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Chapter 4 What Happened to Shizuko-san and The Beginning of a Sweet Life

 The two of us went to a second-hand clothing store and bought some clothes.
 I didn't know what kind of clothes she wanted, so I asked Shizuko-san to choose them for herself.
 After that, we came to the inn to buy some skewers and wine.
 The reason I came here was that I thought I could talk more calmly there than in a bar.
 Of course, we chose a room with two beds.
 Then, after filling a glass with wine, I put the skewers on the table.
 Meanwhile, Shizuko-san sat down on the floor and bowed to me with three fingers on the floor.
 "Thank you very much for buying such a worn-out slave, from now on I will be faithful to you..."
 "Shizuko-san, you don't have to do that."
 "I'm a slave, I'm supposed to do this, Sob..."
 "Please don't cry, I'll wait until you calm down... and then you can tell me what happened."
 "Sob... Yes..."
 Tears of a beautiful mature woman really scare me.
 Maybe I'm being influenced by my age in my previous life.
 After all, even when Mel cries, I simply pat her head and calm her down like I would a child.
 But that is not the case with Shizuko-san.
 It is completely different from soothing a child.
 Shizuko-san is, after all, a truly beautiful mature woman.
 The closest image to her might be a widow wearing a chick's apron who works as a caretaker of an old apartment building.
 But aside from that, she has the appearance of a Japanese adult beauty, which is a perfect match for me, since I was Japanese in my previous life.
 It is said that Shizuko-san is not Japanese, but a descendant of an ancestor who moved from another country a long time ago... She was named Shizuko in Japanese style after her ancestor... Well, that is what I heard from Zect and Sector (Zect's father).
 By the way, in the old days, black hair and eyes were the sign of a beautiful woman, but now they are hated because of the 'mistakes of the transmigrants in the old days'.
 For a while Shizuko-san was crying, but then she calmed down and started to talk.
 "My husband sold me"
 "Uncle Sector sold you? But didn't the kingdom give him a lot of money, so it's not like he needs money, right?"
 It is funny for Shizuko-san to be a slave.
 After all, when Zect was recognized as a hero by the kingdom, he received a huge lump sum of money.
 Under normal circumstances, there is no way she could become a slave.
 "I think that money is probably gone too."
 Apparently, with that money, Sector used it to gamble, play with women, and drink.
 While the other three parents were steadily buying farms and saving money, Sector's money melted away faster and faster.
 Well, I didn't blame him because he was dealing with those women, but I blamed him because he was spending so much money...
 "It's been a long time, I'm sorry, but I think let's go to the town one last time, have a little luxury with you, and stop wasting money."
 That's what he said.
 So they went to the town together, but it was a trap, and Shizuko-san was sold off to a slave trader.
 "That's a terrible story, but if that's the case, why don't you write a letter to Zect?"
 "No good, he was attached to his father and hated me."
 Come to think of it, that boy hates the serious Shizuko-san.
  Zect is just a womanizer, and Sector is a real scumbag.
 "I thought Uncle Sector was a serious person..."
 "Money has changed him... but even without money, he's still like that."
* * *
 I remembered something from my childhood.
 "I want to marry Aunt Shizuko."
 I said that and she said...
 "Hmm, Ceres. But by the time you're 15, I'll be an old lady... Ah, yeah, you can have this gold coin instead of me."
 I remember that.
 It's true that in this world, women over 20 are worth less... but many couples stay together because of the memories.
 Thinking back on it now, I think that might have been my true intention.
* * *
 "Maybe he had that kind of mood from the beginning."
 "But, aren't you angry with Uncle Sector?"
 "Yes, I'm angry, but I can't help it... and that man... he's going to hell anyway."
 If he keeps melting the money to that extent, he's sure to run out of money.
 Besides, he wouldn't be able to pay taxes since he didn't grow any crops with that amount of money... so Shizuko-san might have been saved by becoming a slave.
 "I'm sorry for asking such a difficult question..."
 "Heheheh, it's all right, since you bought such an old lady, I'm glad."
 Really, she's still so beautiful.
 In this world, people might say I'm a total Babacon [Milf].
 But I, who remember my previous world, think that it's at this age that a person is truly receptive and complete as a human being.
 It is a waste not to appreciate this charm.
 "Shizuko-san is not an old lady."
 "Really? Heheheh, Ceres-kun is the only one who can say such a thing."
 Shizuko-san is always smiling.
 She cheered me up when my parents passed away.
 I wanted to help Zect and my childhood friends because everyone in the village was kind to me...
 Among them, Shizuko-san was special.
 She always seemed to me to be the kindest woman and the best mother.
 "That's not true, Shizuko-san is really a wonderful woman."
 I really think so.
 "Heheheh, well, in that case, I'll do anything for you. Oh, I was already Ceres-kun's slave before that, wasn't I? Is there anything you want me to do?"
 "Then I'd like it if you'd treat me like a lover or a couple."
 "Oh, you must be joking, what will you do with this old lady..."
 Shizuko-san calls herself an old lady, but to my eyes, she looks like a widowed heroine from a manga or a novel... she is definitely more beautiful than a celebrity woman in their late twenties.
 "I'm serious... you know I confessed my feelings to you when I was a kid, right?"
 "Yes, but I'm almost twice Ceres-kun's age. I mean, Ceres-kun is a handsome boy, pretty girls won't leave you alone, right? Even some of your childhood friends..."
 "Hahaha, but, Zect took them all."
 "Ara, no way, Ceres-kun is definitely better than Zect, but those girls really don't have good eyesight... Well then, I'll be your lover until Ceres-kun finds a girl he really likes."
 "Thank you."
 "Don't worry, you're the nicest guy I've ever met, and I'm the one who should be thanking you."
 "Anyway, I still thank you."
 Thus, the sweet life of Shizuko-san and me started.

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