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Chapter 63 Never Tired

 My body aches and feels hot...
 But somehow, I arrived at the royal capital.
 "Ceres-dono, what happened?"
 "Oh, nothing, I'm all right... I just had a little trouble hunting a dragon species... but I'm not as badly hurt as I look..."
 "That's all right then... but please be wary of anyone who could push you that far, Ceres-san."
 "Don't worry... I've already taken care of it."
 "Then I'm relieved... and I apologize for my exhaustion."
 "Thank you for your work."
 I talk to the gatekeeper... and enter the royal capital.
 The eyes around me are painful... my body is covered in dirt, and my clothes are shredded.
 They don't say anything because I'm famous... but they must think I'm sick.
 So, I quickly went to a thrift store and approached it.
 As I didn't want to make a mess if I touched the clothes, I said in a loud voice...
 "Excuse me... could you give me some clothes and underwear...?"
 "Alright... Ceres—Hey, are you okay!?"
 "I'm fine, I'm fine. My clothes are just a little dirty. Please give me a complete set of clothes, underwear, and shoes."
 "Oh, wait a minute, I'll get you the whole set."
 "I'm sorry."
 After that, I took the bag of clothes and went to the public bathhouse.
 It was like a public bath in my previous life... When the receptionist looked at me, he gave me a white eye, so I paid him a gold coin as a tip.
 Every time I walk, I leave a bloody footprint... it's a lot of work, so it's normal that people don't like it.
 Well, he let me through with a smile, probably because I had given him a gold coin, and said, +I'm sorry you had to go through that.+
 Now, using the soap, I rinse my body clean.
 The funny thing was that the blood stuck to my body was gone, and I was just covered with dirt.
 The fishy taste in my mouth was gone, too.
 But my body was burning hot... maybe I had a fever.
 As I washed off my body... it must have been a hallucination... there were no wounds anywhere.
 But my body is strangely hot... but the fever is quite different from that of a cold or any other illness.
 The closest thing to it might be 'full of fighting spirit'.
 I felt some steam coming out of my body.
 Unlike before, my body was not tired or fatigued at all.
 I felt elated as if I could do anything.
 Now, after cleaning my body, I dip in the water bath next to the regular baths.
 The cold water feels great...
 But the problem is my lower body...
 To my shame, I have an erection...
 I'm not doing anything wrong... but it doesn't go away even though I'm soaked in the cold water.
 Still, my body is clean for the time being.
 So, I guess I can go home now.
* * *
 "Ceres-kun, why do you smell like soap?"
 "Ceres... you're not cheating on us, are you?"
 "Ceres-san wouldn't do that, right?"
 "Ceres-chan... I believe in you... remember?"
 They're scary... I felt like a dragon staring at a goblin...
 But I have nothing to be afraid of.
 "I fought a tough dragon and got covered in dirt, so I went to the bathhouse."
 I showed them my ragged clothes while saying that.
 "You must have struggled a lot."
 "Your stomach is cut in half... Are you okay? Did you get scratched?"
 "It looks like it"
 "I'm gonna have to get rid of these clothes."
 "But how did you get so badly burned by the flames from the fire dragon or the fire dragon? I'm surprised you survived."
 Somehow I managed to cover it up... and it's best not to get involved with that horrible creature.
 Surely, I won't have to deal with him again.
* * *
 Still, the lower half of my body was a mess.
 It would never go down, no matter how long I waited.
 "Ceres-kun... it..."
 "Ceres... you're in big trouble..."
 "Ceres-san, that looks painful."
 "Ceres-chan, it's... it's our fault... shall we work hard tonight?"
 I'm indeed young now...
 But our marriage is strong, and we take turns getting physical with each other almost daily.
 But today, what can happen in such a situation?
 "Ceres-kun, haah, haah, haah~ What is wrong with you today?"
 "Ceres... you're great, always good, but you're so rough today, ahhhh... That place..."
 "Ceres-san, if you, if you do that to me, I'm... Ahhh... No, no more..."
 "Ceres-chan, why are you so energetic today...? It's strange, so strange... Such a thing, Such a thing... It's a lie... Noooo..."
 No matter how many times we lay on top of each other... my body would not calm down...
 And before I knew it, it was already morning.
 "Haah, haah... Ceres-kun... You're too much. You're too rough. I can't take it anymore..."
 "Ceres... no more, I can't move."
 "Ceres-san... I'm happy to be a woman, but I'm sorry I can't do it anymore."
 "Ceres-chan... You're too energetic."
 Four people are lying naked on the bed.
 I wondered what in the world was going on with my body? Even though I've finally calmed down, I still could do it if I wanted to.
 And I don't get sleepy... also I'm not tired.
 In my previous life, I could fight for 36 hours... there was a drink like that, but now, that's not it...
 I could probably go a month without sleeping.
* * *
 After that, I went out and wielded my sword alone, but I didn't feel any different.
 I don't feel any increase in strength or anything like that.
 Just that my body is less tired... more energetic... that's about it...
 I don't know what will happen in the future.

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