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Chapter 209 The End of Vacation

 Main character's POV
 I think I'm playing too much. I thought.
 But at this point, there was almost nothing else to do.
 The world is at peace, and the political affairs of Kohane were managed entirely by the officials.
 After all the struggles I had been through, I just wanted to take it easy from now on.
 However, this easy life was different from what I had expected.
 And I'm honestly at a loss to answer the question 'how is it different?'
 I have plenty of money and power.
 Everyone looked at me and said I was happy, but...
 But this idea of happiness was different.
 I don't need all this money and power.
 I just wanted to work the fields, make a family with my beloved wife, and live a normal life.
 The life of a married couple in Jimna Village.
 That's the ideal. I thought.
 But now, it was pointless to dwell on it.
 I can't change the past...
 Still, I felt like I had been taking it too easy for too long.
 And it was probably time to go back.
 I hoped Shizuko and the others wouldn't be too angry when we got home.
 Well, it was important to accept the consequences of my actions.
* * *
 Several letters had arrived at the hotel reception.
 The fact that they are letters without communication crystals is, well, just out of consideration.
 One was from the Demon King Lucifer, who apparently recruited Zect as one of his Four Heavenly Kings.
 But...why is there a Demon King in Kohane?
 When I accepted the role of Great Demon King, he made a promise to return to the Demon Country, so why is he here?
 Even though he's a Demon King, is it okay for a king to leave his country?
 Well, the Demon Lord is strong, and the world is peaceful with no wars between the humans and demons or the Church.
 The world is at peace... so there is no problem.
 Then, two letters had arrived from Zect.
 The contents are, well, just like him.
 One said, 'I'm in Kohane. Let's have a drink.'
 The other letter said...
 'I've decided to take responsibility and marrying them.'
 Something like that.
 All five of them will marry, including my childhood friends, Lida, Maria, Mel, Princess Marin, and a girl named Luna whom I don't know.
 And it's the right thing to do.
 That was the content.
 Well, if Zect defeats the Demon King.
 It is customary for him to marry Princess Marin as his wife and take Lida, Maria, and Mel as his concubines.
 Adding Luna to the mix, that's the situation.
 I see, he's made up his mind.
 That's good.
 Originally, those three were Zect's lovers, and they had almost physical relationships.
 Of course, being Hero (Yuusha), they didn't cross the line... but I don't think that can be called pure.
 To put it simply, they were doing some pretty extreme stuff except for the final act.
 Moreover, Zect had a bad reputation when it came to women and he was showing off to me because he wanted to one-up me.
 He even gave me a peace sign when he saw me passing by while he was having those three naked women serving him with the door open.
 The other two were one thing, but Lida is my best friend.
 Not in a romantic way, but in a boyish way where we like to go fishing and catch beetles.
 It was very awkward to see her engaged in sexual acts.
 To be honest, when Zect left the three of them behind, I was at a loss.
 I mean, they are my childhood friends and my stepdaughter, so I don't know what to do...
 To be frank, if they don't end up with Zect, they don't have a place to go.
 After all, it's well known in public that they are with him intimately.
 This situation probably won't lead to good marriage prospects.
 At worst, I would have to keep my stepdaughters with me for the rest of their life as a stepdaughters. But now…
 'I'm glad, really glad...'
 I thought sincerely.
 And now, there was a letter written by Shizuko on behalf of the group.
 its contents were largely in agreement with what Zect had said earlier.
 If Zect was going to marry the girls, then I should make a firm decision too.
 For the record, I already married through the guild, but not through the church.
 Zect is a Hero (Yuusha) and Maria is a saint.
 There is no choice not to have the ceremony in a church.
 Besides, Mariane is the first princess and Marin is the second princess.
 It's funny that Mariane, the first princess, doesn't have a ceremony while the second princess does.
 'We need to talk about whether or not we should have a ceremony too... as soon as possible...'
* * *
 "Everyone, we can all enjoy today, but tomorrow we should make a decision and start making plans to leave this place."
 Thus, I told them about the situation.

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