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Volume 8 Chapter 29 Monster Panic

 This woman did something.

 The Magic Domain itself began to move unnaturally, and something abnormal was happening over a wide area.

 I looked down at the woman who had collapsed.

 "'What have you done!?'"

 "...I released monsters of Greek origin. They won't stop until they've killed everything alive within this domain."

 "'There are many ordinary people in this domain!'"

 "They won't die. When they awaken, a new world will unfold."

 Won't die? Is death in this domain different from real death?

 There are many things I want to ask, but there's no time for further questioning here.

 "'Stop this right now!'"

 "It's impossible. Magic itself has started moving towards its end. Even I can't stop it anymore. Besides, killing me here would be pointless, you know that, don't you?"


 It was certainly known from the beginning. This woman, like Echidna, is an artificial being. Perhaps she is remotely controlling this body from somewhere else.

 "Do your best. I don't think the outcome will change, though."

 With those words, the woman turned into particles of light and disappeared. There is no time to search for the main body now.

 Damn, she did it.


 "I'm sorry, but it seems impossible to go and help. I can protect myself at least, but that's my limit."

 Well, that's true.

 From the presence, Tsuchimikado was also fighting against a divine being. The fact that he could win against such an opponent shows considerable strength, but it's impossible to push him any further. Or rather, it's amazing that he won. Even the magicians of Asteris, the one who can win is probably the sign class.

 For now, I activated a communication tool.

 "'Kanami, can you hear me?'"

 'Yes. Currently, I am observing five magical creatures within my visible range. They are all national disaster-level creature.'

 "'As expected. Do you understand their characteristics?'"

 'Sure. A blue wolf with three heads... perhaps a dog. And a two-headed black dog. A multi-headed serpent, a beast with a lion's head and a snake's tail. Lastly, a giant woman with multiple dog heads attached to her lower body.'

 "'Thank you.'"

 Since I fought Echidna, I assume it's Cerberus, Orthros, Hydra, and Chimera. And the woman with a dog's lower body must be Scylla if I recall correctly.

 All of them are seriously crazy-class monsters.

 At least, they're not opponents you can easily defeat.

 "'Kanami, can you handle any of them?'"

 'From my position, I can snipe the two-headed dog. If I lure it here, I can fight without leaving the house.'

 "'Then I'll ask you to do that. For the rest, Kou and I will figure something out.'"

 Tsukiko is currently dealing with matters at her family's home. She got reinforcements, so that should be fine. Now, Kou and I have to defeat the other monsters.

 I helped Tsuchimikado, who had fallen down.

 "'Tsuchimikado, tell me everything you know. There's no time.'"

 "Ah, yes, of course. I'm sorry; in the end, we'll have to rely on your power."

 "'Originally, it was our commotion. Don't worry about it.'"

 Tsuchimikado, in a breathless state, shared what he knew.

 The woman who had just deployed this domain is a Grimoire named Sakaki Tsuzuri from the Try Order.

 In this domain, based on the premise of 'creation,' beings that should not originally appear are manifested.

 Within this domain, one doesn't die, but if the HP bar reaches zero, they enter a state of temporary death in reality. Moreover, they plan to exploit this to temporarily disable the functions of the Anti-Demon Special Forces.

 "'You won't really die, will you?'"

 "Her argument seems valid. Although it's hard to tell how much of it is true. Besides, it's a shock that can cause a temporary state of death. The impact on weak elderly people and children is unpredictable, not to mention the psychological damage of being killed."


 Taking Sakaki's words at face value won't work.

 Anyway, we need to minimize the damage.

 "'Don't die, Tsuchimikado.'"

 "And you too, good luck. I'm counting on everyone."

 Even though he seemed on the verge of losing consciousness, Tsuchimikado's voice remained resolute. Is this the strongest Anti-Demon Official? The strongest protector, perhaps.

 I respect his conviction to slay even gods.

 "'Yeah, leave it to me.'"

 I contacted Kanami again through the communicator.

 "'Kanami, who is the one that's close to me and likely to cause significant damage?'"

 The response came quickly.

 'Just keep heading southeast. There should be a multi-headed serpent.'

 "'Hydra, huh? Got it. Kanami, don't let your guard down either.'"

 I sprinted towards the given direction.

 Unpleasant noises filled the air, and the sky, which should have been adorned with blue and white, darkened and changed colors. Something thickly covered the sky, neither smoke nor dark clouds. It was heavy and enormous, as if it could fall any moment.

 The HP bar above my head flickered multiple times.

 The domain itself was becoming unstable.

 This situation was likely irregular even for Sakaki.

 Without wasting any time, this Magic Domain would collapse. That was the decisive moment.

 After running for a few minutes, I saw something coiling around a building.

 Several heads, each a mix of black and green scales, surveilled the surroundings.

 That must be the Hydra.

 Upon closer inspection, the area around the Hydra was covered in thick mist.

 The Hydra was famous as the monster slain by the hero Hercules, but it possessed two characteristics that tormented even the demigod Hercules.

 Poison and immortality.

 It was said that the Hydra's breath was so deadly that just inhaling it would lead to instant death. Furthermore, if one were to cut off one of its nine heads, more would sprout in its place.

 What was it? I'm sure Hercules either crushed the central head with a rock after cutting it or burned the cut surface with fire.

 No good.

 There's no time to ponder how to defeat each one.

 I activated magic.

 A red magic power raced through my entire body, indicating the path forward.

 "'Flame Linker――Knight's Pride'."

 A spell of a proud knight that turns the fact of advancing into strength. Feeling the power accumulating step by step, I leaped towards the Hydra.

 The moment I entered the veil of deadly poison, I strongly felt the presence of death.

 But I won't stop at this level.


 The Hydra noticed me, and its eighteen eyes shone like ominous stars in the midst of the poison.

 Immortality, huh?

 Troublesome. I'll cut them all down until they can't regenerate.

 The head, larger than a train, lunged at me to bite and kill. Its fangs were wet with a poison enough to kill countless people.

 I gripped a bastard sword in my right hand and a greatsword in my left. Sparks flew in the depths of my eyes.

 I can see the path I should take.

 "'Knight's Glory‼'"

 Magic power saturated within my body, and I myself accelerated, turning into a red arrow.

 The collision was instantaneous.

 When I stopped, all of Hydra's heads fell, and its body was split into three pieces.

 That's one down.


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