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Chapter 13 Giant Death Spider

 The first step is to collect materials. No matter how strong I am, I can't create alchemical items without materials.
 "Leo-sama, are you sure you can gather the materials?"
 "Well, it will be all right. Yesterday, the store where we bought the materials for the magic bag had 'Trent Tree' and 'Mandragora'. Some stores around here sell 'Salt' for 'White Neutralizer' too, and I have ‘Silver Coin'. Then, all I need is the deadly poison of the Giant Death Spider."
 "I see. Then, there's a lot of undeveloped land around the town. Giant death spiders may be lurking in the forests."
 Kabirumba looks relieved. Its expression is cheerful. Now, the first thing I did was rush out to buy some materials. Although they do not sell very well, there is a chance that they might run out.
 If I am not lucky enough to get a piece of Trent's wood, I will borrow a piece of the door from that store.
 In the end, I got the material without destroying the Trent door of the store. But once again, my wallet has become lighter. I will have to sell the alchemical items to earn money again.
 "Now that we have the 'Trent tree' and the 'Mandragora', we need to buy some salt."
 "Let's do that. By the way, how much does it cost to get an ID card from the commercial guild, Kabirumba?"
 "Oops, I forgot. I'll look it up right away. Ah..."
 I have a bad feeling about this. No, I really have a bad feeling. I looked at Kabirumba who was in a daze as if praying.
 "I'm sorry, but the money we have is not enough. It seems that more and more people are abusing this easy-to-buy identification card. That's why the price of the card has gone up so much just recently."
 That's true. The fact that anyone can buy it means that criminals and evil organizations can also buy it. There are people everywhere who think bad things.
 "I see. I can't help it then."
 "Yes. At this price, it might be cheaper to pay the admission fee every time."
 "I didn't know the price went up that much. Let's give up the identification and live as a 'black alchemist'."
 Living under the cover of darkness, huh? That's pretty cool. Selling alchemical items will bring me a lot of money, and I can live a slow life with no worries. All I need now is a house where I can live in peace. If possible, I would like to live in a convenient town.
 "Anyway, let's hurry up and look for giant death spiders. There must be at least a dozen of them deep in the forest."
 "I hope there is some Giant Death Spider venom left."
 "It's all luck. I'm sure it wasn't that hard to get."
 After that, I entered the forest and headed in the opposite direction of the goblin village I had destroyed last time with Kabirumba on my shoulder. By now, the place must have been thoroughly searched by adventurers. Hopefully, the adventurers had to go back to the town.
 Now, I search for the monster I'm aiming for using my skills. The undeveloped forest is huge. Naturally, there is no map and no path. But I go deeper and deeper into the forest, avoiding the trees.
 "That's Leo-sama. There are no monsters to attack us, are there?"
 "Of course. I used to be a Demon King!"
 Giant Death Spiders are nocturnal. Therefore, it must be lurking deep in the forest, in the darkness. If I head for the dark part of the forest, I should be able to find it.
 It is now past noon, and the sun is beginning to set. This is a more and more convenient time of day.
 "Here they are. At last, I found the spiders."
 "We're a long way from the town. But I'm glad the spider can be found."
 "It seems the first hurdle has been broken. Now, do you think these spiders drop the items we're looking for?"
 The rustling sound is heard as the spider approaches. The monster intentionally makes noises as if they are trying to notice me. However, the glaring aura emitted from their body is suppressed. Because of this, the other party, who sees them, will only think that they are weak creatures as the other party is approaching.
 If the opponent is caught off guard like this, the spiders will not hide but will reveal themself to the one who hears the sound. As if to say, "I am the absolute king".
 But now, it is a trap for them. The moment they meet me, they will be defeated.
 Now, there's a loud noise through the trees. And when I stop moving, it comes down from the top of the tree right in front of me. It is a spider the size of three stalls put together.
 It is generally black in color, with hairs sticking out in some places. It has a white line on its belly, and two of its front legs are sharply pointed. On closer inspection, I found several small holes through which black liquid was flowing.
 It raised its head as if looking down at me. Then, as if to show me, it swung its front legs at me.
 But, at that moment, the Giant Death Spider explodes. It was nothing. After all, I had just used burst magic.
 "Well, no luck, huh? Next, next."
 "The exoskeleton of a giant death spider. It's a good material for armor. You can sell it for money."
 "I'll pick it up then. It's a good thing I have the magic bag."
 And so, the hunt for giant death spiders began. As a result, the fifth one finally dropped the 'Giant Death Spider's Venom,' which I had longed for.
 The loot this time was two exoskeletons, one leg, one egg, and one deadly poison. Kabirumba told me that the egg is sold as a delicacy. But knowing what it is, I would never want to eat it.
 "This took longer than I thought. Let's hurry back."
 "Yes, I know. But I'm glad we got it safely."
 "That's for sure. I'm glad I didn't need to kill ten or twenty."
 If I am not loved by Creator, it is difficult for me to get the materials I want. But I think this time I'm still loved. Thank you, Creator [創造主].

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