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Chapter 9 The Root of All Evil

 I wonder how much time has passed since then.
 When I woke up, I was lying on the bed in my room.
 There was a blanket over my body and Levienna was dozing on a chair beside the bed.
 It seems that she was nursing me at my bedside. She looks tired and asleep.
 “...Such a waste of a loyal subject for such a devilish cuckold. I don't know why such a good girl is working for a scum like Zenon”
 I raise my upper body from the bed, brushing up my black hair.
 I look toward the window, but it is already dark outside. I check my watch and see that it is already around midnight.
 Thanks to the potion that Levienna gave me, the damage to my body is gone.
 However, I feel a phantom pain as if there is a stake in the center of my body due to the abuse and torture that I have never suffered in my previous lives.
 I had no idea that Zenon's father - Garondolf Baskerville - could be so cruel and harsh to his son.
 I had thought that he was spoiling his son and letting him run wild, since Zenon had been doing whatever he wanted in the game.
 “But now I understand. I'm sure of it. I understand why Zenon has turned into a scum”
 I clutched at the chest of my clothes, biting my back teeth.
 If there was one person, aside from the game's production staff, who had caused Zenon to go down the wrong path, it was that man.
 “Garondorf Baskerville...? You've driven Zenon crazy!”
 Probably, Zenon was abused by his father on a daily basis.
 The result of the accumulated abuse was a loss of mental balance, which led to the tyranny of humiliating Leon and stealing the heroine.
 Leon Brave was born into a chosen bloodline, the descendant of a hero, and was surrounded by many heroines who loved him. As the top student in his grade, he stands above Zenon in terms of academic achievement.
 Zenon, on the other hand, is hated by everyone around him because he was born into the Baskerville family, a family cursed beyond recognition. Zenon must have been a madly jealous partner for Leon, who was not loved by his father and was even abused by him.
 On top of that... Leon had defeated the Demon King and had become a hero, a hero who was admired by the people. He must have felt intense jealousy and hatred toward Leon who possessed everything he did not have, everything he wanted so badly.
 As a result, Zenon has decided to cuckold Leon's heroine.
 “I've decided. I have a goal for the time being in this world... it seems that there is someone I have to defeat before the Demon King”
 I nodded my head decisively.
 Until now, I had been puzzled by the fact that I had suddenly been reborn in a game world, and had only vaguely thought that I wanted to lead a peaceful life... but now I have a firm purpose.
 “To defeat Garondolf, to defeat my father...! In order for me to have peace in this world, that man is an irreconcilable enemy who must not exist...!”
 I say these words with strong determination.
 Defeat the Demon King... Save the world... Rather than such a great achievement, this goal seemed more important to me.
 I don't know how I lost my life in my previous life and was reborn in the game world.
 But... now that I am reborn, I will live freely and enjoy this world.
 For that, I'll deny the scenario set by the production staff and even my father, the leader of evil.
 *Yawn*... Obocchamaaaaaa!”
 “Ugh... Levienna...!?”
 I had decided on a second goal in life, but it seems I was talking to myself too loudly.
 Levienna woke up soon after and hugged me, and the strength of her embrace suffocated me, causing me to pass out again.
 It is needless to explain that Levienna became more and more panicked when she saw me fainting.

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