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Chapter 72 VS Mammon - Desperation

 Fortress Town Dominique.
 That's where Mammon is.
 And I go there on a wyvern.
 Strangely, perhaps it's the curse of the black dragon, but the Wyvern seem to like me.
 However, in return... the dragon's spirit flows into me, and I can't hunt it anymore.
 Calling it a wyvern was a bit funny, so I decided to call the one that carried me "Wagyan".
 I was thinking of calling it Gallus (ギャルス), but this one is prettier.
 It's so cute when it gets attached to me that it makes the Wyvern seem like a dog or a cat.
 And thanks to Wyvern, I arrived at Dominique's in less than half a day.
 I thought a sneak attack from the sky wouldn't get Mammon's attention.
 But no.
 "There he is... the last of the Hero (Yuusha) party, Ceres the Hero (Eiyuu)... you looks pretty strong. And I’m Mammon."
 This is a fight to the death.
 Then I don't need to identify myself.
 I quickly pull a single-shot rifle out of my bag and fire at Mammon.
 I aimed at the eye... with a bullet that I requested from the Pope.
 This bullet is the only silver bullet that the Pope himself has ever purified, and I'm sure it'll blind him.
 "Oh, a 'Holy Silver Bullet'... was that your idea?"
 Wait… Why did I think this would work on Mammon...? Who was just meditating?
 How could this bullet be stopped by a mere eyelid?
 "Ah, yes."
 "You remind me of a man 800 years ago who shot at me the same way without saying his name... That was the first time someone could have blinded me... but it doesn't work twice."
 "Ceres... run."
 """Ceres, run away!"""
 When I heard and saw Zect and the others, they were worse than I thought... their limbs were amputated... and Mammon dared to keep them alive with such a crude treatment. With that limb, they will probably never move again.
 "Mammon, you're a strong man... you could have killed those people... but why did you have to go to such lengths...?"
 "What are you talking about? Humans slaughter goblins, kill orcs and ogres... isn't it the same? I kill because I hate humans... that's all."
 If the situation becomes like this, I have to take a chance.
 I need an opening.
 "Well... then I'm going to have to do it."
 "You have something else...? Alright, I'll take it. Come on."
 It's now or never...
 With my right hand, I pulled the hammer from its pouch and swung it down on Mammon's horn.
 The horns are the symbol of the demon tribe and the source of their power... so I'm going to swing it into the horns.
 This is no ordinary hammer.
 I have been searching for a weapon that can beat the holy sword... and I found this hammer, the 'Hammer of the Sword Striker'.
 The hammer used to forge the holy sword should be able to do the job.
 But, as he had been forewarned, Mammon took the hammer with the corner of his head instead of dodging it.
 "With this, Mammon's horn will be... Huh!?"
 "Well, 'Hammer of the Sword Strike', the way you've been fighting so far is just like that man... but it's no use... I lost my horns with the same trick, but I've trained them since then, too, so it won't work anymore."
 And with that, Mammon walks up to me and rips my right hand off, hammer and all.
 This, too, was calculated?
 Fortunately, I took a lot of anaesthesia before the fight.
 But I don't have a clue what happened from here.
 I don't know why the last part of the fight came to my mind...
 But there's nowhere to go from here.
 "Ceres, it's not too late," said Zect.
 "We're gonna die. Just run..." said Lida.
 "Ceres, run," said Maria.
 "Run away..." said Mel.
 "No, I have something to say to you... not only did I marry Shizuko-san... but Haruka-san, Sayo-san and Misaki-san are all my wives!"
 "Hey, what are you talking about, Ceres?" said Zect.
 "My mother?" said Lida.
 "It’s a lie!" said Maria.
 "You must be joking!? Are you cheating on me?" said Mel.
 "I bought Shizuko-san because she was sold as a slave... and the other three talked it over... and got divorced... which sucks for you as a friend, doesn't it? But then I made a decision."
 "I don't know what you're talking about, Ceres," said Zect.
 "No way, Ceres..." said Lida.
 "What are you doing!? She's almost twice your age," said Maria.
 "No way, my mother with Ceres," said Mel.
 "I knew that I had to do. And because I had to become your father, I will not abandon you. Because no father would ever abandon his child."
 Though I don't understand Uncle Sector.
 "I'm not running away... So just shut up and watch."
 "Now that I've said my word and you've said your words let's get this over with..."
 I had one more trick up my sleeve.
 It was a 'hallucinogenic drug,' and I was putting it to the wind.
 After all, some of the female demons in this world like hallucinogenic drugs.
 I had thought this trick will works... So, let's see it.
 "Let's go!"
 I ran forward, picked up the hammer with my left hand, and struck again.
 "It won't work, it won't work, it won't work...! My body can't be cut even by mithril!"
 I know, no matter how hard I hit him, it's impossible... but if I stop, it's the end.
 "Haah, haah."
 "Is it over? Then I'm coming for you..."
 In an instant, my left hand was ripped off.
 Now I've lost both my hands.
 I tried to escape into the air, but...
 "Here I come!"
 In a second, Mammon jumped up and slammed me to the ground.
 'He's strong.'
 I think some of my ribs were broken.
 My legs are still intact... but I can't attack him with these.
 Even if I kick with a mithril prosthesis, it's no use. So, I can't do it with my flesh leg.
 It's practically over.
 "You're strong..."
 "Of course, I'm Mammon, after all... now die!"
 It's over...
 But thinking it again, it's weird that I'm still alive.
 Are you kidding me...? Wagyan... this wyvern becomes my shield.
 "You're a wyvern, and you're standing in my way!?"
 "Wagyan... you protected me..."
 Really, I can't protect my childhood friend, and I can't win.
 But... this Wyvern died as my shield.
 Then I won't give up until the end.
 I'll give him at least one blow... and make Mammon regret it.

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