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Chapter 213 Goddess' S*x

 Main Character’s POV
 We landed the flying dragon ship a little away from our destination. Since I felt that the conversation would take a while, I asked Cecilia to contact Pope Emeritus Rothman with a communication crystal.
 'Ceres-sama has an extremely important matter to discuss.'
 That was all the message conveyed.
 I had a feeling that the conversation were about to start, but we told him that we would be there soon and then dismissed the conversation.
 Normally, the Pope was one of the most important people in the world, but well, I was a god after all, so there shouldn't be any issues...
 Perhaps the problem at hand would not be resolved, but the Church was the most knowledgeable about goddesses.
 I can't help but ask.
 Ideally, I would be meeting with Shizuko and Zect, and having a drink... but it seemed that problems kept arising one after another in my life.
 I wondered if a peaceful life was something that I couldn't have.
* * *
 Now, I snuck my way to the Kohane Church.
 Pope Emeritus Rothman, Pope Romani, and Archbishop Rowan were waiting for me there.
 It seemed that they had cleared the area due to the "extremely important matter" that I had to discuss.
 "Ceres-sama, congratulations on your engagement to Ishtas-sama. I cannot believe that it has come this far... I'm Rothman ," the Pope Emeritus said.
 "Finally, Ceres-sama have become the main god of this world... along with the Romani Church..." Pope Romani added.
 "There has never been such a happy day. There will be festivities and such from now on..." Archbishop Rowan said.
 I had a feeling that it would turn out like this.
 "I apologize for interrupting your excitement, but as the goddess and the most knowledgeable people about the teachings in this world, I have something to ask you..." I said.
 "Please ask away! his Rothman has read all of the Church's teachings at a young age and understands everything ," Pope Emeritus Rothman said.
 "I have been working as a Pope for many years, and I am happy to help you with anything you need ," Pope Romani added.
 "I may not be as knowledgeable as these two, but I am an Archbishop for a reason. I can answer questions from believers ," Archbishop Rowan said.
 Well, that's probably not going to work.
 "Then let me ask you frankly... can goddess Ishtar actually make babies?" I asked.
 This question caught the most powerful people in the world, the Popes, off guard and they were left with their mouths hanging open.
 "What did you say just now?" Pope Emeritus Rothman asked.
 "Did I mishear something?" Pope Romani added.
 "Is my hearing going bad?" Archbishop Rowan questioned.
 Maybe I should be frank...
 "I, said, can she have sex with me?" I asked.
 "Ceres-sama, that's a bit..." Pope Romani hesitated.
 "That's not something you should say to a goddess," Pope Emeritus Rothman interjected.
 "Yes, no matter how you look at it..." Archbishop Rowan added.
 "Listen... I'm going to marry the goddess Ishtas, right?” I continued. "And isn't making babies considered sacred in the goddess religion? And if we're going to get married, there will be a first night... But Ishtar is a virgin goddess... I don't mean to belittle her, but considering that the prototype of the goddess religion was formed over 800 years ago, it means that she has been a virgin for over 800 years... I don't mean to disparage you but I don't know what to do... and in her case there are no regular or concubines... Princesses and commoners are all treated the same... What should I do?"
 As expected, the clergyman is thinking deeply about this serious problem.
 "Well, that is... certainly a pressing issue for Ceres-sama," Pope Emeritus Rothman said, thinking deeply.
 "It is true that Ishtas-sama is a virgin goddess... the prototype of the goddess religion was created about 800 years ago, but she existed before that, so she may have been around for more than 1000 years, or perhaps even longer..." Pope Romani explained.
 "How to handle this... Now that you mention it, it's certainly a serious matter... But..." Archbishop Rowan trailed chimed in.
 "Well... we're sorry, but we can't really help you with matters beneath the gods..." Pope Emeritus Rothman trailed off.
 "Yes, we can't really do anything about it..." added Pope Romani.
 "I'm sorry... but I think it's probably something we shouldn't be thinking about..." concluded Archbishop Rowan trailed chimed in.
 In the end, no conclusion was reached.
* * *
 When I prayed to Bauer-sama, the scene went dark and he appeared before me.
 I asked him what I should do, but he replied, "I don't know."
 "But..." I interjected.
 "As I mentioned before, dragons below a certain rank do not have a system of marriage or the like even if they mate. It is only painful to make an eternal oath because of their long lifespan. Furthermore, high-ranking dragons like the Dragon Lord are rarely born over a long period of time. You should think about how you were born ," Bauer-sama explained.
 Indeed, I had become a Dragon Lord from being a human.
 "I still don't understand... Well, it's faster to ask directly...I'll summon her!" Bauer-sama said, waving his hand to summon the goddess Ishtas…
 "What's going on?!" Ishtas-sama asked, appearing in an instant.
 Amazing, Bauer-sama was able to bring a goddess of monotheistic religion in an instant...
 "Bauer... Oh, Ceres-sama, did you come to see me because you couldn't wait until our wedding?" Ishtas-sama teased.
 It's really difficult to ask a goddess about the first night or mating...
 "No, Ceres just wants to know about the mating of the goddesses..." Bauer-sama explained.
 "Bauer, that's sexual harassment... Ah," Ishtas-sama replied.
 "I'm sorry... as I was originally human, I don't know anything... how should I marry a goddess?" I asked.
 "I see...that's right, let's do it now then?" Ishtas-sama asked.
 "But...in front of Bauer-sama..." I said with hesitation.
 "Don't worry about it," she assured.
 "Um..." I hesitated to answer.
 "Leave it to me... Onee-san will teach you," she said with a smile.
 As she said that, Ishtas-sama looked into my eyes. Her eyes were really beautiful.
 But then...
 "Huh... Ahh... ahhhh... What is this? Haahh... haahh..." I moaned.
 "Haahh... How does it feel? it feels really good, doesn't it? Haahh...It's been a while for me, so I can't help but feel too much... Haahh... This concludes our session for today," She said, her voice sultry.
 Just staring at her... a great pleasure ran through my body.
 It was like my whole body had become a sensitive area.
 "What...what was that? It felt so good," I asked.
 "Hehehe... That's what s*x with a goddess feels like! A goddess can have s*x while still being a virgin and even give birth if she wants... let's enjoy the rest on our wedding night... But, just staring at each other is so boring. We can hold hands or even kiss if you'd like," Ishtas-sama explained.
 "What do you mean?" I questioned.
 "As a higher being, we can skip the usual process..." She trailed off, her eyes twinkling mischievously.
 According to Ishtar-sama, as one climbs higher in rank, the process of S*X is gradually omitted...
 It's pretty graphic.
 Angels: With insertion alone, you can experience pleasure greater than normal S*X and create offspring.
 Lower-ranked gods: With just touching each other's bodies, you can experience pleasure greater than normal S*X and create offspring.
 Intermediate-ranked gods: With just an embrace, you can experience pleasure greater than normal S*X and create offspring.
 Upper-ranked gods: With just staring at each other, you can experience pleasure greater than normal S*X and create offspring.
 That's how it goes...
 "That's amazing..." I exclaimed
 "Yeah, with me and Ceres, we can just stare at each other and think 'we want a child,' and a child will be created... By the way, the child doesn't appear in the womb, but in space, so it's a little different from human pregnancy," Ishtas-sama explained.
 "It's really different from human things..." I commented.
 "Well... human gods can have children even if they are of different species... But since Ceres-sama is a dragon god, it might be difficult to have a child with someone other than me. Maybe," She added.
 So that's the problem.
 "..." I fell silent.
 "Don't look at me like that. It's okay! Even if you can't make a baby, I'll create one from your genes with the magic of 'create'... this will solve everything... Aren't I a pretty good wife...?" She reassured me.
 Is this a lie? With this, most of my worries have been resolved...
 "Yes." I replied.
 "By the way, Ceres-sama... I understand that you have the marriage blues, but please don't ask me anything strange because it's embarrassing," She requested.
 "I'm sorry," I apologized.
 "From now on... if you have any questions like that, please ask me directly. It's embarrassing," She advised me.
 With that, Ishtas-sama disappeared.
 My worries are over, but now comes the hard part.

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