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Chapter 65 Start to Move

 Shizuko’s POV
 "But, that Ceres-kun..."
 "Yes, Ceres is so rough. But what happened to him? I don't care how hard it is, but Shizuko, you did something to him, didn't you?"
 "I didn't do anything... I swear."
 "If Shizuko didn't do something, is it just Ceres-san's... sexual desire?"
 "Indeed, Ceres-chan is quite strong and has a decent sex drive before... But now... with four people... What's the matter with him?"
 Something must have happened to him.
 But Ceres-kun is still growing.
 And from now on, he'll grow even more.
 Besides, there are people like Orcman-san who have 10 wives... Maybe Ceres-kun is a great man. Or rather greater than him.
 If that's the case, I don't know if the four of us can handle it.
 But if we want to pull someone in, it might as well be someone we know.
 "So, you remember, after what happened yesterday... We need some backup and more friends... and I think, Cecilia-sama would be a good one."
 "I haven't told you yet, but I prefer Frey from the empire. She's the previous sword saint and the first princess of the empire. She's the one I recommend since we can talk well together," said Haruka.
 "Then I think Mariane-chan is fine with me," said Sayo.
 "However... I think it's useless to add one more person to Ceres-chan, isn't it...? What if we just get all three of them? It would be difficult for me because I'm a little brain. So, I think Shizuko and Sayo can negotiate with the three kingdoms and get the best of them," said Misaki.
 "Yes, Shizuko is better at playing the lure card than I am..." said Sayo.
 "No, I think Sayo is better suited to negotiate without changing color."
 "Sayo and Misaki is right. Shizuko is great because she doesn't say she can't do it," said Haruka.
 "Hey, Haruka... Are you trying to call me 'black-hearted'? Do you want me to stop giving you lotion?"
 "I'm sorry, Shizuko, I didn't mean it like that. I just wanted to say you're smart," said Haruka.
 "Well... that's fine."
 I hope Ceres-kun's sexual desire is temporary... but if it's not, we should consider increasing it.
* * *
 Demon King’s POV
 "Is the current hero party that weak?"
 "Yes, Demon King Luciferd-sama..."
 My old enemy... is having a hard time against the Ogre?
 It's so ridiculous... After all, a hero (Yuusha) is the trump card of the Goddess, and he should not be so weak.
 However, perhaps it is because heroes' jobs are made each time... weak heroes sometimes appear.
 It is the same on our side... There are weak Demon Kings and strong Demon Kings.
 And myself, I'm an average demon king.
 But I have Mammon, who is said to be the Evil God's (Jashin-sama) bug.
 Although the rank is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, this person's power is far greater than mine.
 As long as Mammon is here, the Demon King's army will never be defeated.
 I mean, most of the heroes have avoided fighting Mammon and challenged the Demon King to a battle until now.
 But Mammon won't even listen to my orders.
 Once a hero is defeated, it will be at least five years and as long as ten years before the next one appears.
 In the meantime, I have the advantage.
 "Someone, call Mammon..."
 "Yes, Demon King."
* * *
 "Luciferd, you called?"
 "Mammon! You're rude in front of the Demon King!"
 "Shut up, you old man!"
 "Hey, you..."
 "Mammon, as always, I allow you to go on the journey you once said you'd take to fight the strong."
 "Heh~ What's the matter with you who was so opposed to it before?"
 "Defeat the party of the current hero (Yuusha) Zect and show me! After that, you're free to go for five to ten years until the next hero (Yuusha) appears. Not bad, right?"
 "Well... if I defeat the current hero's party, give me more than 5 years of freedom! Only I can't take it easy, so killing them won't be a problem?"
 "No problem."
 "Then, I'll take care of it... and I could leave after I kill Zect... is that clear?"
 "Yes, that's fine."
 Now the hero (Yuusha) is finished... not even the mightiest of heroes can match Mammon.
 And the hero (Yuusha) of today will be defeated for sure.
* * *
 Mammon’s POV
 If I defeat the hero... I can go on my journey... and for that, I'll kill him.
 Still, I don't want to fight a crackpot... I want to fight a real strongman.
 Heroes, weak men whom the Goddess has blessed and strengthened, are no fun to fight... I want to fight the real strong men.
 I want to fight with those who are wise enough to fight, who outwit their opponents, who challenge with all their might... that is what I want.
 After all, I've never lost a fight since I was born.
 But once in my life... I've been hurt.
 A human... challenged me to avenge a loved one.
 This human challenged me with tricks... weapons, everything...
 I lost my horns and one eye and suffered decades of pain before I recovered.
 This human was not a hero (Yuusha), or not a man of the four main jobs. But just a hunter.
 If that human had been a hero (Yuusha) I don't know how the balance would have tipped.
 My life... My only strong enemy... Rudy... I'd fight a human like him again.
 O Goddess... if you are the true enemy of the demons... let me see a foe as strong as 'Rudy' stand before me...
 So, until I can fight the strong again... I will kill all humans...
 Here now is 'Mammon the Strong-Armed,' ready to slay the hero (Yuusha) and devastate the world.

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