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Chapter 33 [Quite Talk] Farewell to the Heart: Mel's Case

 Mel's POV

 Why did I do something stupid?
 I was so excited when Zect, the man of my dreams, told me he liked me.
 Honestly, I'm a fool...
 Even if I became Zect's concubine, I'm sure he wouldn't come to me.
 After all, there are princesses and nobles, Maria and Lida, and I'm the fifth at best... just imagine if Zect would come to me...
 Probably it's impossible... and I'm sure I am just a concubine in name only.
 Usually, the three main jobs are highly likely to become a hero's concubine...
 But I'm short and have a baby face, so I'm not Zect's type.
 That is why I was removed from the list.
 Besides, he was close to Maria and Lida when he was in the village.
 But not me...
 Zect rarely speaks to me outside of the mission.
 And now that Zect wanted me... it was making me crazy.
 I am a sage... and I must always remain calm.
 But I've fallen madly in love.
 I was blinded by the position of "hero's concubine"...
 And as a result, I separated from the one who genuinely cared about me.
 I understand now.
 I don't see Ceres as a boy.
 Maybe he's a combination of 'brother' and 'father'... or something close.
 Even though I never raise my hand, my father at home is often abusive and yells at my mother and me.
 Whenever Ceres found me crying, he would smile and give me something.
 It was a sweet potato, a baked fish, or a beautiful stone.
 "What's wrong? All I can do is listen to what you have to say, but... do you want to talk about it? It'll make you feel better."
 What an idiot.
 A five-year-old kid talking like that?
 And not just to me... but to my mother too.
 Something like that has been going on so long... that it's never crossed my mind.
 He was the kindest, nicest person I ever met... but I was out of love.
 I'm a fool...
 Now at the party, I was alone.
 It's hard to join in conversations outside of the mission.
 In such a situation, I always have to stay out and read a book or pretend to be asleep.
 However, before, Ceres was the one who talked to me.
 He always listened to me, not talking about himself but listening to me while giving me good humor.
 He's a very kind man...
 Ceres is too kind...
 Because I always looked so lonely...
 And, when Zect wouldn't even take me as his concubine... because I cried... Ceres bought me a necklace.
 'Mel is pretty, so even if Zect doesn't take you, you'll find someone else... but still... if you're worried, I'll take you if you don't sell out.'
 That's what he said.
 And it looks like a luxury item.
 Stupid... and too kind.
 I am not over Zect... but he was worried about my future...
 So, he gave it to me.
 He's such an idiot.
 He gives such an expensive necklace to a girl he doesn't even date...
 'If left unsold'... well, if it doesn't get left unsold... then Ceres is wasting his money.
 And... it just came out of my mouth.
 I said, 'Then... maybe Ceres should just take me.'
 If I said so, he should have just kissed me or pushed me down!
 But Ceres...
 'If you really like me, I'm happy, but I don't want to take advantage of a weak woman... so I won't answer...'
 I didn't know what to do anymore.
 And as a result, I hurt Ceres.
 I'm an idiot...
 Even if I had chosen Zect, it wouldn't have been that...
 It's not the right thing to do to someone so kind to me.
 So I've made up my mind.
 If Ceres wants me, then it'll be a solid man-woman relationship.
 If it's okay with all three of us... that's fine too...
 But if he doesn't want to come back, I won't stop him, and I'll let him go even if he makes an enemy of Zect...
 Because that is what I gave him when he was sad and lonely.
 Ceres... now you are free to choose...

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