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Chapter 11 Curse-Breaking Charm

 The next day, I woke up refreshed. A night of good sleep in bed is enough for me. This is all I need. Oh, and some food, too.
 Anyway, I stuff my magic bag with the alchemical items I made last night and go downstairs.
 This inn includes breakfast. So even if my wallet is nearly empty, I can still have a meal. So great!
 "Thanks a lot."
 "Why did you thank yourself for...?"
 "Because I've never been so grateful in my life. Thank God."
 "A former demon king thanking God... it's a strange thing to say... considering the situation..."
 "Don't worry. It's all right. I'm a good demon now."
 Kabirumba sighs deeply. This guy is already looking like having a hard time today. But that's not important. Today's breakfast is a sandwich, which is said to have been developed by the Earl of Sandwich. It could have been called "itchi [イッチ]" for short.
 "But it's a good sandwich. It is easy to eat and tasty. It is also an impeccable dish that anyone can make easily."
 "Of course. This sandwich also seems to have homemade bacon, and with the vegetable leaves, which seems to have a good nutritional balance."
 "Speaking of which, can I eat mushrooms?"
 "Would you like to try it?"
 "No, thank you."
 I should have said something else. But, the breakfast was so good I got a little carried away. Still, I have to calm down. Today I plan to sell some items first, and then go to the alchemy guild when my pocket is warm enough.
 "Is there anything I need to register as an alchemist?"
 "I wonder? I don't know that much about it either. After all, the system changes frequently. But, why don't you bring some items that you have made yourself?"
 "That's true. However, I'm getting worried about whether I can register successfully or not."
 "If it doesn't work, let's just register as a merchant."
 If I register as a merchant, all I have to do is pay the money. But that's not enough. Now that I'm back and free from all past ties, I'd like to live my life doing what I want to do.
 "Yes, that's right. Think of it as a last resort."
 After finishing the sandwich, I left the inn and headed for the store where I sold potions yesterday. Since it was a little early in the day, many people were visiting the store. Most of them seemed to be adventurers.
 "Hey, sell me the healing potion ++!"
 "Same here. And I want an antidote potion++ too!"
 The voices of the adventurers are filled with vigor, and it seems that the potions I sold yesterday have already become the talk of the town and are selling like hotcakes.
 With these adventurers by my side, I head for the purchase counter with a gloating smile on my face. The same clerk as yesterday was sitting at the counter. I guess I can get my money quickly.
 "I want to sell the same thing as yesterday."
 "What? You still have it!?"
 "Yes, or rather, I made a new one yesterday."
 "Newly made..."
 The clerk's eyes were blinking. Perhaps another staff member heard our conversation, he came up from behind her. He is wearing a shiny badge on his lapel.
 As I recall, people are given a kind of decoration called a "medal" when they achieve something, right? Then, this person is a figure to be watched out for, isn't he?
 "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ireneo. I am the chairman of this merchant association. I understand that you are a well-known alchemist. If you don't mind, I'd be happy to talk with you in detail at the back of the room."
 It's suspicious. What will he do by bringing me into the back of the store? Besides, I'm not an official alchemist yet. It would be bad for all kinds of things if it came out. When I looked at Kabirumba, the response was a small shake of the head. Apparently, we share the same opinion.
 "I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry. If I can't sell it here, I'll just go to another merchant."
 "It's outrageous! Of course, we will buy it right now. Get ready!"
 "Y-Yes, sir, I'll be right back!"
 The clerk leaves her seat and goes somewhere. Well, I'm sure she'll be back soon. Until then, this Ireneo was giving me a hard time. I guess I'll have to keep getting glares from this "Ireneo" or something.
 In the subtly tense atmosphere, Ireneo talks to me. He seems to be a very determined man.
 "I have a question, do you have the 'Curse Breaking Charm'?"
 "Curse-breaking charm? No, I don't have it. Is it necessary?"
 "Yes. By the way... can you make one?"
 I glance at Kabirumba, and as before, Kabirumba is shaking its head in the same small way. That means stay out of it, I guess.
 "I can't. Ask another alchemist. It's not a difficult alchemical item to make, is it?"
 Immediately, this "Ireneo" makes a "What?" face. This is not good. Maybe it's a difficult alchemical item? No, that's not true, right?
 See? But when I look at Kabirumba's face, he looks like "Oh no...". Later I'll apologize.
 "Excuse me, the money's ready. Please show me what you want to sell."
 "Oh, I'd like to sell this and this..."
 Ah, this clerk came at the right moment. She is like the goddess who warms the frozen air. Then, taking advantage of the opportunity, I took out my healing potion++ and antidote potion++, and we started our business meeting.
 To avoid further problems, I decided to sell the same number of potions as yesterday.
 After I finished selling them, I ran away from the place quickly and easily, thinking that I would be in trouble if I got into further trouble. No one was chasing me from behind. It was a close call.
 "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I really didn't know anything."
 "Well, of course, you didn't. It's my fault for not telling you, but I didn't think that item would come up."
 "It's an alchemical item to lift a curse. Normally, the person who curses is the one who is cursed, and I wouldn't have remembered it if it wasn't for something like this."
 The Curse-Breaking Charm is an item that can break a very powerful curse. However, it is a garbage item for the demon tribe that the curse does not work. If there is a demon tribe that makes such a garbage item, it would be only me. Inquiring minds are scary.

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