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Chapter 86, Part 4

 [Part 4/4]

 Considering that she said I smelled bad, it is possible that my body odor was simply bad. Gorilla-sama wouldn't want a man with a bad smell in her property, either. Come to think of it, after the incident in Hotoya Village, I was protected by Hina, wasn't I? If so, it's not surprising that the smell of flesh and blood is still on me even if I wiped my body... But then, did I do something bad to Hina, even though she wiped my body?
 "...!?" Suddenly, as I adjusting my clothing and leaving the bath, I noticed a presence approaching from the back of the corridor and momentarily tensed up before identifying its true nature.
 And it was...
 "Shirowakamaru?" I asked in surprise, seeing the young boy in Suikan attire approaching me.
 "Ah, big br—Cough, is it servant Yun?" He responded, trying to save face.
 While he answers, he looks up at me to see my reaction. I smirked under my mask and bowed before heading towards him.
 "It's been a while. Shirowakamaru-sama... I never expected you to show up at the princess's side. I'm surprised."
 After confirming that there were no other people around, I asked him with a cheeky tone. I knew that this attitude was better for this boy as much as possible. Well, if he was a mature adult, I couldn’t separate the position from relationship, but for a child, it could be awkward.
 "Uh, well, there are guests I need to show around... But did you just take a shower?" Shirowakamaru asked, raising his eyebrows and looking down after glancing at me.
 "Mmm, well, the princess said that I smell bad, and I'm not sure if I'm still smelly now... Oh, hey!"
 That was right after I declared jokingly while sniffing my arm. This boy dressed in a Suikan clung to me, pressing his face into my chest still heated from the bath.
 "Wh-what are you doing?" I stuttered, surprised by his sudden embrace.
 I tried to grab Shirowakamaru's shoulders and pull him away, but hesitated to put too much force on his delicate shoulders that seemed as if they could break. As a result, I could only ask him the meaning behind his actions.
 "...I'm just making sure because you were said to stink," he replied, looking up at me with those child-like eyes, his white skin, long hemp-colored hair, thin face, and slender features that was catching my breath.
 (No wonder they screwed him in the movie...)
 Even though I knew he was a boy, I couldn't help being shaken at the way his fragrance was arousing me... He had better be careful, otherwise he would end up being gang-rap*d... But for now, he should be fine that he's in the hands of that young hag...
 "S-so... do I smell?" I asked nervously, looking at the beautiful boy standing in front of me.
 By the way, I could smell a faint sweet smell coming from this guy. It was the smell of incense.
 "...It smells like sweat after taking a bath," he replied.
 "So, I stink?"
 "...I don't hate it," The beautiful boy stated and once again pressed his face against my chest like a spoiled kitten. Hey, stop it! Don't make me open new door. I mean, aren't you supposed to hate the smell of a man's sweat?
 "Can't I do it?" he said, looking up at me with puppy eyes.
 I was taken aback by his sudden question and didn't know how to respond... But the situation was resolved when Shirowakamaru stepped away from me on his own accord.
 I also immediately sensed someone's presence and turned my gaze towards the corner of the hallway. And as I approached where the presence seemed to be heading, a voice interrupted my steps. "Huh? Shirowakamaru-kun, where did you go—Ah!? You scared me!” A beautiful woman with black hair had appeared at the corner of the hallway. She noticed my presence and spoke in a surprised and fearful tone.
 "Uh, um, by any chance, are you Tomobe?"
 "Yes, I am, but..." I trailed off.
 Tamaki's smile bloomed like a flower, a pure smile of good will and reassurance. “I'm glad you're safe! I've been wondering what happened to you after that. Are you injured? Are you okay?”
 "Yes. If it's just injuries, I'm used to dealing with them in my line of work. I just have some muscle soreness," I replied.
 Tamaki exhaled a big sigh of relief upon hearing that I was fine. Phew, she must have had various doubts, but it was just like the protagonist to be concerned first and foremost about the physical well-being of others.
 "...Earlier, I met with Iruka. She told me that young lady had been sent to you."
 Yukine...or rather, Suzune, who appears following Tamaki from behind, shocks me for a moment, but I immediately calm down and say what I have heard from Iruka with a small bow.
 "I've already met Iruka too. ...And I found out I have spiritual power too! But I heard that psychic energy attracts youkai, right? So I have to at least be able to defend myself."
 Young lady Tamaki answered my question with an indescribable smile. She did not seem pessimistic, but I could see the tension and determination in her face, as if she was aware of the difficulty that awaited her.
 ...In reality, her fate is much worse than she thinks.
 "...I heard you calling out Shirowakamaru-sama's name. Were you separated from him?" I asked, my tone curious and attentive. after glancing at Shirowakamaru.
 "Ah, yes. Shirowakamaru-kun was giving me a tour of this house. So, I wanted to greet the princess here as well, but I lost my way on the way..." Tamaki explained, her voice apologetic and slightly flustered.
 "Well, Princess is—"
 "—Princess Aoi is a very cautious person. Probably, it is because of the curse that causes confusion to protect her from intruders. Please understand."
 I want to say something to her, but Shirowakamaru interjected. However, it sounded somewhat obligatory, cold, and more like an excuse than an explanation? In fact, Suzune also looked at Shirowakamaru somewhat quizzically.
 "Heh, I didn't know such a curse exists."
 Unfortunately, Tamaki did not seem to feel anything about such an attitude of Shirowakamaru, and she just believed what the boy said. Oh, come on, you're a simpleton, aren't you?
 (But then, Shirowakamaru is also a problem. I mean... is he in a bad mood? Is it because of the protagonist?)
 According to Iruka's words, they should have only been in the house for a day or two. Moreover, unlike the original, the protagonist is a woman, right? Did they mess up the first contact like this...? Did they mess up the first contact like this...? ...Thinking about that, next, I'm struck by the doubt in Tamaki's remarks.
 "Is it because of the master connection?"
 I twisted my head at her words. It was so strange for Gorilla-sama to have a master.
 I mean, Gorilla-sama, a child prodigy of Onitsuki's blood, literally and truly, had no master. Rather, many people visited her as a teacher and lost their confidence. She was a monster who could turn anything into a skill or technique, even by just looking at it once or twice, except for special or inborn ones since she was a child. So, a master for her...?
 "Uh, ah... did I say that a little funny? Actually, no, it's not like that." Tamaki replied, scratching the back of her head. " I mean, the person who offered to teach me swordsmanship here is the mother of the princess. So I came to greet her as a courtesy, you know?"
 "Oh, I see. That's the reason...I understand now. Wait?"
 I almost understood the reason behind the protagonist's casual tone, but when I really understood its meaning, my thoughts stopped. Stunned, aghast, and silent. My face turns pale with a sense of foreboding. Hey, wait a minute.
 "...Tomobe-san?" Tamaki asked in concern.
 "Big bro? What's wrong?" Shirowakamaru also asked.
 "...ah, no. It's nothing. I'm fine, calm, and collected. Everything's fine. This is a bad dream, a misunderstanding..."
 I smile as I try to sort things out, mumbling to myself. I take a deep breath and try to confirm what is real, hoping for some clarity.
 "...I'm going to ask you again, are you sure your mentor is Princess Aoi's mother?"
 "What? Oh, yeah. But...."
 "And her name is Madam Sumire?"
 "Yes, she's a very beautiful woman with a vivid dark blue hair."
 "I see."
 I already knew.
 ...Yes, well, it might be a dull imitation without any twists, but there's no other way. I mean, I can't take it anymore....
 Amidst the screams of the protagonist and the other, I vomit frantically on the floor, feeling positively refreshed. I had to vomit to made my mind stable. Even though I was prepared for the fact that there was no guarantee the scenario would go as planned, since Gorilla-sama's virginity hadn't been lost and the protagonist was in a TS state, this was beyond my expectations.
 Onitsuki Sumire...of all people, she is unpredictable and crazy, with a clearly visible landmine that are unpredictable and impossible to conquer, even though she has not appeared in the original story. And she's the woman who is the mother of Onitsuki Aoi, the person who was assigned as the mentor for Hotoya Tamaki's exorcism...

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