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Chapter 19 Auction of Color and Desire

 The auction house was set up in the downtown area without being seen by the public.
At the entrance of the huge tent spread out like a circus tent, many sales touts stopped people on the street.
 They must be trying hard to make the auction more lively, because the auction cannot be exciting unless the seats are filled.
 This slave auction is a place that appears in a sub-event of the game.
 A subheroine is to be sold as a slave for a debt made by her parents, and Leon goes to the auction house to rescue her.
 There are two strategies for this event. The first is to earn more than a certain amount of money within the time limit and purchase the heroine through the proper channels. The second is to sneak into the auction house and steal the heroine.
 I took time and effort to play both routes, because the CG of the reward changes depending on which is chosen.
 “Well, well. Isn't it the young master of the Baskervilles?”
 A fat man in front of the entrance called out to me.
 His face is familiar. He was the auction manager who had appeared at the slave rescue event.
 “Well... do I know you?”
 “Excuse me. My name is Leybold. I'm the auctioneer. Your father has always been a great help to me”
 “Ah... I see. You worked for my father”
 It seems that this slave auctioneer is under the control of that father.
 It's not surprising. The Don, the leader of the underworld, must have been involved in the slave trade.
 A slight hesitation arises in my mind. As long as this is Garondolf Baskerville's territory, I think it's better to stay out of it.
 Because if I buy slaves here, Garondolf will hear about it. He might find out that I'm gathering forces.
 “Well... let's go in”
 It's not fun to have my father find out what I've been up to, but it's not like he cares what his son does.
 If I don't go into the tiger's den, I won't get the tiger's cub... This is a proverb that I have never used before, including in my previous life, but now is the time for me to use it.
 “Oh, come this way, please. I'll find you a good seat”
 Leybold leads me into the auction room with his well-shaped belly tapping and swaying. The inside of the hall was more spacious than it looked from the outside. A stage was set up in the center of the circular hall, and the audience seats were arranged around the stage.
 Most of the seats in the auction hall were already occupied. There were various kinds of people waiting for the auction to start, from well-dressed ladies who could be recognized as nobles at a glance, to merchant-like men who looked like rich people, to low-life thugs.
 I am led by Leybold to the front row of seats. As soon as I sit down, a sexy woman in tights brings me a drink.
 “Well then, young master. Please enjoy yourself”
 Leybold bowed politely and disappeared behind the door of what appeared to be a staff room.
 “He's a very eager businessman...is it really that profitable to buy and sell human beings?”
 With a sarcastic remark, I sip the drink brought to me. The drink, dissolved in citrus juice, tasted refreshing and even had cubes of ice floating in it, perhaps created by magic.
 While I was tasting the fruit juice, Leybold appeared on the stage.
 “Ladies and gentlemen? The slave auction is about to begin!”
 A slaver in a tuxedo opens his hands and announces the beginning of the auction in high spirits.
 “It's finally started. I hope there will be a good turnout...”
 My pockets have been well-funded by the gold I recovered in the [Treasure Room]. Maybe I can afford to buy one or two slaves.
 The question is whether or not I can find good people to use as a fighting force. I have to go into the dungeon and confront my father, who is at the top of the underworld. I needed someone who would work for me to be a good fighter.
 Soon a woman dressed in white is brought from the backstage. A metal collar was placed on her neck, and a chain hung from it.
 The audience cheered for the beautiful blonde woman and raised the price one after another. The price is paid mainly by men. Their eyes are red and bloodshot with lust.
 Sigh...Human beings buy and sell human beings as commodities. It was an ugly sight that made me want to cover my eyes.
 But... it's no longer a stranger to me. From now on, I must be one of those ugly people.
 I look up at the heavens in disgust and let out a depressed sigh at the ceiling.

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