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Volume 2 Chapter 26 Kanami's Vow

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 Kanami, who had been overwhelmingly dominant until the last moment, found herself in dire straits as the grand magic was unleashed.

 It was no longer a barrier of light; it resembled a phalanx.

 Kanami possessed defensive magic tools, but stopping this was not going to be easy.


 This was the moment of truth.

 Through the battles, Kanami had come to understand that there were things she couldn't give up. But Kanami also carried her own burdens.

 Being born into royalty meant bearing responsibility for the lives of the people, even for someone like Kanami, who had little chance of inheriting the throne.

 She had spent her life researching magic tools and was meant to serve as a shield to protect the people in times of need. That is why she went to the Rantenas fortress for the siege of the fortress, even though she was a child.

 It was the Emperor's judgment that Kanami's Shayka Eyes would be able to provide support even if she did not have the strength to fight.

 So, despite her upbringing and determination, the harsh reality struck her like a blow to the face.

 If she activated one of the magics within her Shayka Eyes, known as "Clairvoyance," she could see distant places as if she were viewing them from within the fortress. In other words, it forced her to confront death, whether she wanted to or not.

 The gruesome remains of soldiers. The ones that could still be recognized as bodies were the luckier ones; most were nothing more than unidentifiable pieces of flesh strewn across the ground.

 The traces of destruction, with not even a drop of blood left behind, were undoubtedly the result of grand magic.

 Some soldiers had lost their minds, kneeling and muttering something to the sky.

 And there were creatures that even Kanami hesitated to look at, monsters responsible for creating mountains of corpses and rivers of blood. "Galeo (Catastrophe)," the most formidable and ruthless demon, was there, seemingly indifferent to the chaos.

 The monster sat cross-legged, closing its eyes as if sleeping amidst the bloodshed.

 Just looking at them, Kanami felt as though her brain had been seized in a vice, causing excruciating pain.

 She didn't vomit right then and there out of a sense of pride unbefitting a member of the royal family. Those who came to support the battle were not allowed to vomit at the sight of the battlefield, even if they were just twelve-year-old girls.

 From then on, it was a living hell.

 Every day, Kanami had to prevent Galeo from waking up and keep the advancing demons at bay while unable to command the army herself.

 Of course, Kanami couldn't lead the army, but just conveying the situation on the battlefield and the types of magic being used made a significant contribution to the fight.

 However, she could only slow down the enemy's advance, and the situation never improved.

 Every day, someone she watched over died.

 She could see it happening but couldn't do anything to help.

 The fact that she carried this weight on her small shoulders became increasingly unbearable as the days passed, crushing her body and soul.

 And finally, the day arrived.

 Galeo awakened.

 In that moment, her Clairvoyance magic was forcibly interrupted. The overwhelming magic power was released, affecting the entire area.

 At that moment, Kanami, in a manner unbecoming of royalty, thought from the depths of her heart.

 "It's over."

 The crushing pressure that could be felt just by watching was like her heart being squeezed.

 Galeo slowly raised their hand, transferring the torrent of immense magic power to their arm. It seemed like an effortless movement, as if stretching after waking up, but Kanami, watching through Shayka Eyes, understood the truth.

 That one blow would create a massacre unlike anything she had ever seen.


 Magic power raged wildly but constructed the spell surprisingly delicately. Contrary to its beauty, it was a demonic strike that would destroy everything.


 There was no way to stop it now. There was no time to retreat, and there was no way to convey the danger.

 Galeo swung their arm, and the magic was unleashed.


 The girl's scream did not reach the battlefield.

 No one could escape, and the indiscriminate slaughter magic was unleashed, affecting both allies and enemies.

 During all this time, Clairvoyance continued to be active, forcing Kanami to face the reality.

 Destruction collided with destruction, and the world trembled.


 Shayka Eyes was still using Clairvoyance. In other words, what Kanami should be seeing was the real-time reality. However, no one was dead. The scene of massacre that was supposed to occur was nowhere to be found, no matter where she looked.

 What she could see was Galeo rising and a massive crack running right in front of it. And on the other side of the crack, as if it were a boundary line, stood a silver-armored knight.

 Kanami knew that person. There shouldn't be anyone else capable of neutralizing Galeo magic with just a single swing. It was the portrait she had acquired from her father by making an unusual request, the gallant figure in armor.

 How many times had she dreamt of it, secretly wishing for it in her heart, all while trying to cover it up as mere longing? But now...

 —―He had truly come.

 For a moment, she doubted her sanity, thinking she might be dreaming. But Shayka Eyes, still absorbing magic power, reassured her that this was reality.

 That knight―the mightiest Hero―raised his sword to the sky, as if saying, "It'll be alright."

 Even if she tried to convey her feelings from that time to Yuusuke, not even a tenth of it would get across. It was more than admiration; it was like love but also different. Kanami herself had no idea what words could express it.

 The only thing she was certain of was that Yuusuke had saved her life. He had not only saved her life but had also borne the responsibility and pride of a royal.

 That's why when Yuusuke made his request, Kanami was willing to risk her life. As a member of the royal family, as a human being, as Kanami Ländtor Sith Fador, she vowed to give her all.

 Kanami twisted her waist and lifted her skirt high. For a brief moment, her bewitching legs, covered in black stockings, appeared, accompanied by a jarring sound that didn't suit the frilly dress.

 Around Kanami, seven long gun barrels rotated in circles. Additionally, hidden within the frills of her extravagant dress and sleeves were parts for assembly. Tsukiko also stored Tensen Shinsou (Heaven-Piercing Divine Spear) in a similar manner, but this was on a different level.

 They could be reduced and transformed as needed, functioning as magic tools for defense while concealed within the dress. Kanami retrieved and reassembled them all in an instant.

 In her elegant hands, she held 'Alphaneil,' a Gatling gun with seven barrels bundled together, towering like a dragon's horn.

 Kanami was no longer just a girl being protected. She loaded the last of her magic power into the magical power furnace, which served as a substitute for the magazine, and activated her magic.

 She had been continuously storing magic power in this magical power furnace, and the accumulated magic power far exceeded what Kanami naturally possessed. She transformed it into bullets and unleashed them.


 The meteor shower of bullets intercepted the spear formation. Each bullet was imbued with its own properties as it passed through each gun barrel, becoming a different type of magic projectile that knocked down the spears.


 The continuous roar of gunfire echoed as the two magics clashed. Explosions and shocks shook their surroundings, causing cracks to appear in buildings. Shattered fragments danced through the air, disintegrating into dust moments later. Even in such a challenging situation, Kanami continued to fire 'Alphaneil.'

 In the seemingly eternal moments, Irial poured every last drop of her magic power into the battle, while Kanami focused all her efforts on controlling the rampaging magic tool, despite receiving minor injuries.

 "This is the ennnnnnnndddddddddd!!"


 The war between the magic bullets and the spears scattered destruction so intense it warped the very space between them.

 Then, the collapse of the deadlock came silently. The wings that Irial had created to form the spears shattered into particles of light.

 Originally, Irial had forcefully activated 'Sephiliata' and had been pushing her magic power beyond its limits throughout the battle.


 With a small murmur, the wall of spears was torn apart by the magic bullets. Irial, who had lost her magic, had no way to defend against it. Her entire field of vision was enveloped in a cruelly beautiful light.

 All sounds vanished, and an impact struck Irial.

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