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Chapter 87, Part 5

 [Part 5/5] 

 As an administrator of the kitchen, Magoroku looks at Iruka with a disgruntled look in his eyes and complains. Although Iruka has been paid extra for the extra money she has brought in, Magoroku, who is in charge of the kitchen, seems to have no end of worries due to the rising prices.
 "I see. That's a problem, huh?"
 I nodded my head lightly at his complaint, but I knew the reason for it. Although it's only the beginning of the story, the villains are already starting to cause trouble and their schemes are becoming more intense. Rising prices caused by a decline in farming and an increase in youkai (monsters) attacking people on the city streets are also just the precursor to bigger problems. Depending on the route taken, the story may involve a severe famine and a deadly epidemic that could wipe out many people in just one or two years.
 (Well then, how much can I intervene...?)
 Just accompanying the main character may not be enough tactically, but how far can I go in dealing with the monsters that are coming at me? ...So, Kubou-sama (Kuuban), can you please not play Hearts of Iron while everyone else is playing Action RPGs?
 I silently sip on my daikon soup. And let out a small sigh. Once again, I think to myself. Why did I have to reincarnate into such a world? I wish I had been born into a high school galge game... At least if it's going to be a bad ending, I want it to be on a world scale.
 "Hey, hey," Iruka suddenly protested, "that's a bad sigh. You're treating me like I'm wasting my time eating? I told you I'd make some money with gambling, didn't I?"
 "Don't make money on that. It'll just cause trouble."
 I chime in at Iruka, who had already devoured her second bowl of rice without me noticing. It'll be a problem if she starts a fuss, you know.
 "Anyway, can't you go hunting or something?" I asked Iruka. "Go catch something, even if it's just a small animal. Miss Tamaki said that..."
 "Ugh, that girl always puts me up to random tasks..." Iruka grumbled.
 "I heard you once killed a bear in Hotoya village. If it was me, I'd have to rethink my strategy."
 "D*mn," she cursed, "that's easy for you to say."
 I laughed at Iruka, who clucks her tongue and chomps on a pickle discouragedly, and slurp down a cup of white water.
 (Anyway, for now, the focus is on the upcoming event. As for the next mission... according to the original scenario, the most likely options are Namahage or Yamanba)
 In the original scenario, Hotoya Tamaki is taken in by the Onitsuki family and after about a month, the mission begins. This is the first mission that the protagonist has to face. It was supposed to be an easy mission for practice, but due to the production team's ill will, it becomes a dangerous one.
 And if she chooses swordsmanship, it will most likely be Namahage or Yamanba. Both of them will be a depressing story full of gruesome and grotesque scenes... Well, well, let's see what happens.
 "Big Bro, would you like a refill?"
 Magoroku suddenly spoke up next to me. I turned my gaze to him and realized my daikon soup bowl was empty.
 "Oh, yeah," I replied gruffly. "Let me have some more. You too, don't hesitate. You cooked it, didn't you?" I added with a smirk.
 "Yes, thank you for your kindness," answered Magoroku with a wry smile. He poured some soup into his own bowl, too. He must be hungry since he's doing physical work.
 "And Mari, you should eat too. If you don't eat during your growing period, you won't grow taller, you know?"
 Mari poked at her food with a sour expression. "I agree with what you're saying, but..."
 I glanced at the steaming daikon soup in Mari's bowl and then briefly looked at the others in the room. Then, I shot a disapproving look at Iruka for helplessly serving herself more soup while also pouring some for me. However, I refrained from saying anything else. Mari would probably hold back even more.
 "Big bro..." Magoroku started, hesitant.
 "Mmm?" I responded.
 I received the steaming soup and caught a glimpse of my reflection on the surface of the water. I saw my own irritated face.
 Then I glance around the room, looking at everyone. Mari smiled awkwardly and laughed quietly, seeming hesitant. Iruka served herself food, laughing raucously, and Magoroku blew on his soup to cool it down. In the corner of the room, a hummingbird hiding had an exasperated expression. I forget that I received a mysterious radio wave from the next room saying '(*゚∀゚) I'm an idol!'"
 (Well, it certainly has gotten noisy in here)
 I felt a slight sense of emptiness when I was promoted and separated from my comrades who lived together. But now, I feel the opposite...
 (......Well, this is not so bad.)
 Memories of my family back home, my noisy siblings who always fought for food - those were the things that came to mind, and I found myself smiling.
 There will be hard days ahead, but... for now I wanted to forget about that and enjoy this moment, even if it was just a form of escapism.
 Once more, I look at the surface of the bowl. My face seemed fuzzy, but I could tell it was more relaxed than it was before.
 I chuckled to myself at how carefree I was being, and took a sip from the bowl...
 "Hehehe. Servant, rejoice! You've been assigned some new tasks! You have permission to accompany me and the other new servants to watch over the Namahage! Try your best not to slow us down!!!!"
 Suddenly, the purple-haired fool rushed into the room, standing tall and proud as she made her announcement.
 In the silence of the room, I silently put the bowl back on the table. Then I thought about her words, and slowly but surely understood her meaning. Is that the pattern this time?
 The purple-haired fool glared at me, her eyes narrowing in annoyance. "What's with that heavy sigh!?"
 In the room, a scream that was almost like crying echoed...

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The first one is a fan art of Murasaki https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/96963469 and the second one is a fan art of Yuka and Rouya https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/97016022

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