though I'm not a good person..."
 "I look forward to living with you."
 "But Ceres, you've always liked older people like Shizuko and Haruka... is it because you lost your mother when you were little?"
 "That's probably it... Still, from my point of view, Nee-san is very young and beautiful..."
 "Idiot... Geez, Ceres... already..."
 "That's really great, don't tell me you're going to make a move on Sayo and Misaki too?"
 "Two is enough! And surely, they're both beautiful, but I can't have that many wives."
 "I see... but you're great... you claim all women far past their prime to be beautiful..."
 "Ka-zu-ma-kun, do you have any last words?"
 "I'm kidding."
 "By the way, Ceres, how is Shizuko doing today?"
 "Shizuko-san said she's having a drink with Sayo-san and Misaki-san today."
 Suddenly, Haruka said, "Is that so? Well, Ceres... maybe you will have four wives..."
 "Hey, how can that be? Ceres says two is enough," said Kazuma.
 "I just remembered an old promise we made... but I don't know..."
 At this, Ceres interrupted, "No way, right? But more importantly, what will you do now, Kazuma-niisan?"
 Running the restaurant by himself must be tough...
 "Well, now that Haruka is gone, I'm thinking of going to the royal capital, though not immediately, and I will buy a slave who can be a young maid and run a fancy café."
 "That sounds great... but do you have the money?"
 "Well, I'm a little short, but I'll manage."
 I took out 100 gold coins from my storage bag.
 "Kazuma-niisan, you can use this if you want."
 "No... I can't accept this."
 "But, I'm like your little brother, aren't I? It's natural for a little brother to help his big brother with his dreams."
 "Hmm... Okay, I'll take it."
 "Ceres, now you understand that Kazuma-kun buys young female slaves... our relationship as man and woman was already over."
 "That's right."
 Though the relationship between a man and a woman may be over, the 'family' relationship is not.
 Maybe Kazuma gave Haruka to me as if he was marrying off his daughter or something similar.
 "Then, I'll make Nee-san happy, Kazuma-niisan."
 "Ceres, do your best."
 I took Haruka's hand and left Kazuma's restaurant.

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