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Chapter 3

 Kizuki Aoi, one of the main heroines of 'Firefly of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Hotaru)', is the second daughter of the Kizuki family and a beautiful girl who is supposed to be 16 years old at the start of the original work. Her personal color is pink or cherry blossom, and her hair and eyes are of a similar color, albeit in different shades. She has sleepy, dreamy eyes, and unlike her slender big sister, Kizuki Hina, she is well-fleshed... Moreover, she is much more voluptuous than sis (anego-sama) when she takes off her clothes. Many fans' 'sons' were taken care of by her service scenes.
 In a word, her character can be described as single-minded, or arrogant. She is moody, selfish, self-confident, sharp-tongued, and self-righteous despite her appearance... but above all, she is one of the most talented members of the Kizuki family, capable of competing with Monster in a one-on-one fight. Therefore, despite her lack of effort, she has been able to beat the strong standard of the Kizuki family. In fact, it doesn't make sense that she can one-punch a conceptual 'Calamity Youkai' when all she does is attack physically since she hasn't seriously learned Onmyou-jutsu or sorcery. She is nicknamed "Pink Power Gorilla Princess" by her fans.
 Well, because of such talent, she has little interest in those ordinary people who are snobbish and hardworking, and she is a broken person who does not even remember the names of those who are not sharp, talented, or special. However, in the game, this heroine is interested in the hero who was born in a farmhouse but has awakened to a special and powerful ability, and through interaction with him (and her selfishness), overcoming crises, learning about her past, and overcoming her trauma, she can be flagged as the heroine of the game. In the bed scene of the adult version, she turns into a predator and squeezes the player so hard, which is a pleasure for the masochist. Cowgirl position! So soft! They sway so much!!
 ...Anyway, the backstory is heavy, and the story soon turns into a yandere.
 In the Kizuki family, where power struggles among family members happen like crazy, she is a very troublesome person. Her father is the head of the family, but he and his wife had a political marriage, and before that, he eloped with a farmer's daughter. Since sis (anego-sama) is the child of that farmer's daughter, she and sis (anego-sama) are really half-sisters. It is highly possible that sis (anego-sama)'s slender washboard is due to the difference in her nutritional condition in her childhood (a famous theory).
 Anyway, she seems to have been shunned by her father for that reason. And she also has strong spiritual power, as is usual in the exorcist family...well, there is no way her father would leave her alone if she could physically kill the highest level 'Youkai' without any proper training.
 Nominally, it's practical training, but the real purpose was definitely to let her die. Her father sent her to the lair of the 'Youkai' with only a few companions, lying to her that there were only small 'Youkai'.
 Combine this with the fact that the world is a depressing game of eroticism and it's anyone's guess what happens from here.
 First of all, the guards and their companions were devoured by the Monsters. They had fighting skills as guards, but they were outnumbered and outgunned, or rather, outclassed in terms of quality by the number of 'great youkai'.
 She was only ten years old at the time, but she resisted the longest. Even though she was a child, she was thoroughly born from exorcists who had been mated with other strong people for many years. So, she managed to escape from the nest by repeatedly slashing and throwing the 'Youkai' to shreds and throwing them.
 ...Well, the player can enter the erotic scene if considering that she was almost killed by the assassins sent by her father when she escaped from the nest and was saved by the surviving 'Youkai' who attacked the nest and ate the assassins. But it's pretty harsh to see a loli covered in white fluid and blood after having her virginity taken away by ugly monsters.
 Still, she is one of the most talented members of the family, and she survived the hell of being raped for three days and three nights and succeeded in escaping from the "Youkai" and was protected by a faction of the family that was on her side, thus saving her for the rest of her life. However, this experience has made her a candidate for the next head of the family, and she has been eliminated from the list of the most promising candidates. Or at least, that was her father's intention, at the very least. It's not that he believed in virgins, but it's just too bad for the head of a famous family of exorcists to have a woman who was fucked by "Youkai".
 "Oh my? Why are you staring at me? Don't tell me you're admiring my beauty? You're like a rabbit in heat, you know that?"
 While I was bending my knees and recalling the setting of the original game, the girl who was reading a scroll on a bamboo mat raised in front of me smiles at me and says to me in a ridiculing way. I mean, how does she know I'm staring at her when I'm wearing a mask? Well, I guess these exorcists, who can fight with Monster, can detect a person's gaze from about a kilometer away.
 After finishing my work and reporting to the elders, I was thinking of having a meal and sleeping for the first time in a whole day, but I was now in a luxurious Japanese-style room that a servant is not even allowed to go up.
 I don't know how many tatami mats it has, but it seems to be at least 20 tatami mats. In the center of the room, there is a gilt folding screen with a picture scroll spread out on it. A water jar made of gold stands beside it, and on a pedestal behind it are an incense burner and a koto (Japanese harp). The incense burner seems to have been used, with gray smoke trailing and a fresh fragrance spreading in the room. Other than that, there are mountains of furnishings placed all over the room... they seem to be placed randomly, but in fact, they are important components that create a powerful boundary that protects this room from the perspective of feng shui and sorcery, as well as a counter curse.
 "...I beg your pardon, but there is no such thing. I was just thinking about the reason I was invited here. I apologize if I have caused you any discomfort."
 I respond in a calm, mechanical manner, without emotion, but careful not to be rude. It may be a little better than the original, but it's the right thing to do because she is typically a landmine woman. I mean, I'm just a mob fighter A, okay? The hero who can be more interesting to the gorilla princess is waiting for her, so just forget about this snob.
 (...Rather, please don't talk to me. I'm getting a stomach ache from the stress. Or, depending on the route I take, I'm going to get a physical hole in my stomach...)
 Player's traumatic scene No.46, I got nauseous remembering Aoi-sama's "Itadakimasu" scene. Well, I thought it was a simple story to eat her loved one's "flesh", but the illustrator put too much effort into it. I mean, why do the illustrators put so much effort into describing the content?
 Anyway, the reason why this girl remembers my name and face is because I've been in a situation where there's nothing I can do.
 That was the above-mentioned trap by her father, in which I was one of the servants who accompanied her as an escort. I honestly thought it was a bad idea. If I went with her, I was sure to be made into a meal for Monster and the others. At that time, I tried to cover it up by saying I was sick or something, but I failed. Besides, since I'm cursed, it's impossible to escape, and I'm forced to go with the mine girl in front of me.
 However, knowing the original game, I was able to prepare props in advance and was on full alert in all directions, and remembering the main storyline helped me a lot in surviving. Using even the fact that my friends were being danced and eaten as bait, I somehow managed to fool the Monsters into hiding in the woods.
 But that's where the problem begins. In the end, we servants can never completely escape from the damn clan. If we escape, we will be caught and punished as an example, or used as materials for experiments, or blamed for the death of the gorilla princess.
 While I was thinking desperately in such frustration, the assassins paralyzed the gorilla princess's body with a neurotoxin. But then, the monster attacked to stop them, and they went straight to their stomach together... Seeing this, I had no other choice but to take the bet.
 Just before the gang-rape party by the monsters started, I used the smoke screen, flashlight, and stink ball that I had prepared, paralyzed the monsters' senses and evacuated the place as fast as I could with the little girl on my back. Fight? No... No way, they would kill us in a second. I mean, I was seriously wounded when I rescued her.
 ...For the note, I didn't do this dangerous thing out of good intentions, for moral reasons, or because I wanted to save the original character. But if things continue as they are, there is no future for me either. Then, it is better to rescue her at some risk, because it will help me to get through this situation, and also because it will help me to be treated well after I escape. Hopefully, the faction that pushes for the gorilla princess to be the next head of the family will stop trying to erase me by keeping my mouth shut.
 Anyway, after I ran away from the monsters for three days and three nights with the brat on my back, who couldn't move much due to neurotoxin. Finally, the gorilla princess, who had recovered from the poison, killed all the monsters with a single punch with her physical force, and we were saved. No, rather, I was in a bad shape.
 That was three years ago. Since then, though I am an ordinary and talentless person, I seem to have been remembered a little from such experiences, and I am occasionally called as a guard at a mansion or in the open air, and while I am talking to someone, I am given some tools of the art casually, and I am taught some secret techniques... which are never taught to servants.
 ....But then, I made a mistake. I had hoped to be protected from the faction, but I had miscalculated the amount of attention this gorilla princess would draw. I mean, others might be more interesting than me. Specifically, she's going to encounter him in about three years.
 "You're so boring, you could've responded with more upset. Or am I not that attractive to the opposite sex?"
 The loli gorilla princess lets out a sigh of utter boredom at my nonchalant response. At the same time, she lets out a sigh, a small rise and fall that can be seen even through her thick kimono. Hmm, is this a little less than C?
 "It is not such a thing. People say that the princess is as divine as a heavenly maiden and that her beauty shines a thousand miles away, and that she is definitely not unattractive."
 I speak almost verbatim from the rumors I hear... or rather, from the game's reputation. I can't help to say that. Because I ignore it, it might cause troublesome discomfort. In any case, there is no way that this kind of language is going to increase the likability of this persistent heroine.
 "Oh my? I'm happy to hear that. But it would have been more helpful if it had been your personal opinion instead of a rumor."
 As expected, she looks a little uncomfortable... but I know from my knowledge of the original story that this is just a prank act... so declares the gorilla princess. Anyway, I still reply with an emotionless voice like a member of the servants.
 "In response to your question, I would like to say that the opinions of the wider community, rather than my own, will serve the purpose and that rumors and long names, though snobbish in this respect, can serve as indicators."
 This is a very well-prepared statement. However, if I say personal words to the heroines of this work, whether favorable or unfavorable, I don't know how they will be interpreted. I would like to have a conversation with them in general terms. But preferably, I don't even want to have a conversation with them.
 "Seriously, that's a boring opinion... You're always like that."
 A beautiful girl observes me with her elbows on her sides and her cheekbones on the floor. Her eyes, probing my direction, could be pupillary. But I immediately avoid falling into her trap by looking away from her through the mask with a natural gesture so as not to feel uncomfortable.
 The masks given to the servants are cursed with a countermeasure, but I didn't know how much I could stand against the monster in front of me. Just like in the game, this girl can only use basic techniques, but they are more powerful than a poor character's special move. After all, she's a power gorilla.
 "...Oh, yes, I've been wondering, Tomobe, what happened to the charm I gave you the other day? I ordered you to wear it at all times, didn't I?"
 After a moment of silence, she pointed it out in a tone that reminded me of something... and that somehow reeked of lies.
 (Here we are at last... Damn, why didn't I find it?)
 I thought it couldn't have flown that far, but no matter how hard I looked for it, I couldn't find it, and time just kept passing in vain.
 And, just receiving a charm from the daughter of the head family of a famous exorcist, even if it's not a special blessing for a mere servant, is a bit of an act of recklessness, but to lose it... it's a terrible thing to think about, but in this world full of delusional and crazy women, it's just too dangerous.
 (Wait, wait, calm down, calm down... it's okay. The flag hasn't been raised yet. So, it can't be. It's safe, safe...)
 Not that I want to be in love with her, but I don't want to have a bad ending yandere event as I had in the game yet. She likes me a little as a toy, but that's all, that's all...
 "I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid I'm too much for this task... I searched for it after the battle, but I was unable to find it."
 I won't tell the story of how Kizuki Hina saved me. Even in the original story, if the player interact with sis (anego-sama) after raising the gorilla princess's favorability, it would have led straight to a bad ending. It's funny to think when the player is locked up with his limbs amputated.
 "Hmm, I see. But that's pretty rude. Giving up what I gave you. Do you want to be punished so badly?"
 The gorilla princess smiles at me with a cruel smile. Damn it! No way, I'll be killed in a second if she gets angry. Seriously, right now, her body is exuding a lot of spiritual power. Just seeing her... I think I'm going to puke from psychic intoxication.
 "...I understand your anger, but please forgive me. A servant like me cannot do this. I will do my best in the future, so please forgive me..."
 In the meantime, I move as a small man and beg for her forgiveness with all my might. This is an effective strategy against the gorilla princess, who does not care about those who do not interest her, by reducing their interest with her snobbishness. Just let me disappoint you and kick me out of the room like a cockroach. No, she's really scary.
 "...You're pathetic. Jumpy, like a timid sheep. You're really pathetic."
 I know. So, just tell me to get lost, gorilla.
 "...Sigh, I can't help it. I'll let you off this one time. Instead, you're going to guard this room again for a while. I'll teach you the search spell in my spare time. You should be honored."
 She says this to me with a sigh of helplessness and a supercilious look... as if she's giving charity to a beggar.
 ...Haha, I feel like puking.
 Third Person Perspective
 After opening the sliding door and leaving the room with a weary look on her face, the girl lifts up her mouth and mutters.
 "Yes, it's not your fault. I forgive you just this once."
 Then she looks at a corner of the room with a wry smile.
 "I thought you said peeping was vulgar."
 The next moment she wags her index finger lightly, and a fire breaks out.
 ‘Squeak, squeak, squeak...!!'
 A black rat screams like a screech and rolls around on the floor. Perhaps using some kind of magic, the floor does not seem to have a single scorch mark even as the rat rolls around on fire.
 And with a cold smile on her face, the girl watches the burnt rat die out. What a stupid thing to do. The second princess of the Kizuki casts a cold sneer at the poor shikigami skills of the user. Then she waves her finger again. And before long, a black cat sits in her lap. The cat makes one sleepy, wide-eyed sound, and then walks slowly to take a dead rat in its mouth.
 "Will you run an errand for me, please?"
 Said the girl, and the cat disappeared like a mist.
 "Well, didn't you understand the warning? Shall I burn you next?"
 In a sense, she and "it" have the same purpose, but she has no intention of getting cozy with "it". And she doesn't want anyone to disturb her alone time with "him"...!
 The girl knows that the filthy Youkai energy that has been staying in the ceiling is quietly leaving.
 "...I didn't think it would be so easy to get past the boundary. It's a pain in the ass, but I guess I'll have to learn more about it."
 She lets out a small sigh for the first time today. To be honest, she doesn't need to learn this little trick if she simply kills them all. But things are not that simple. Therefore, even such a roundabout and inefficient technique have to be learned and polished.
 "Really, it's troublesome. But it can't be helped. I can't watch over him otherwise."
 The charm she "bestowed" on him had a cleverly disguised mental manipulation and surveillance technique that a lowly servant wouldn't be able to recognize. However, she is not like the other "vulgar" women that surround "him". Brainwashing is not a tactless trick. It is just to inspire him not to despair and give up in the face of hardship. The same is true of the surveillance technique, which is only to watch "his" struggle. Watching him 24/7 is a perverted thing, she admits to herself that she is such a crazy woman.
 ...The secret is like this when the dog wagged its tail, it moved its body to avoid a direct hit by mental manipulation as soon as it could.
 "Really, that was close. Against such a small fry... well, it can't be helped if he's a servant."
 The exorcist family is completely different from the servant, both in terms of their qualities and the environment in which they were educated afterward. In fact, even that is a good thing. Of course, it is also true that it is meaningless.
 "So, you'd better get stronger quickly. I'll raise you well."
 She's a genius. Talented person. Without any effort, she could kill several "Calamity Youkai" at once with her enhanced physical strength without even using any technique. Therefore, to her, the people around her are ordinary and boring.
 Except for him. That day, when she was desperate and ready to die, she saw him. The sight of a servant rescuing her in a situation that would have frightened even the best of exorcists. The way he kept going even though he was battered, covered in blood, and had no choice but to abandon the little girl who was a burden to him. It made her feel relieved, moved, and hung on to him.
 ...Well, not quite.
 "Yes, you're not good enough. Not even close. You're not even close to being second-rate, let alone special."
 ...That's why she would nurture him.
 "I'm going to make you so special that you truly fall in love with me and make you want to give up everything and give it to me...."
 She giggles, a cute, yet somehow charming, yet somehow eerie laugh, like a chirping bird.
 "That's why I left you alone this time, okay? It's not reckless. I had calculated your opponent's strength and the true monster's strength, and I thought that if you fought with blood and vomit, you could just barely win the battle. After the battle, I'm sure you would have been able to rise to greater heights."
 But in reality, the bitch got in the way. She thought.
 "Seriously, she's so overprotective. Shouldn't she be worrying about something else?"
 Well, that's okay. The girl doesn't concern about her sister anymore. It's about the future. Teach 'him' how to find things? That can't be all, right?
 "Anyway, I'll teach you myself. You'll face higher and higher obstacles this time, won't you?"
 And you'll get over it. You'll make a name for yourself. Be a hero. She thought to herself.
 "The man I love can't be just a common, lowly, ordinary person."
 Her expression was as prodigal as a maiden in love, and her eyes were as dark and clouded as bottomless pits...

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