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Chapter 6 Since I'm an S-class Adventurer, Money is Easy to Earn

 "See you later~!"
 "I'm off!"
 So Shizuko has registered as a party member in the adventurer registry, but I've decided to have her be a full-time housewife for now.
 I know she's a great A-level adventurer, but...
 But it's more fun this way.
 Last night, I heard that Shizuko-san was an adventurer with Lida, Maria, and Mel's mother.
 They were quite good adventurers, but since they were all women adventurers, strange men often came to them... and they fought them off one by one.
 "Then, after I reached my age, no one came near me anymore..."
 So she quit being an adventurer and became an ordinary town girl, traveling around, and ended up in Jimna village, where she got married and became a villager.
 "I understand that, but why were you sold into slavery? Why didn't you just go on a rampage?"
 "Hmm~, I was so careless, I didn't expect to be drugged from behind... Really, I got caught off guard... And I didn't expect to be betrayed... Sector, if I see you again I'll kill you, heheheheheh..."
 Something black was coming out of Shizuko-san.
 I guess this is a good time to end this story.
 But I'm sleepy.
 I didn't sleep much.
 Because I just slept with her in the same room.
 Well, Shizuko is my slave, so I'm sure she'll do 'that kind of thing' for me if I ask her to.
 But it is not the same as love.
 So, I have decided to put up with this life for the time being.
 Unlike Lida, Maria, and Mel's Nine-Petan Army, I am still attracted to Shizuko-san, who has an adult figure and a nice figure.
 It's a shame that the men of this world can't see the value in her.
* * *
 "Come on Ceres-sama, we have a lot of good requests... which one would you like to start with?"
 Miss Sally, the receptionist, was in high spirits.
 When I came to the guild yesterday, I asked her to select a good request that would bring in some money.
 She was smiling at me with a big smile, probably to make up for calling Shizuko a 'rookie'.
 I guess she does not want to be disliked by adventurers who are good friends with Guildmaster, that's what she is trying to avoid.
 Well, sometimes her mouth twitches.
 "Hmm... should I take this one? Yes, I'll take it."
 I decide to take the job of killing the earth dragon.
 "Suddenly, a dragon!"
 She was surprised. After all, earth dragons are real dragons, not like wyverns or other sub-dragons.
 Even though they are weak among the dragon species, they are not usually taken on by a lone fighter, but by a group of knights or at least 20 adventurers of B class or higher.
 "Well, I'll manage somehow."
 "As expected of an S-class... well, S-class people are already beyond the human category, so I won't say anything, go ahead!"
 "Okay, I'm off then."
 "Okay, have a good trip."
 After arriving at the place where the earth dragons are, I ate the lunch that Shizuko had prepared for me.
 Yes, it's delicious.
 I can cook, too, but it's what I used to call "kid's food" in my previous life.
 Curry and hamburger steak.
 I'm not good at simmered dishes like this, so I really enjoy it.
 It's like a taste of home.
* * *
 "I just hunted two earth dragons, please evaluate them for me."
 "Ehh, it's not noon yet..."
 It's not so difficult for me, an S-class hunter.
 I tried to take out the two earth dragons from the storage bag, but Sally stopped me just as the heads came out.
 "Wait! You can't take out such a big thing here, please take it out at the warehouse, the warehouse! I'll call Guildmaster right away."
 Being an S-class is very convenient in a place like this. I can get whatever I need to be done with the highest priority.
 "Oh, I understand."
 I went to the warehouse and took out two earth dragons and put them down.
 "Oh, Ceres-sama, I can't get the other ones out this way, can you move them to the side a little bit?"
 I had no choice but to move the dragon to the side. Well, it occupies half of the warehouse, so it is certainly in the way, so I moved it as instructed.
 "Ceres-sama, I've heard about you, you're a great earth dragon hunter... Oh, wait, this isn't an earth dragon!"
 "Don't tell me you're not going to bargain for the price by saying it's not a dragon?"
 "No, the smaller one is an earth dragon but the big one three times the size of the smaller one is a rock dragon, an earth dragon that grew up to become a higher species."
 "Well, I jumped on it, slashed its legs with a *snap* and jumped on its neck and it died."
 "Why do you always use onomatopoeia, Ceres-sama?"
 "It's for confidentiality's sake."
 "Well, every adventurer has a secret."
 "That's what I mean."
 I just really jumped on it and killed it, but it's too much to explain, so I'll just leave it at that.
 "So, the smaller earth dragon will be paid in gold for 1,000 gold pieces, but the rock dragon will have to wait a bit longer."
 "I don't mind, but why?"
 "I think the royal family will probably buy the head and bones for about 3,000 gold coins, and the rest of the materials will be auctioned off, so it will take about a week to make the money, is that alright?"
 "That's fine, I'll take only 20 gold coins out of the 1000 gold coins in cash and put the rest in the party's account."
 "Okay, that would be great."
 Now the money is taken care of.
 And having left the party, I can take it easy for a while.
* * *
 After that, I come to the jewelry store.
 "Welcome Ceres-sama, what can I get you today?"
 In a previous life, I would have given a ring, but in this world the act of giving a necklace is equivalent.
 The one I gave to Mel cost me 5 gold coins, but this time I am going to spend 10 gold coins.
 Incidentally, no rule in this world says three months' salary is enough.
 Because Zect was giving up a cheap item from a street vendor, there is no such idea in this world that the amount of money = affection.
 However, this act of offering a necklace is said to have come from the meaning of 'I'm crazy about you,' though I have a feeling that it was brought by people from other worlds.
 "Can you choose a necklace that would suit a woman with dark hair for 10 gold coins?"
 "Yes, how about this green stone one? It is a one-of-a-kind piece, no two are alike, and the engraving is very elaborate."
 "Then I'll take that one, please, and put a ribbon on the box."
 "Thank you very much."
 I left the jeweler and went to a flower shop to buy 30 roses.
 And while I'm at it, why don't I buy her a cake?
 Shizuko... I hope she'll be happy.

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