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Chapter 10 The Way to the Strong

 With the goal of defeating Garondolf Baskerville, the father and evil leader of the Slayers Kingdom, I started my activities the next day.
 The first thing to do was to check my knowledge of the game. On a piece of paper, I write down all the scenarios and events that are going to happen, and how to get important items. I write them in Japanese just in case they are seen by the people in the mansion.
 I wrote as much as I could remember about the game, and it ended up in more than a dozen pages.
 “...Okay, it's done. That's about all”
 The next thing to think about is future goals. How will I live in this world?
 This body was taken from Zenon Baskerville unintentionally, but it is still my body. I do not intend to give it back, and I do not know how to give it back.
 Then, I will live out my life as Zenon Baskerville. That much I had clearly decided.
 “I've been reborn into the world of [DunBrave] in any way I can. I want to live freely”
 To do so, the one who must be conquered is still the father.
 The ruler of darkness. As long as that evil mastermind exists, Zenon will never be free. If Garondolf Baskerville is not defeated, I will remain under the control of the great evil for the rest of my life.
 There is a possibility that I could abandon my home and go into exile in another country, but there is no guarantee that I can escape from Garondolf, who has a large number of gangsters and assassins.
 Moreover, such a course of action would completely deviate from the scenario of [DunBrave], and I would not know what Leon would do.
 “I hope the Demon King is sealed according to the scenario...”
 If Leon is defeated by the Demon King, the world will be destroyed.
 Then, I cannot escape to another country. So, it is necessary to be in a place where I can interfere with the scenario when the time comes.
 “Whether I'm going to defeat my father or fight the Demon King... either way, I'll have to become stronger”
 The Baskervilles are a family that values strength over weakness.
 If I can surpass my father's power, none of his servants or men will complain. They will not seek to avenge Garondolf.
 Now, when I think about what I should do to become stronger, the first thing that comes to mind is to learn and develop skills.
 [DunBrave] is a game in which the level system does not exist, which is unusual for an RPG. Instead, there is a "proficiency level" for each acquired skill, and by raising this level, the player can grow stronger.
 Zenon Baskerville has initially mastered two combat skills, [Swordsmanship] and [Dark Magic].
 Other than combat skills, he has also learned [Training], a skill to entrap women... but I hope I will never have a chance to use this skill.
Zenon Baskerville
Job: Rune Knight
 Swordsmanship 20
 Dark magic 20
 Training 20
 I mumble, and a square screen appears in front of me.
 It shows Zenon Baskerville's occupation and the skills he possesses.
 Unlike the game's status screen, commands such as [Item], [Settings], [Save], and [Load] were missing.
 “...The skill level of the combat skill is 20". The maximum value is "100", so there is still plenty of room for growth”
 In order to become stronger, I must master skills and increase one's proficiency.
 If a particular skill is raised to a certain level, it opens the way to change from an initial job to a more powerful higher level job.
 “And I also have to get items...”
 As promised in RPGs, I can increase my abilities by equipping strong weapons and armor. I can even learn new skills and magic by using certain items.
 Strong weapons and armor, accessories, and charms to reduce damage, etc. There are many items to keep.
 I can get items by buying them in stores or by diving in dungeons and getting them by myself. I can get them as rewards by completing events.
 But rare items can only be bought at auctions, not at stores. This requires a huge amount of money.
 As for dungeons, items appear at random and are left to luck with the exception of important fixed items. Thus, game knowledge is of no use.
 “Should I give away as many items as possible to Leon that I can get from events? I don't want him to lose to the Demon King if I take too many items”
 I don't intend to comply with the scenario now, but that doesn't mean that I should avoid disturbing Leon. No matter how much I defeat Garondolf, the game is over if the Demon King destroys the world.
 Events that involve Leon and heroines should be avoided as much as possible so as not to interfere. Like a cuckolding event is a no-no.
 “May I come in? Zenon-bocchama?”
 As I was thinking about this, there was a modest knock at the door of the room. And a familiar female voice echoes from the other side of the door.
 “Ah, come in”
 “Excuse me. Your morning meal is here”
 Opening the door and entering the room was Levienna, my personal maid.
 Levienna was pushing a silver cart with a plate of food on it.
 “I thought you might be having a hard time today, so I brought it here for you. Have you eaten yet?”
 “My body is fine but I was just getting hungry. Thank you”
 “I'm glad to hear it. Please enjoy your meal”
 Levienna began to prepare the meal on the table in the room with a smile. Then, I turn my attention to the plates of food, hiding the paper with my future plans.
 In the game of [DunBrave], food is also treated as an item with healing and support effects.
 The meal on the table consisted of a sandwich and corn soup. And coffee. The sandwich and corn soup were supposed to restore strength, and the coffee was supposed to heal the patient's condition, respectively.
 Although the damage done by Garondolf last night had been healed, the food showed Levienna's care and attention.
 “It looks delicious. Thank you”
 “Ah no... as a servant I did what I had to do. There's no need for you to thank me, obocchama...”
 “But... I still want to thank you. Really, thank you so much.”
 When I thanked her again... Levienna suddenly slumped down, holding her face.
 A small drip fell to the floor... a red liquid. It was blood.
 “E-excuse me? I'll come back later to collect the plate...!”
 Levienna left the room with her face covered with her hands. Leaving a small bloodstain on the floor of the room.
 “Is it possible... she got so excited at my thanking her that her nose started bleeding?”
 It's scary. Very scary.
 I wonder how much that maid loves Zenon, just like she cried yesterday.
 “...Zenon definitely had allies. There was no need for him to go crazy and sleep with someone else's girl”
 I blurted out as I touched the food on the table.
* * *
 After eating, I change into my school uniform and leave the room.
 I was mistreated by Garondolf yesterday, but I don't care about that, I have school today.
 I head straight for the front door, but a big figure stands in front of me.
 “Good morning. Zenon-sama”
 “...Ah, Zaius, huh?”
 An elderly man in a butler's uniform was waiting for me in the corridor.
 His name is Zaius Ooren. He is a butler in the service of the Baskerville family and is in charge of the house.
 He has a romance gray all-back hair and a kaiser mustache. He wears single-lens glasses over his left eye. His posture with a straight back is ideal for a servant, and he looks like a capable butler.
 However, unbalanced from the neck down, he is muscular like a professional wrestler, so muscular that he looks as if he could snap a human neck with his bare hands. His tightly-fitted butler's suit is so ripped off by his muscles that the buttons look as if they are about to burst into a thousand pieces and fly off.
 The appearance of the man who is Garondolf's close associate makes me open my mouth in alarm.
 ...What do you want? If things are going too slowly, I'm going to be late for school”
 “I'm sorry to take up so much of your time before school. I was just wondering if you weren't training in the yard this morning and if you weren't feeling well”
 “Morning exercises are voluntary. Sometimes I don't feel like it”
 And to top it off, I was tortured by my father yesterday. It was no time for training.
 I answered bluntly and tried to slip past him, but Zaius quickly shifted his body to block the way again.
 “Master wants Zenon-sama to grow up and become a strong man worthy of the Baskerville family. If Zenon-sama neglects his training, I will have to report it to Master”
 “Heh...you mean if I'm slacking off, my father will come home and punish me again like he did yesterday? That's a very educated thing to do”
 Garondolf, Zenon's father, is away most of the year and rarely comes back to the mansion.
 The only time he comes home is to punish Zenon, as he did yesterday.
 His mother is unknown. It seems that he is the child of one of Garondolf's mistresses, but Zenon's mother does not appear in the game.
 Thus, Zenon does not have parents who are devoted to his education.
 “...Master expects a lot from Zenon-sama. Please don't let him down”
 Zaius rebukes me with an annoyed look on his face.
 But I sniffed and slipped past Zaius this time. This time the big butler does not block my path and gives way quietly.
 Just as I was about to walk straight to the front door, I suddenly thought of something and turned around.
 “I'm afraid I'm going to miss some training in the future, but don't worry. I'll make sure I live up to my father's expectations.”
 “Well...do you have any ideas on how to become stronger?”
 “Swinging isn't the only way to get stronger. I'm going to get stronger in my own way... so much so that I'll knock my father's head off”
 With these words of abandon, I quickly leave the place.
 I felt the butler's eyes on my back, but I resolved once again to become strong enough to surpass Garondolf.

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