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The Strongest Swordsman Has Zero Equipment Slots, but He Can Equip up to 9999 Items if It’s (Cute) Cursed Equipment

Genre: FantasyComedy, Adventure

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――In a world where life is determined by equipment.

In such a world, there existed something called 'cursed equipment.'
Merely touching it would force it upon you, becoming a lifelong burden that couldn't be removed. Not only did it consume one's equipment slot, but the cost of equipping it was often too high. As a result, cursed equipment was despised.

Living in such a world, a boy named Noroa had 9999 equipment slots, but could only equip cursed items, causing him to be shunned and scorned by those around him.
However, cursed equipment was always powerful, albeit with a cost. With the ability to equip 9999 cursed items, Noroa grew stronger and stronger. His power soon surpassed heroes and even demon lords, becoming the strongest in the world in no time.

――This is the story of a boy (an equipment enthusiast) on a journey to seek cursed equipment, as he scratches and claws his way through the world with his (cute) equipment companions.

Volume 1 - The Journey Begins, The Cursed Doll & Blood Licking Blade Volume 2 - The Departure Arc, Compass
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