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Chapter 70 Mammon's Attack

 Zect's POV

 "Please help me...!"
 "Father... Motherrrrrr..."
 "Somebody, somebody… Save my wife and daughter..."
 The destination we headed for was complete hell.
 The surrounding buildings had been destroyed, and many people were trapped under them.
 Ahead of us, a man over two meters tall was rampaging beyond the dust cloud.
 "Is that the demon tribe?"
 Just now, I felt the man who had come to call for us cast his eyes down.
 "The first move, win the game... Explosive Flame, Freeze... Let's goooo...."
 Mel is a sage... normally a person can use only one magic at a time, but she can cast two at once.
 It's a pretty powerful combination.
 "Let's go, Lida!"
 "Haaaaaaaa... Iron Slash (Zantetsu/斬鉄)!"
 "And this is my special technique, Wings of Light..."
 Lida unleashes Zantetsu, the swordsmanship that cuts through steel.
 At the same time, I unleash Wings of Light, the Hero's (Yuusha) secret technique that combines light and holy magic.
 But this cannot be used against many enemies.
 However, it's a special move that can always defeat an opponent if he/she's alone.
 But Lida looks shocked.
 "No way... my sword's broken."
 Lida doesn't have a magic sword now... but a sword saint doesn't choose their sword.
 Even with a cheap sword, they could use it to its fullest potential.
 At least one attack will not break the sword.
 But if the sword breaks when she uses Zantetsu, it means it's harder than iron.
 And the Wings of Light that I released is one of Hero (Yuusha)'s secrets technique. A big bird made of magic spreads its four wings and goes to slay its opponent...
 Gggggghh... Bang!
 However, the bird of light disappears with a loud sound.
 No way.
 What's out there... it's no ordinary demon tribe!
 And now, that abnormal man emerged from the smoke.
 Also, I know that face.
 I looked at the man who led me here.
 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
 He looked at me and apologized like crazy.
 This guy knew and didn't give me the information...
 And now, he was running away.
 I guess he thought if he gave the name, I wouldn't come...
 After all, there's no way I don't know this guy.
 "Are you Hero (Yuusha) Zect? My name is Mammon, the strong-armed of the Four Heavenly Kings. Let's kill each other!"
 It's no good! Lida and Mel both remember the time of the dragon.
 That one horror has already broken them.
 "Maria... cast the Holy Wall... now!"
 "H-H-H-H-Help me!"
 Before I knew it, Mammon was right behind Maria.
 And Maria's hands were squeezed by him.
 "NOOOO... Ughhhhhaaaaa... It hurts... it hurtssss..."
 Seeing she's in trouble, I run to Mammon to save her.
 "Kaiser... Slashhh...!"
 No way... My sword broke.
 "My body can't be broken by a mithril sword. It can't even be hurt by a dull one."
 That's right, I don't have Deolf the Holy Sword...
 "Too late!"
 Mammon grabbed my arm and just shook it.
 But that's all it took for my arm to get torn and my body to fly off.
 'Pain Reduction.'
 I used my skill to reduce the pain.
 "Lida, Mel... Move!"
 "It's a lie, it's a lie... NOOOOOO..."
 It's no good... I'll never get there in time.
 In an instant, Lida's arms were clenched, and it exploded.
 "NOOOO... My hand...."
 Damn... he's playing with us.
 "Get away from me, get away from meeee...!"
 This time, Mammon targeted Mel, but I went around Mel's side and took Mammon's punch with my spare sword.
 A mere fist with a sword... My hand feels numb and maybe broken.
 Still, Mammon came up to me, grabbed my face, lifted me up, and threw me down.
 Immediately, I slammed into a stone wall.
 No good... my back was hit so hard I couldn't even stand up.
 Mel, too was hit so hard she couldn't move.
 No way, not like this... I immediately drink a potion with my moving hand and stand up.
 But there's nothing more I can do.
 "Are you really a Hero's (Yuusha) party? It's too weak... is there someone stronger?"
 "I am the strongest Hero (Yuusha) of all mankind... and no one can beat me."
 I will not tell him about Ceres because he will not save us.
 "Well... that's boring... then die."
 "I will avenge you, Fatherrr...!"
 A kid was throwing stones.
 "Idiot! What are you doing? Run...!"
 "I don't care if you're a child or not. I will kill you…."
 "You, you... Ceres-sama will kill you."
 "Ceres? Who is he?"
 "He's a Hero (Eiyuu)... he can kill a dragon."
 "Well, Hero (Yuusha)'s party is 5 people, then bring him to me... Oh, right, I'll wait for 7 days for the execution, including these guys... and I'll wait for this Ceres guy to arrive... and I'll spare your life, kid. But ask someone to bring him to me."
 With that, Mammon pushed me away.
 I don't have the strength to fight anymore.
 Neither do the three girls...
 Ceres, we can't do this... and don't come.

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