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Chapter 51, Part 2

 I suggest Shiro to fix her mood. The suggestion was almost a joke.
 "...Then I'll touch it.."
 In a sultry tone, but against my imagination, Shiro answered.
 While I was stunned, Shiro came up to me and pinched the flesh of my arm. A little scream escaped my lips.
 "You'll just have to put up with it because you're making fun of me. ...But, this is great."
 After I said, "Hmmm," Shiro patted my arm.
 "Ow, ow... well, muscles never betray effort."
 In many cases, spiritual power is difficult to acquire. Therefore, the best way to increase one's chances of survival in this world was to build up one's muscles and physical strength. My muscles were toned and robust enough for practical use, though not to the point of bulging like a bodybuilder's. ... This is the reason why it makes me cry... that even though I train so hard, my arms are stronger if I strengthen them by pouring spiritual power into my arms.
 "Wow... really, it's amazing. It's thick and... hard here."
 After stroking my arm all over, Shiro puts her small white hand on my chest. Hey, that's embarrassing...
 "Hey, I think it's time to let it go....."
 "I know, I know. Just a little more, just a little more..."
 Despite these words, Shiro showed no sign of stopping playing with my body.
 (After all, it's about time....)
 Although it was my fault, I was trying to get Shiro to stop somehow, and before I knew it, my eyes were naturally drawn to her tail. Her tail was wagging happily right in front of me. I was staring at her tail wagging to the right and the left...
 I grabbed the base of the tail without thinking, and Shiro jumped up and down and let out a stupid squeal.
 "Well, I guess we're even now, aren't we?"
 I continued to wiggle and squeeze her tail, and she made more funny noises. Oh, this is pretty funny.
 "Aaaah...... Tomobe-san? Ehyau... p-please stop that... my tail is very sensitive..."
 "It looks like..."
 When I squeezed again, Shiro's body trembled and she let out a gasp of air from the back of her throat. I was so amused by her reaction that I couldn't help but give her a follow-up shot.
 "Uuuu......!! Gghh!!!!"
 "Ow!? You!!"
 Shiroyama, who fell on me as if crushed, blushed and pinched my stomach to repel me. In retaliation, I yanked her tail and she screamed again.
 From that point on, it was a completely childish fight. We pinched and squeezed each other, competing to see who would give up first. I, on the other hand, might be asked what the hell I'm doing at my age.
 "Huff, huff!!"
 "Oh, hey... Are you okay?"
 The girl sniffles like a snarling beast as she falls on me. She shakes her head when I express my concern.
 "I'm... fine!! But more importantly, have you given up...?"
 "Don't mention it, here."
 Shiro twitches and twitches. The girl looks up at me with moist eyes, breathing harder and harder.
 "Is it over... already? Huh?"
 "Eh, no... no...."
 "Are you finished?"
 I reflexively gripped the tip of her tail with a little pressure. But, "Ahh!!?" a sexy voice came out from the girl.
 (...wait, isn't she a little weird?)
 'You have noticed it now? I was surprised that it was true. You are a little late to notice.'
 When I finally notice the abnormality, a scornful tone echoes in my ear. Stop it, those words work on me.
 It was supposed to be a joke. Like I used to do with my brother and sister. But this...
 "Mmm... Haa~, haa~...... I-I'll do it this time, okay? Hamu!"
 The next moment, the half-youkai girl bites my skin close to my chest. The sudden and unexpected stimulation made me tremble involuntarily.
 "Kiss... Hehe, it's because Tomobe-san said that, you know? But... Don't worry. I won't really eat you."
 With a grin showing her canine teeth, Shiro pulls her mouth away. A silver thread was sticky, running through the skin and White's mouth. On my chest, there were teeth marks. Her eyes were vacant as if she were drunk. It was as if she had lost half of her reason.
 "I-I'm sorry. I used the wrong amount of force..."
 "It's okay. But that's enough! Stop..."
 I tried to pull her away from me, but before I could, she was running her tongue over the marks she had made on me.
 "Whoa...!? Hey!!?"
 "Spit on the wound and it will heal. Spit... lick, lick..."
 "Ggh...!? This is...!?"
 I shudder at the indescribable sensation. I desperately try to pull off Shiro, but my arms are not strong enough, and her arm strength is strangely strong, which makes it extremely difficult.
 "He-heh, Tomobe-san, your reaction is cute... Mmm, lick... Hehehe, now let's try 'smash'... shall we?"
 A moment later, a sound echoed just outside the tent and both Shiro and I turned around at the same time.
 I pulled Shiro away from me in the confusion and stood up silently as if on guard. Then I slowly peeked outside the tent.
 There were two bowls under the foot of the tent, with the porridge inside lying on the ground, smeared on the ground...
 It was past dusk, and the stars in the night sky were beginning to shine. Bonfires were lit in various places in the night camp, and the temporarily hired exorcists were making noise with the merchants and prostitutes who were accompanying the raid team with their paid wages.
 In the midst of all this, a boy was running through the camp. He was running among the people with his face drawn tight.
 (It's disgusting...)
 When he reached the edge of the camp, he threw up stomach acid on the ground.
 (Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting...!!)
 The amount of vomiting was small because the contents were small. The boy stood on his knees and gasped for breath, holding his chest as if he was palpitating. He endures more nausea while gasping for breath.
 Even though it was with good intentions.
 Knowing that his guardians were obviously tired after the early morning extermination of the monsters and the paperwork that had to be done afterward, the boy understood that he was tired. And that he had fallen asleep in his tent, calling it a rest. So, he must not have even eaten.
 Therefore Shirowakamaru came to offer dinner in goodwill. Partly to thank him for his help in the morning. And so the boy came to the tent with two bowls of mushy white rice, one for himself and one for his guardian. His mood was not bad. Until he heard a voice from the other side of the tent.
 Shirowakamaru stiffened involuntarily when he heard a girl gasping and a man moaning from the other side of the tent. Then, he immediately realized that the voice sounded familiar.
 Yes, it was a girl with silver hair. A half-youkai, but a cute and charming girl. And now the voice of a man...
 Imagining what was going on on the other side of the tent, the boy suddenly recalled his memories of the old days when he lived in the temple, and his whole body trembled. Then, the next moment, a bowl of white mushy rice comes into view... and with a small scream, he throws it away.
 The sound of the bowl falling to the ground, and the realization that the other side of the tent had noticed the sound, made the child boy run out of the tent, suppressing the feeling of vomit that was rising inside him. Such a condition that the boy felt.
 "It's disgusting..."
 The boy muttered with disgust in his voice. The voice was filled with disappointment. At the same time, his voice was filled with loneliness.
 "What? Why are you doing that...?"
 The boy was confused by his feelings. Why? Why did he feel lonely? Why was he disappointed? Why... why did he feel sad?
 "Ha! It's more convenient for me..."
 Yes, it's more convenient for the boy that he's not into men, even if he's into young brats.
 It was different at the temple. Perhaps it was because of his mother's genes, or perhaps it was because he was thin and slender for a man, he was looked at "like that" many times in the temple where there was a scarcity of women. No, it was okay if they just looked at him.
 But then, a young monk, who was his caretaker, struck him with his desire at first. Was it his fault that his caretaker had not even looked at women for so long, and had been accumulating his desires? It is said that when he was washing his body in the pond, this man came up behind him...
 But since he trusted him, he cried and begged him desperately to stop, but he did not listen to his pleas, but rather used himself on him with force and wrestled him down. With his mouth twisted wickedly...
 Was it wrong that he used him like an object and then threatened him, and that he was too afraid to leave him alone? Even though the boy thought so, the story spread and the boy had to deal with more than just the young monk. At the same time, he was treated well in terms of food, clothes, and so on. Like the upper-class children of the court nobles. However, this also caused him to be scorned by the other children.
 Finally, when he couldn't stand it any longer, he cried to the priest and appealed directly to him, and the next day he was nominated as a child for the ritual purification. But in the end, he lost all trust in the priest, who had been a local celebrity with a good nature and was highly respected in the area.
 After all, what followed was a literal nightmare. He didn't even want to remember it. Just thinking of it makes him sick and nauseous. Having been drugged with all kinds of drugs with a secret technique, he had noticed that his height had not grown since then. Moreover, his physical strength has decreased, and while other children his age are changing their voices, this does not happen to him. The boy understood what these changes in his body, large and small, meant. Is it fortunate that he was not drugged with a sex-changing drug?
 And then, it was by chance that he was bought by Kizuki's family. Because he was the one with the most spiritual power among the children at the temple. Some priests of the temple opposed the purchase, but Shirowakamaru was finally sold out reluctantly, perhaps because the temple owed a debt to the Kizuki family or because of some financial problem.
 Even after being sold to the Kizuki family, the boy remained on his guard. He had learned the lesson of not trusting people. That is why he did not expect or trust when he was entrusted to that Yun-shoku. But...
 "Still, I should say thank you...."
 It is true that he was saved by a monster this morning. So, saying thank you for helping me would be the polite thing to do. And whatever his taste was, he had done no harm to him, and the girl's voice echoing from the other side of the tent was not something he disliked. It was more like a pampering, jostling... at least, not the kind of cry the boy had been making at the temple.
 However, the boy gritted his teeth in frustration, not knowing what it meant. Frustration? For what? About what? Against whom? The answer that vaguely emerged in his mind as he thought about it was...
 "It's ridiculous...!!!"
 And as if to deny it, the boy dared to say so. Desperately, he denied it. His face was flushed and his voice trembled a little like a girl's, and he denied it with his eyes moistened. His appearance, combined with his original good looks, appealed to others' sense of humiliation.
 And the temple-bred boy who grew up under a protective roof had certainly led a miserable life, but he did not know it. The desires of the world, the filthiness, the stupidity, the shallowness, all of them are more horrifying than those inside the temple, and their depths are deeper.
 He was unaware of the danger of having a beautiful face alone at such a late hour of the night, at such an edge of the camp. Hence...
 The next moment, his mouth is held by a hand towel, and the boy is knocked unconscious in a flash by a shock to his neck. Before he loses consciousness, he sees a group of thugs-look with a vile smiles on their faces...
 "Is this about right? Hey, get up!!"
 "Ugh...? Ugh!?"
 ...The next time the boy woke up was in the forest a short distance away from the camp. He regained consciousness and looked around frantically with his still comatose vision. The boy was thrown to the ground in the forest, where it was well past dusk.
 "What in the world is this...? Who... who... are you!?"
 Then, as if only now, he noticed the men surrounding him. And he was sure that he recognized their faces.
 The men were not dressed in the same way. Some of them were wearing an Eboshi hat, some a helmet, and some were wearing nothing. Some were dressed in ordinary linen clothes, while others wore light belly wraps, and some even wore big armor. Some carried swords at their waists, others axes, spears, or naginata. Their united appearance, coupled with their sweaty body odor and the strong smell of alcohol spewed from their mouths, made them look like stray warriors... no, bandits. No, in fact, some of them were thieves in their side jobs.
 Yes, they were the stray exorcists who had caused the trouble this morning, and they were surrounding Shirowakamaru. Looking down on him.
 "Hey, you little brat. I haven't seen you since this morning. Where's your guardian?"
 One of the big men smirked at the boy and spoke to him in a mocking tone. Shirowakamaru shivered under the pressure.
 "Ah, ugh..."

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