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Chapter 27 Even I Have Fond Memories... to the Scum

 Right now, I'm at the Lord's mansion.
 "It's been a long time, Ceres-dono... You are really great that you keep defeating dragon species. You are indeed a 'Dragon Slayer.'"
 Being a member of the hero party is very convenient.
 Although I'm only an adventurer of S rank, I can meet a nobleman without requesting a formal appointment.
 The Lord of this territory, Gamelda, is a Count.
 He is above the ordinary commoners... and normally, the villagers can only meet him through the village head.
 Of course, I didn't want to embarrass the village head, so I asked the village head, Najim, to write a letter for me.
 If I did not make a good face, the village head would not like me.
 This is the reality of village society.
 If I neglect small things like this, there will be a big payback someday.
 In a sense, envy is scarier than a demon king.
 "Thank you. I've come today to bring this..."
 I took out a few water-dragon scales from my bag.
 When I hunt a dragon, I take some scales out.
 The value of the purchase price does not decrease by removing a few scales.
 However, the scales of a beautiful dragon species fetch a pretty high price. They are coveted by the nobleman as furnishings.
 "Are those... the scales of a water dragon? And five of them...? Can you sell it for 100 gold coins?"
 "No, this is a gift... an offering for Gamelda-sama... and I don't need money. Furthermore, these are the scales from the base of the neck of the first dragon I killed... a gift I had planned to give to the great Gamelda-sama one day. "
 By emphasizing 'the first dragon I killed,' the value of this scale is further enhanced.
 Incidentally, I gave one to the village head and one to each of the village elders.
 "I can't take such a valuable thing for free. And I don't remember doing anything for Ceres-dono."
 "No, Gamelda-sama, you have done something for Jimna village... I was an orphan and have lived alone in that village since I was little... But the villagers raised me kindly, and I became a good person like right now... because this is what Gamelda-sama's reign has done for us. If I had been born in another territory, I would have been a slave... And Najim, the Village head, says I can become my present because of Gamelda-sama's kindness... "
 The truth is the village head did not say that.
 But now... if the Lord summons the village head... he will be pleased.
 This kind of talk will lead to a better life later on.
 "Najim told you that, huh...? And what brings you here today? I assume you're not here just to make small talk."
 "I come here to talk about Sector, the villager who couldn't pay his taxes, and I'm going to pay his taxes. I wonder if I could somehow get him back from the mine?"
 "Sector, that's the scumbag who had a bad reputation in the village, and no one helped him, right...? I heard that he was the hero parent who was addicted to drinking and gambling and had run out of money... and even outrageously sold his wife into slavery. But Ceres-dono, are you going to help a man like that?"
 I know he's a scumbag.
 And If I think about Shizuko, it is better to abandon him.
 But the bad news is, despite the scum, I have fond memories of him...
 At least Sector, though he was scum, cared for me when I was a kid.
 So... I'll return the favor.
 I really don't have anything against Zect and the others, but I have to do something to convince Shizuko.
 I'll use Sector as pawns in my revenge, and I'm sure Shizuko will understand.
 "As I said before, thanks to Gamelda-sama's reign, I could enjoy my time in the Jimna village... And I know Sector is not a good man... but I remember him playing with me when I was a child. He treated me like his son... and for once, I'd like to thank him..."
 "You are a very generous man. Well then, I understand, in exchange for these water-dragon scales, I will forgive Sector's unpaid taxes... will that be all right?"
 "Thank you for your help."
 "Then, I'll send one of my servants to bring him... and for the time being, you can tell me about your journey."
* * *
 Unfortunately, since Count Gamelda is a lord and he has a job to do, we can't talk for hours on end.
 Thus, I was moved to the guest room and allowed to relax.
 This kind of treatment is not something that a commoner like me would ever get unless I was a member of a hero party.
 And now, while I was dozing off, there was a knock at the door.
 "Ceres-sama, I've brought Sector here, and Gamelda-sama says he can't greet you because he has some business to attend to, but you can take him back."
 "Ceres... I'm sorry..."
 The Sector I saw was nowhere near the man he once was. He looked like a beggar or a slum dweller.
 "I'm sorry I can't forgive you for what you've done. But let's go back to the village."
 "If you can't forgive me, why did you help me?"
 "Just go back to the village... it's better than the mine..."
 "Well, please give my regards to Gamelda-sama."
 "I understand."
 After saying the word to the servant, I took Sector and went to the village.
* * *
 Sector followed me silently without speaking.
 "You sold Shizuko-san... But at that time, you still had the money... why would you do that... even if you were going to sell her, it would have been me who would have been first... "
 "Surely, when Ceres was still a kid, you made such a promise... that you liked Shizuko... but at that time, I don't care about it... because you are just a brat... However, I didn't think you still liked her until now... And I was wrong that I sold her... I'm sorry."
 Gambling and drinking corrupt people.
 Even more, he's just a farmer who got rich, so he goes crazy... that's what I think.
 He's just a man who got a lot of money but couldn't afford it and ruined himself.
 I remember in my previous life, there was a fool who lost his money and sent his family into prostitution.
 "By a stroke of fate, I bought Shizuko-san and made her my wife."
 "I see..."
 "And my real feeling is that I hate you so much I'd like to kill you... but it seems I'm not only a mother-con and a baba-con... but also a father-con and a Jiji-con..."
 "No way... you're not taking me as a..."
 "Of course not... you idiot... what you did was scum... but the old you was different. You treated me the same way you treated your own son Zect."
 "I still remember that..."
 "And Shizuko-san got mad at you for making me, and Zect drinks alcohol."
 "Since I owe you that favor, I'll help you this time, Uncle Sector..."
 "You... still call me that?"
 "Yeah... but it won't be the second time..."
 "I won't be a stupid again, I promise!"
 He may be a scum... but I owe him a debt of gratitude, a memory...
 And I felt sad when I thought about this guy dying in the mine.
 But how am I going to explain this to Shizuko...

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