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Chapter 69 Conclusion Of The Deal

 Manipulated by clever arguments, skills were simply taken away. Despite the disadvantageous situation, Tanabe couldn't back down immediately.

 "Well, then give it back! My 'Isekai Shopping'!"

 "I asked Hana-chan about it, you know..."

 Higashimura approached Tanabe. Grabbing his collar, he pulled him closer.

 "'I want to take pictures of you, but don't get it wrong. If you don't want to, you can refuse, okay?" or so she said.

 "...Uh, gah"

 It's a tremendous power. Clearly, the man has mastered combat skills. Tanabe couldn't resist.

 “Earlier, I said that the 'demanding customers seeking excessive service' referred to you. That's why I'm educating you on how it feels to be on the receiving end of excessive demands. Yet, when it happens to you, do you complain and keep asking for my 'favor'? Or do you want to die right away? Which is it? I seriously don't care either way.”

 Higashimura's gaze seemed genuinely indifferent.

 At this point, Tanabe understood.

 The man's sole purpose was Kurusu's corpse and the retrieval of [Isekai Shopping].

 He was already expendable.

 Whether he lived or died, it all boiled down to this man's feelings──.

 “I apologize. I'll do anything if it means not being killed.”

 “Oh, I see. Well then, let's start with some shopping, shall we? Since I want to use your account for this [Isekai Shopping], open a foreign net bank account pooling the proceeds, okay?”

 “Yes, I will.”

 Tanabe, who had been released from restraint, stumbled and moved, then started up the PC and opened the online banking.

 "Thank you for your hard work. So, enter the branch and account name, login password, link the skill to the account information, and..."

 Tanabe can't even bring himself to question why this man knows his login password.

 "I'll use your money to go shopping, is that okay?"


 "Alright, let's start shopping! Oh, I can buy a lot! Hahaha, this is fun!"

 The displayed amount on the PC decreases rapidly.

 After a while, the remaining balance is shown as $2.

 "Wow, I can buy things instantly with immediate withdrawal! No transaction details... Amazing! What's going on with this skill!"

 The items purchased in the "Isekai Shopping" are immediately delivered to the "Item Box."

 Higashimura must have obtained a large number of items.

 "Now, can I make the next request?"



 Obtained the [Transfer] skills.

 "Then, can I have your item box? That way, the ownership of the contents will transfer to me along with the skills."

 "Th-that's the system, but how can I confirm it!?"

 "The skill-related aspects were thoroughly tested against thieves in another world. After all, experimenting on human bodies in this world is... well, you know?"

 This man has thoroughly verified skills in another world. He must be a 'high-achiever' of considerable difficulty. Tanabe, who has survived by clinging to students like a goldfish, is no match for him from the start.



 "If I hand everything over... the elixir..."

 If that is really the body of his mother... he will need the elixir for resurrection.

 "Huh? Because it's you, I bet you've hidden one somewhere, right?"

 "N-no! I've stored everything in the item box, I swear!"

 "Hmm. Then, I'll grant you one when the deal is done. Come on, hurry up."


 Not only is he being held hostage, but his combat power is also greatly diminished. He doesn't even have the will to resist. So, Tanabe chose the [item box] for [transfer] and handed it to Higashimura.

 "Oh! You've been hoarding, huh! Thank you!"

 "Um, let's get back to the deal..."

 With a feeling of clinging to mercy, Tanabe tried to say. Higashimura showed a slightly thoughtful expression and said, "Hmm."

 "Well, I guess there's no other choice. Let's do it soon. Just wait a bit."

 With just those words, without waiting for a response, Higashimura disappeared.

 Finally, this time will end. As Tanabe let out a sigh of relief, Higashimura appeared again.

 "Sorry, had something stupid to do."

 "Well, then, let's get started..."


 Tanabe's smartphone received a call. When he looked at the screen, it said 'Mom.' He hurriedly answered the phone.

 "Hel-hello, Mom!"

 "Ah, Ryuichi, I'm sorry. It seems like mother was sleeping... and just woke up."

 "Phew, everything's okay, right!?"

 "Why are you in such a hurry? What's wrong?"

 When Tanabe shifted his gaze to Higashimura, he was holding the broken phone screen with excitement.

 "Sorry, Mom. I'll call you back later..."

 "Huh? It's already late, so don't push yourself. Tomorrow is fine, okay?"

 "Yeah, got it."

 As soon as Tanabe hung up the phone, Higashimura said cheerfully,

 "I just had your mom sleep at home and changed the SIM card! This model is SIM-free! I'm the type who pays attention to details when it comes to props! Oh, and also this."

 Higashimura opened the item box again, took out a corpse that looked like his mother, and removed a ring from its hand.

 The corpse was... Kurusu, whom Higashimura had handed over earlier.

 The reason he didn't revive Tanabe immediately after giving it to him was to push Tanabe into a corner like this. It's a simple trick that would be apparent with a little thought. Even so... in that situation, Tanabe felt there were no other choices.

 There was no choice but to follow this man's intentions...

 "Oh, do you need this? Shall we make a deal? Your life would be the compensation."

 "...I don't need it."

 "Oh, really?"

 Higashimura stores Kurusu's lifeless body in the item box. Watching this, a question forced its way out of Tanabe's mouth.



 "Why... go this far? It doesn't concern you, and yet, why?"

 Indeed. Certainly, by societal standards, what Tanabe did to Ohashi Hana would be considered cruel. Even so, the meaning of being subjected to this extent by a seemingly unrelated man is unclear.

 "Hmm, indeed. Why, I wonder... Ah, I got it!"

 "What, what is it?"

 "Can you explain why you wanted Hana-chan's used sanitary products?"

 "Well, that's..."

 Are you bringing up that topic again... Tanabe was at a loss for words, and Higashimura said with a delighted expression.

 "It's a fetish, right? A fetish! It means that I have a fetish for making people like you understand about sanitary products! We're both perverts, aren't we? Hahahaha!"


 "But you know... it's not good for me to receive so many things unilaterally, so I'm also preparing compensation, you know?"

 Higashimura's expression became unusually gentle. Tanabe felt a glimmer of hope and decided to ask.

 "What is it...?"

 "Your mother's used sanitary products."

 "Do I need them?!"

 “It's a lie! There's no way I'd bring such a disgusting thing, you idiot! Oh, but speaking of compensation, it's fine because you helped a homeless old man! The life of a stranger, priceless! I'm sure even your mother would be happy! Hahahahahaha!”

 Higashimura laughed heartily, holding his stomach.

 In the end, he would lie without hesitation just to tease.

 Ah, this man is no good, his nature is too twisted... Tanabe realized that he couldn't handle him.

 It's over from the moment he set his sights on him.

 Truly a disaster.

 That's the kind of man Higashimura Tadayuki is.

 After laughing merrily for a while, Higashimura casually placed his hand on Tanabe's shoulder.

 “Well then. How about you, going to make some money soon?”


 “Well, you just used up the deposit for the black market, didn't you?”


 Higashimura used almost all of the deposit in the "Isekai Shopping". Now that the inventory of the item box has been taken, there is no way to refund it.

 "You have to work hard for a refund, or else you might be kidnapped and become an experimental animal in some country, you know? Well, good luck with your fugitive life. Thanks for everything!"

 Oh no, this is bad. If things continue like this, there is a possibility of being abducted in some country, just as Higashimura said. He has to stop him—

 "Wait! Help—!"

 "Deal concluded! Goodbye!"

 Higashimura disappeared just like that.

 For a while, while still in a daze—Tanabe gradually began to realize the situation he was in and started packing, trembling with fear.

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