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The official title is "I Was Reincarnated as a Nameless Combatant in a Japanese-style Fantasy Depressive Erotic Game, but the Women Around Me Are All Dangerous, and I Have a Bad Feeling about It."

The title already tells the story and there is no further explanation needed.

The heroines that appear in the story are generally yandere and can easily die from one wrong choice. Even without making a mistake, the irrationality of the world (created by the author) can come and kill him. The Main Character is allowed to cry.

World Setting

The setting of the story takes place in the country of "Fuso," which boasts a history of over a thousand years. It is a world filled with elements of Japanese-style fantasy, such as youkais, exorcists, supernatural powers, and Onmyou arts. Although the game version had levels and skills, they are not mentioned in the story. In terms of the timeline, the first chapter takes place three years before the start of the original work.

The country is governed by an imperial court consisting of the emperor and court nobles, while regional areas are governed by exorcist families recognized for their abilities and contributions to the imperial court. A feudal system is in place, with a system similar to the "Sankin-kotai" of the Edo period where lords would alternate their attendance at the capital. Even commoners can buy high-end sweets like "Konpeito."

The civilization level is similar to that of the Edo period, with weapons such as cannons and single-shot pistols in use. Although there have been several large-scale wars between humans and youkais known as the "Great Human-Youkai Wars" in the past, since the largest of these wars 500 years ago, there have been no prominent leaders on the youkai side, and conflicts have been sporadic and localized.

However, this stability has allowed corruption to fester among those in power, and human factional strife has erupted, with factions ignoring youkai eradication. Youkais continue to inflict damage in the regions, and various groups, including anti-central government factions, remnants of the "Youkai Salvation" (an extremist group that advocates for the salvation of youkais), and youkais themselves, are scheming in the background, creating a gloomy and depressing game-like atmosphere.

Firefly of the Dark Night

A Japanese-style dark fantasy game that was initially released as an eroge in the main character's (Tomobe) previous life.
The eroge's main character was a plain child from a wealthy and peaceful village, but when the village was destroyed by youkai, he awakened powerful abilities and was taken in by the Kizuki family, a landowner and exorcist family.

He aimed to become an exorcist to seek revenge for his family and protect the people, forming close bonds with the heroines and uncovering the secrets of his birth and the darkness surrounding exorcists. He eventually became involved in a battle that would determine the fate of the country.

The game featured beautiful graphics, a profound story, and a star-studded cast of voice actors, and it generated a lot of buzz through clever marketing strategies before its release. Even after release, the game pleased players with its gorgeous graphics and deep story, but it had a dark side that was hidden before launch.

It was a depressing game that mercilessly depicted violence and had numerous bad endings. Players were not only slaughtered and violated by youkai, but also betrayed and trapped by supposed allies. The heroines were not always a source of comfort, and players could end up with bad endings if he mistreated them, as they could become yandere and try to eliminate other heroines or kidnap the main character.

The game presented a hellish world that could lead players to question why they were playing it, but the quality of the story and presentation was so high that players could not stop playing it and became addicted to it. It became a cult classic, and not only was it adapted into various media, but it also spawned spin-off works and collaborations.

It was so popular that staff from famous overseas game makers became enthusiastic fans, and an offshoot TPS game was released by that company. Even the main character's (Tomobe) couldn't believe how much it had affected him emotionally, and he became obsessed with the derivative works and engaged in secondary creation.


The natural enemies that have been competing with humans for survival since ancient times.
They are classified based on their strength, ranging from "young youkai" to "small youkai," "medium youkai," "great youkai," and "calamity youkai."
They instinctively target humans with spiritual power because consuming them increases the youkai's strength. If a woman with spiritual power is targeted, they will often first assault her to steal her power, then either consume her or keep her as a breeding body for their offspring. Some youkai even use both males and females as breeding factory.
A newly born young youkai can be defeated by an armed civilian, but the youkai power released by small youkai or higher is toxic to humans and can only be countered by exorcists who have the ability to neutralize spiritual power.
"Medium youkai" can be defeated by "defective/stray" exorcists, but some youkai have extremely troublesome abilities, such as the kappa, which can nullify all magical attacks, spread infection through bodily fluids, and multiply their numbers.
"Great youkai" can be defeated by ordinary exorcists, but they often possess unique and deadly abilities that require careful planning to overcome.
"Calamity youkai" contains all the youkai that are considered unbeatable by ordinary exorcists, including both those that have just grown to a certain level and those that have fallen from their former divinity, resulting in a wide gap in power levels within this category. To defeat the top-tier calamity youkai, multiple top-tier exorcists from the imperial court or prestigious families are often needed.


Five hundred years ago during the "Great Human-Youkai War," this individual was the leader of the youkai side. Possessing high intelligence, exceptional strategizing skills, and overwhelming charisma, it had more than 100 calamity youkai under its command and led them as a general to destroy the Western Empire and other continental nations. They pushed humanity to the brink of domestication.

However, when it invaded the country of Fusō-kuni, the human side began to fight back by using any means necessary, such as incorporating the power of youkai through human experimentation, sending in human bombs as traps, and causing spiritual veins to go out of control and blow up entire lands. After a fierce battle, the youkai leader known as Kuuban was sealed away.

But before its sealing, it had apparently devised a long-term plan to weaken humanity, leaving instructions with its close associates. Among them, the one known as "Nue," officially declared dead, infiltrated the upper echelons of society by replacing a suitable human as a member of the "Youkai Salvation" organization, steadily implementing a plan to corrupt the nation.


A person who possesses spiritual power and can use it to counter youkai.

Those with spiritual power are generally rare, but it is known from experience that spiritual power and other abilities are more easily inherited through genetics, so families with a long history have been able to manifest powerful abilities and spiritual powers through interbreeding. Among them, a powerful family that has inherited and honed its skills over time has been entrusted with the protection and control of various regions by the imperial court.

Some people awaken to their spiritual power through sudden mutations, but those with a certain level of spiritual power are often bought by exorcist families or entrusted to temples and shrines as children. This is because youkai tend to target people with spiritual power to increase their own strength, and they are often seen as ominous children who invite disaster in rural areas.

There are also "Moguri (Defective/stray)" who exist among them, who have been expelled or fled due to their own talent, lack of talent, or bad behavior. However, the majority of them have lower quality or quantity of spiritual power or inferior skills, so their abilities are incomparable and their mortality rate is high. Some of them are even as careless as prodigal sons, so their social status is lower than that of formal exorcists.

Nevertheless, if their accomplishments are noticed, they may be hired as family members, so those who dream of success and advancement are not uncommon, rather than languishing in the countryside.

Kizuki Family

The Kizuki family is a prestigious exorcist family with a history spanning 800 years. They are one of the most powerful families not only in the northern territories, but also in all of Fusō-kuni. With almost 100 members, the family has a wealth of talented individuals with varying specialties, but all are skilled in high-powered curses that make use of their strong spiritual energy.

In addition to their spiritual prowess, the Kizuki family holds significant assets as landowners in the north, and wields religious authority through their management of various shrines and festivals. They have close ties with other exorcist families, as well as with temples and businesses, aristocrats, and merchants through family ties and business connections. Their immense wealth and network of contacts has earned them a great deal of trust and respect from the central government.

However, behind the family's glittering reputation lies a world of love and hate, power struggles, assassinations, and conspiracies. The current head of the family, Kizuki Tametoki, has abandoned his responsibilities and sequestered himself in his own room, leaving the family to be governed by a council of elders.

The issue of choosing the next head of the family has become a source of conflict, with tension between the eldest daughter, Hinata, and the second daughter, Aoi, leading to concerns that a family dispute may erupt if the decision is not made in a satisfactory manner. As of now, no official decision has been made regarding the next head of the Kizuki family.


The nameless combatant is a character whose name also serves as the title of a work. They are treated slightly better than slaves but are still expendable pawns. In terms of combat ability, they can defeat small youkai one-on-one and can take on a few medium youkai at once. However, they will be easily defeated by great youkai. They are often used as decoys to test the abilities and combat strength of exorcists, and are sent to deal with low-level youkai threats.

The existence of the nameless combatants helps to solve problems such as the management of individuals with mutated spiritual powers, the shortage of labor for menial tasks and decoys, and the need to prevent the depletion and damage of exorcists, who hold the power base of spiritual energy. Therefore, they are often brainwashed and have no free will, and if they rebel or run away, they will be cursed to die. Furthermore, to prevent the danger of rebellion caused by the harsh environment, they create differences in treatment as much as possible to obstruct their unity. In other words, the strategy is to divide and then rule. Is it the British Empire?

And because those who use them do not recognize them as individuals and have no emotional attachment to them, the nameless combatants are required to wear masks that cover their faces like Noh masks, with different masks indicating different positions or roles. Due to their lack of experience with group battles and cooperation, the damage caused by their missions can be significant.

The replacement of vacancies is not easy because it requires finding rare individuals with spiritual powers and providing them with various training. In recent years, due to the shortage of personnel, inexperienced half-wits have been sent to the front lines, leading to an increase in casualties and a worsening of the labor shortage.

However, The elders, upon hearing that four units were wiped out due to misinformation, did not take the situation seriously and instead mocked them by saying, "It's pathetic that you couldn't even handle one great youkai." Even so, the second in command of the servants, Yun-shoku (允職), who is the highest-ranking servant and responsible for various training and management duties on a daily basis, responded to this comment with "We should solve the manpower shortage through our ingenuity!".



The Main Character of this story is reincarnated into the world of "Firelfy of the Dark Night," a game he was obsessed with in his previous life. However, he doesn't have any of the typical "cheats" found in online novels. Instead, he is repeatedly sent to the front lines as a lowly underling, facing certain death at every turn. Despite this, he manages to survive thanks to his extensive knowledge of the original work, his own efforts, and a strong mental fortitude.

The heroines from the original work are recognized as "landmines" that will kill him if he gets too close, so he does not view them as potential love interests. He firmly believes they are fixated on the original Main Character and is completely unaware that he himself is being targeted. For more details, please refer to the individual articles.

Kizuki Aoi

One of the heroines from the original work.
She is the second daughter of the Kizuki family, 16 years old at the start of the original story, and 13 years old at the beginning of the series. Her personal color is pink or cherry blossom, and she is a talented exorcist with high spiritual power and exceptional intelligence. However, she is also a self-centered and arrogant princess who relies on her spiritual power to bulldoze her way through situations.

Tomobe secretly calls her the "Gorilla Princess" due to her overbearing behavior. She sees Tomobe as her "favorite toy" and protects him (in her own way) from interference and assassination attempts due to his complicated position. She is training him and giving him trials to prepare him to become a hero and to solve the problems caused by his social status. However, her lack of foresight sometimes leads to setting the difficulty level too high, causing Tomobe to be on the brink of death and forcing her to rush to his aid.

She deeply despises her older sister, who only thinks about her capital and has pushed Tomobe into his current predicament with thoughtless actions. More details can be found in the individual articles.

Kizuki Hina

One of the heroines in the original work.
She is the eldest daughter of the Kizuki family and is the same age as Tomobe, who used to be her caretaker before he fell from grace and became a servant. Despite her spiritual power being inferior to her sister's, she wields an extremely powerful ability called "Annihilation Flame."
She is a beautiful black-haired girl with a dignified aura, always making an effort and presenting a straightforward and honest attitude towards everyone (or at least, that's what she shows publicly). However, in reality, her behavior that resembles an ideal successor is all just an act. She behaves that way only because she wants to obtain a position where she can retrieve Tomobe, who she was separated from due to her own foolishness and weakness. She actually doesn't care about anyone else except for Tomobe.

Once she gains enough power to eliminate all obstacles, she plans to abandon everything and elope with Tomobe to a place where no one who knows them exists, to live a life of solitude with him. She hates her sister who seems to enjoy tormenting Tomobe, the one who saved her life, and who she thinks has forgotten her debt of gratitude towards him and is mistreating him for fun. For more information, please refer to the individual article.

Kizuki Kochou

One of the heroines in the original work.

She exudes a languid and bewitching atmosphere, speaking in a sweet tone with veiled words. At first glance, she appears to be a sultry woman in her late twenties, but she is actually the late master's second wife and has given birth to four children, including the current master's third son and the head of the hidden group, Uemon, who is the fourth son. In other words, she is the grandmother of Hina and Aoi. She uses her excess spiritual power to activate her body and maintain her youthful appearance.

She has retired from the front lines and now serves as the Kizuki family's senior advisor, but she is a skilled strategist who guides others from behind the scenes and is willing to coldly dispose of even family members if necessary. Because of this, she is feared and referred to as "Kizuki's Black Butterfly Lady" by members of other families. Due to her past experiences, she secretly harbors a deep-seated hatred towards the Kizuki family.

She takes an interest in the eroge's main character and Tomobe due to their similarities to the victim who caused her own downfall. According to Tomobe, she is a "twisted old hag."

Born as the illegitimate child of a branch family of the Kizuki family, she had a stronger spiritual power than the legitimate wife's children, which led to her being ostracized by them. Her father did not protect her either.

Her mother was poisoned in front of her when she was young, and the boy she loved, who was like an older brother to her and a servant, was killed by a youkai in front of her while trying to protect her.

When her half-brother became the head of the main family at the age of 20, she was sent to be a "mother with strong spiritual power" to produce an excellent successor. Despite being forced to bear children as a loveless second wife, she tried to at least give love to her children. However, her firstborn son was disposed of because he "had no spiritual power."

Due to these experiences, she despises the value system that places all importance on spiritual power and abilities, which permeates the Kizuki family. She even thinks that the family could be destroyed without any problem.

There are descendants of her who have not been tainted by the Kizuki's bad habits, such as her fourth son Uemon and her two granddaughters. Therefore, she has retired from the front lines and distances herself from the family's activities, only living her life as she pleases.

In the original work, the eroge main character's resemblance to her eldest son. It caused her to develop an uncontrollable motherly desire, leading to a sexual relationship with him that escalated to mother-son play and baby play. It's a warped sexual preference. If her behavior becomes more distorted, she may resort to using enemies such as youkai to plot the downfall of other heroines or even the extinction of the Kizuki family, resulting in a BAD END.

In this story, she develops an interest in Tomobe because of his resemblance and circumstances to her first love. She works covertly to prevent attempts to eliminate Tomobe and to assist him in obtaining weapons and medicine. She is, in fact, the one who has made the greatest contribution to Tomobe's survival. However, she believes that open action would only put Tomobe in danger, so she chooses to work quietly, without even her granddaughter noticing.

However, when she is aware that her granddaughters have feelings for Tomobe, it causing her to overlook her crises on several occasions. She also sometimes exacerbates the situation with her reckless actions, despite her lack of experience. As a result, she harshly criticizes herself as being self-centered and only seeing things from her own perspective.

She thought her emotions were merely an extension of her nurturing instincts to protect and care for the newly arrived Tomobe, whom he saw as a mother figure. She also saw her granddaughter's relationship with Tomobe through the lens of her own past relationship with her first love. However, her disgust and jealousy toward her granddaughter, who she felt was unaware of the happiness she had been given, began to seep through. Her criticism shifted from harsh disappointment to a mixture of contempt and anger, indicating a change in her personality.

However, it was revealed that the subject of her first love was actually a maid who worked for the Kizuki family, and that maid happened to be Tomobe's great-grandmother (meaning the object of her first love was Tomobe's great-grandfather). Upon learning this, Kochou laughed hysterically, calling herself a 'clown', but couldn't help but feel a lustful desire for Tomobe due to their fateful connection. The question remains: what fate awaits Tomobe?

Akagami Aoko

One of the original heroines.

she is a "calamity youkai," but behaves in a friendly manner towards the main character. Her image color is blue, and she wears a monk-style outfit while wielding an anchor as a weapon. She is not only highly physically capable, but also skilled in various kinds of curses, possessing a terrifying level of power. This is because her true identity is one of the "Four Disasters," a legendary group of fearsome beings who invaded the capital and committed atrocities a thousand years ago. Despite having blue hair, she is called "Aka Oni" (Red Oni) because her hair was constantly stained red with the blood of her victims. She was also known as the "Blue Barbarian of Ukyo Oni (Ukyo no Seiban Oni)" due to her dwelling place.

Originally a monster that caused significant havoc on the continent, she crossed the sea and rampaged through the capital and nearby villages alongside a group of monsters who were her subordinates. At the height of her power, she was called "EX Aoko-sama" among other titles. However, she and her subordinates were all killed by the "Seven Great Exorcists," a group consisting of exorcists, warriors, and monks, who were tasked by the emperor to exterminate them. She was left barely alive with burns and wounds all over her body, losing most of her power, and managed to escape with her life. Currently, she has only regained about 20% of her power from her prime. Despite this, she is still stronger than the average calamity youkai.

In the spin-off novel "Firefly of the Dark Night (Yamiyo no Hotaru)," which focuses on her as the main character, her past actions are depicted in detail. Her monstrous behavior in the story shocked even her fans who were excited by her cute appearance on the cover ("EX Aoko-sama's beautiful sideboob and armpits lickable deliciousness!"). After reading it, they reportedly said, "We have to destroy these monsters."

After fleeing, she began to view the flow of time and realized that she was merely a past existence that narrowly avoided death. She did not want to be killed off as a dated calamity youkai or to decay in obscurity. Instead, she wanted to leave her mark as the foundation for a new hero in the era. Thus, she began to observe and nurture a potential candidate whom she saw as worthy of this title, even to the point of being able to kill her.

However, her criteria for what makes a hero were selfish and harsh, and she often interfered needlessly to create a grudge. She even goes out of her way to create unnecessary trouble in order to prepare for any future conflicts. At the same time, if anything does not go according to her plan, she quickly cuts ties and moves on to the next potential hero, often resorting to killing them. This is the pattern she has repeated until now. The fact that she is still alive means that this is how she operates.

(Example question: What is the appropriate response to a woman who offers to help? A. Hostile response = x, Use her for your benefit = x, Trust and delegate to her = x. The correct answer is "Engage in dialogue while remaining cautious, and silently agree when interests align.")

Currently, she is observing Tomobe, whom she discovered while infiltrating the Kizuki household, as a potential hero candidate. Despite being a servant with no fighting ability, she finds his unyielding spirit fascinating and praises him as one of the top candidates she has observed. However, she has begun to feel conflicted because she does not want to miss seeing his future and wonders if it would be a good idea to turn him into a youkai and make him her partner.

When Tomobe was captured by Kuuban's henchman, the "youkai mother," she even managed to resist her formidable mental intrusion and successfully escaped while also saving Murasaki. This unexpected feat greatly exceeded her expectations, and she became aroused, soaking her underwear. Despite Tomobe's transformation due to the "youkai mother's" blood, she did not see him as disqualified as a hero. Instead, she felt that the youkai mother was trying to steal "him" hero from her and rushed to confront the "youkai mother" in a frenzy, far beyond what one might consider a minor frustration. Additionally, when she becomes excited or aroused, her body emits a strong alcoholic odor.


One of the original heroines of the story. She is a half-youkai fox who is weaker than even small youkai. However, she was able to grow into a nine-tailed youkai fox in just a few hundred years, a feat that usually takes a thousand years, and became too arrogant with her abilities, leading her to plan a capital attack as the calamity youkai, "Kitsuri Shiroki." She is a manifestation of the fragmented memories (soul) from her past as a half-youkai that the youkai fox deemed unnecessary and discarded, appearing as a serious and honest young girl.

The orphanage that protected her was attacked by the main youkai fox, but thanks to the efforts of Tomobe and Aoi, they were able to prevent any harm. After the incident, she chose to leave the orphanage and become a servant under Aoi to repay her debt to Tomobe and prevent any trouble for the orphanage if her identity were to be revealed.

Tomobe is surprisingly considerate and sweet to her, often treating her like a younger sister, which results in events that the other heroines couldn't even dream of, such as having her head patted, being held close while sleeping, and being asked to hold Tomobe's hand when he's weak. For more details, please refer to her individual article.

Tachibana Kayo

In the fictional original work, she is a 14-year-old sub-character who works as a salesperson at a large store that sells various rare items. In the game, she occasionally speaks very dark lines with a shadowy expression that doesn't match her age. She is the daughter of one of the heads of the Tachibana Company, a large trading company that is engaged in various businesses and is descended from an aristocratic family. She is a cute young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes who is good at begging and has feelings for Tomobe, her benefactor. In the original work, an event that leads to an unhappy future for her is prevented by Tomobe's intervention, and there is no longer a reason for her to fall into darkness.

For more details, please refer to the individual article.

Matsushige Botan

She is the granddaughter of Matsushige Ou and the third daughter of the 29th head of the Matsushige family, Harutaka. In the original work, she is already deceased and doesn't have a character sprite. In the series, she serves as Tomobe's monitor and support at the request of her grandfather. She has a familiar which she can control remotely to stay close to Tomobe, even when she is not physically present. As an exorcist, she has a cool and level-headed personality and often voices her concerns about Tomobe's actions, but ultimately still helps her in her endeavors. Unfortunately, she is suffering from a curse inflicted on her by Nue during an experiment, which ultimately led to her death in the original story.

Ako Murasaki

In the fictional original work, she is one of the supporting heroines. She has a purple bob and a childish face with a slender body, and is a tsundere girl. She is the cousin of Kizuki Aoi and the youngest daughter of the main branch of the prestigious youkai hunter clan "Ako family" in the Western Region.

As a direct descendant of the prestigious family, she has decent youkai-hunting skills, but compared to her family members, her skills are several levels lower, and she has many areas where she lacks attention to detail. She admires Aoi as her "elder sister," but Aoi treats her roughly.

For more details, please refer to the individual article.


One of the supporting characters in the original work, Shirowakamaru is a member of the Kizuki household and a boy who distrusts humans. Despite being male, he has high potential as a shrine maiden for Kagura dance. Due to his appearance being easily mistaken for that of a girl and the presence of R18 scenes, many players were drawn to him, including a large number of fujoshi fans.

Born into a poor farming family, Shirowakamaru was sent to Enrei-ji (temple) as a means of reducing mouths to feed. However, due to his spiritual abilities, he was taken in by the Kizuki family. When he was working as a child in a temple, he was sexually abused, which led to his mistrust of humans. Though he still holds on to a small hope that not all humans are like that, if his heart can be unlocked, he will become a valuable support member for the main character's team. Despite being a male character, his cute appearance makes him less of a "landmine" for players, and many players attracted to him for comfort after getting tired of the main heroines.

If the main character does not intervene, Shirowakamaru will be despised by those around him due to his sharp words stemming from his mistrust of humans, which leads to his despair. As a result, depending on the circumstances, he may even fall under the sweet words of the Kizuki family head or Kizuki Kochou, become a pawn in their plot to invite foreign influences and trigger a bad ending.

In the story, Shirowakamaru has just been purchased by the Kizuki family, and his future treatment has not yet been decided, so he is placed under Tomobe's care until a decision is made on whether to make him a servant or a member of the family. As he observes Tomobe's relationship with the Sogoro siblings, who work for him, and accompanies him on his job, he gradually develops trust in him. Later on, even though he is of the same sex, he falls in love with Tomobe, and his love and talent are used by Kizuki Kochou.

The author commented on a fan art of Shirowakamaru, saying "He's such a cute kid that I want to raise his favorability to the maximum and then betray him severely and push him into despair." It is likely that the author meant it innocently and did not have any ill intent.

Currently, Shirowakamaru has become an apprentice of Kizuki Kochou and is undergoing exorcist training while being given gender-changing drugs to calm Tomobe, who has been possessed by two deities. During a purification ritual, he noticed Tomobe's gaze mixed with beastly desire, and he secretly experienced feelings for him.

Youkai Mother

One of the highest-ranking executives among youkai during the Great Youkai War. She is a fallen former divine being who suspiciously claims to be the mother of all.
Most of the beings that are eaten by her and reborn become grotesque and hideous. She seems to have been a former earth mother goddess who loves all living beings, whether they are human or youkai, equally.
Even after her transformation into a youkai, she has not lost her motherly instincts, and she has no ill will towards humans or a desire to increase her followers. However, she has gone insane, and it is impossible to communicate with her or consider the will of others
. Her brainwashing-like mental pollution stems from a one-sided desire to "free others from suffering and sadness," and her act of rebirth is a troublesome act of kindness that says, "Let's make a stronger body because human bodies are fragile."
It seems that there is some kind of fate or connection between her and the Red-Haired Blue Demon, and she is hated by her to the extent that she harbors her murderous intent.

In the story, she resides in the underground of the capital just like in the original work, and she attacks Tomobe and several others who enter the underground for investigation, and captures them with the help of her children (youkai).
However, she doesn't get angry at Tomobe for unexpectedly fighting back and instead feels a sense of duty to save a child who is injured and suffering.
Later, she and the children are attacked by Akagami Aoko, but the fight ends in a draw. She contacts the fellow executives, Nue, as a messenger afterwards, and passionately describes Tomobe as her special child.
This causes Nue to take an interest in Tomobe, who is now recognized as an individual and is being so fervently pursued.

It seemed that she would not have any more appearances for a while, but even a few drops of her blood that stuck to Tomobe contain her will and personality. She not only physically interferes with him by turning him into a youkai, but also mentally interferes with him by digging up his memories in his dreams.


As the name suggests, she is a calamity youkai of spiders. In the Great War of Humans and Youkai a thousand years ago, she was one of the Four Disasters, and in the Great War of Humans and Youkai five hundred years ago, she was feared as one of Kuuban's subordinates. Even after the Great War of Humans and Youkai a thousand years ago, she continued to launch solo attacks, but in the Great War of Humans and Youkai five hundred years ago, she joined Kuuban's forces and, following instructions, hid underground to plan revenge against humans after their defeat.

She is actually a being with a background as one of the ancient land gods, just like the youkai mother. However, due to this background, she is a rare existence that is excluded from the "my child" judgment of the youkai mother. She holds a deep grudge against humans who humiliated and seized her land, and was an extremely dangerous youkai who not only had the power appropriate for a former god but also led countless subordinates with diverse spider threads and high intelligence.

However, now she only has a power level that can be called a calamity youkai to some extent. In the past, she repeatedly attacked humans in anger, and after being defeated, she impatiently consumed youkai energy to forcibly heal her wounds and launched another attack without waiting for her power to recover. As a result, she lost most of her divine power, which was the source of her strength, and became so weakened that she was hardly recognizable. Her subordinates also suffered a decline in power and intelligence, and there were even individuals who could not understand her commands, let alone maintain the previously meticulous network of communication and coordination.

As a result, she had to take command on the front lines herself, which made her more vulnerable to injury and increased her anger and resentment. This led to a vicious cycle of rapid treatment and then another attack that she could not bear. In the original work, she is now just a minor character in the background, and in the manga adaptation, she is crushed by the unnamed shrine maiden as a minor villain. She has become a perpetual loser.

In the story, she orchestrated a mass kappas outbreak to lure in and trap many exorcists, whom they killed in one fell swoop. This caused a lot of chaos, including the kidnapping of Kizuki Kochou. However, as the story progressed, her common sense thinking and hardworking nature began to emerge, increasing her popularity among fans, while also raising concerns about whether the story might turn into a ryona (violence fetish) work.

In the end, Tomobe, who had gone berserk due to the influence of the youkai mother's blood, fulfilled fans' expectations by being mercilessly torturing her (in many ways).

She is arrogant, but that seems to stem from the fact that she was originally a god. She can be kind and will engage in conversation, but persuasion and reconciliation are impossible. Although she had shown fear towards the youkai-fied Tomobe, many readers found her endearing when she suddenly became overconfident after regaining some of her divine power during the ritual to calm Tomobe and turn him back into a human.

Kogumo (Baby Spider)

Tsuchigumo, on the brink of death, poured all of her remaining divine power into a new form, undergoing a rebirth. While technically a rebirth, the resulting entity "Kogumo" is also distinct from its predecessor (similar to the relationship between Demon King Piccolo and Piccolo from Dragon Ball).

Then, Kogumo is bound to Tomobe through a curse called "Inochi Musubi Kotsu Niku Kui no Ruien" ("Life-supporting, flesh-eating relationship (命結骨肉喰之類縁") and she grows stronger by consuming Tomobe's flesh and blood, but Tomobe's death does not affect the new baby spider. However, if the baby spider dies, so does Tomobe.

In order to achieve her revenge, Tsuchigumo purposely left many memories related to Tomobe intact during her rebirth. However, her offspring mistakenly believes that Tomobe is her father due to Tsuchigumo's memories, and becomes very affectionate towards Tomobe.

The following is an excerpt from the postscript skit:
Tsuchigumo: "Kukuku, I shall leave many memories of that detestable servant in my new form. So that she knows immediately who her vengeance should be directed towards!!" (`Д´)

Kogumo: "Why do I only have memories of this person from what Mama gave me? I wonder why? (´・ω・`)? ...Hah! Maybe, it's Papa?!"! ( ≧∀≦)ノ

Tsuchigumo: "No, that's not it." (´・ω・`)

Hotaruya Tamaki

The youngest daughter of the headman of a village located in Jōkei County, Haruga Province, Fusō-kuni North region. She seems to be the main character of the original work, but in this worldline, she has become a girl. She is a friendly and kind-hearted tomboy who willingly helps with the villagers' agricultural work.

It is said that Tomobe vomits upon seeing her due to various reasons. If the main character were to come, he had hoped she would be his emotional support, but becoming a girl complicates things.

As a unique ability, she possesses a power called "Funsho Kouju" or "Chiyorozu Funsho Kouju Touan no Noroi" curse. According to Tomobe, this power is her own strengthening in exchange for a sacrifice. If someone becomes a sacrifice, exorcists will become nothing more than humans, and youkai and deities will disappear like mist, with the source of the spiritual veins drying up and the land dying out. If performed on humans, it is said that it will rob them of their life force and turn them into mummies.

After Tomobe and Iruka prevent a tragedy in the prologue where the village is attacked by many youkai, Hotoya is taken in as a household member of the Kizuki family."


She is the original main character's personal maid, and in the original story, she is a friend and almost a lover. However, in the tragic climax of the story, when the village is attacked, she tries to escape with the main character but fails. She is then brutally gang-raped by lowly youkai and then brutally murdered in front of the main character as a sacrifice.

In the original story, she was characterized as timid, cowardly, and having little self-assertion, but in this adaptation, she has become a strong and assertive character.

In her childhood, she had a brother with spiritual powers, who was taken in by the Kizuki family. Since then, she has had a negative impression of exorcists.

Kizuki Ayaka

In the original work, she is a sub-character. She is a girl from the Satsuma Kizuki family, a branch family of the Kizuki family, and uses a bow as her weapon as an exorcist. At the start of the original story, she is 17 years old.

She is timid and easily gets nervous, but regardless of social status, she is kind and has an elder sister-like personality. She treats the servants as individuals rather than objects and listens to their words sincerely, which is not a typical trait of an exorcist. She is too kind for her own good due to her optimistic and carefree personality, which leads her to make mistakes easily.

In the original game, she is one year older than the main character and is portrayed as a friendly elder sister type. However, in real world, she is petite and has a childlike, clumsy side, which has gained her popularity among fans as a healing character. She doesn't seem to have much awareness of gender differences and has even tried indirect kissing or snuggling with others. She also has a childhood friend named "Hayama," a hidden group man, who fell into ruin due to being caught up in an incident where Hina was attacked by a youkai. Their sweet and sour interactions are depicted in side stories and extras.

In the original work, as well as with Hayama, they both suffer and try to help each other in most routes. One particularly infamous scene is the "Harabote Chest Buster," in which she is held hostage by a youkai and ultimately gang-raped, and then reappears in a harabote state if the main character tries to rescue her. In a twisted turn of events, the youkai bursts out of her stomach in front of the main character, causing her death. This development was so disturbing that it traumatized many players. Additionally, there is a backstory explaining that she was only randomly chosen as a sacrifice to further discredit the main character as part of a conspiracy. People wonder just how twisted the creators are.

In the story, Hayama became the head of the Kizuki Kuroha branch family, which was revived with just a name only, due to his efforts to rescue Kizuki Kochou and Princess Kikyou and defeat the Tsuchigumo. This allowed Hayama and Ayaka to meet without worrying about their respective positions. However, a love rival named Kikyou appeared, and their closeness made Kuroha, who was confused, run away.

Kizuki Kozumi

Kizuki Kozumi is Kizuki Uemon's wife, the head of the Kizuki family's hidden group, who is Aoi and Hina's uncle. At the beginning of the original story, she is 16 years old and has a very young and innocent appearance, with a timid, gentle, and reserved personality. However, among the players of the game, she is referred to by somewhat unsettling names such as "the loli wife who like drug tea," "the NTR fetish converter," "the married woman who will commit suicide if her drug runs out," and "the NTR'd young wife who destroys the player's mind." She is a pitiful character similar to Ako Murasaki.

Despite being in love with each other, she and her husband, Kizuki Uemon, who is the uncle of Aoi and Hina, and the head of the hidden group, are unaware of each other's feelings. Instead, she believes that he dislikes her and that she is a burden to him because she was forced to marry him as a second wife to settle a debt. She also feels like she's being forced onto her husband, who had been devoted to his deceased wife for nearly 30 years. Her husband, on the other hand, is unsure of how to treat her and is overwhelmed with the guilt of forcing her into an unwanted marriage. He also feels that his unattractive appearance and the significant age gap between them make it impossible for her to love him. As a result, both of them refrain from actively interacting with each other and inadvertently create a sad missed connection. In the original work, their hearts never truly connect.


The comments section for this work contains a lot of humorous and joking comments, which may be due to the fact that the story is very dark and intense, leading to a kind of comedic relief.


Fan art in the form of manga has also been drawn for this work.

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