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Volume 15 Chapter 5 Escape Plan, Part Three

 "Now, time to figure out how to escape from here."

 I said, scanning the three of them.

 "Cooperation from inside and outside means we need to communicate with the outside world."

 "Can't your Bestowal magic help with that?"

 Jig asked.

 Oh, finally back to normal conversations, huh?

 Just a moment ago, it felt like we were gearing up for a battle.

 Well, Jig must understand that stubbornly sticking to being enemies or allies forever won't help in this situation.

 "Well, Lisa, his beloved, is watching."

 Flora chimed in.

 "Wha...! I-I-I mean, Lisa has nothing to do with this!"

 "You're totally blushing."

 I teased.

 "Who's blushing?!"

 "You just did it again."


 Jig groaned in frustration.

 Well, just when we were starting to lose that tense enemy-like vibe, I had to go and mess it up.

 "Sorry. It was just a situation where I couldn't resist adding a witty tsukkomi..."

 "It's okay. Jig is actually kinda glad you did."

 That's what Flora said.

 "Huh, really?"

 "He should be doing a little victory dance inside. I can tell."

 "A victory dance?"

 "It might as well be a full-blown carnival."

 "Carnival level, huh?"

 "I'm not actually dancing, you know!"

 That's what Jig said.

 But his face turned red.

 He's obviously embarrassed.

 "Hehe, Jig, you're quite entertaining to watch."

 Lisa smiled amusedly.


 Jig's face turned even redder.

 He's pretty easy to read.

 "Well, maybe we're just a tad less tense now."

 They're still technically enemies.

 I don't want to fight, but they probably do.

 Still, even so—just a little tension relief did happen.

 I wish there was a way to avoid fighting altogether.

 Alright, first things first, let's get out of here!

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