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Chapter 20 The Connected World

 The auction to buy and sell slaves proceeds in a frenzy.
 One after another, slaves are sold. Beautiful women, strong men, and even children of tender years... all the slaves on the stage were sold off for a price without exception.
 Staring at such a grotesque scene, I sigh with slumped shoulders.
 “...I'm not very good at this. They're all just ordinary people with no real skills”
 Slaves were auctioned off one after another, but none of them were worthy of my attention.
 I have a monocle over my right eye, which I did not have on before. This is one of the items recovered in the [Treasure Room], and is called the [God Eye].
 The effect of this item is that the player can see through the lens the skill and proficiency of the opponent he is looking at. In this game, there is no concept of level, so the skill determines the ability of the player. Being able to see the skills of my opponent gives me a great advantage in a fight.
 Originally, it was used to check the abilities of monsters, but it was also useful for connoisseurs at auctions. It is because it is possible to see the abilities of slaves that cannot be seen from their appearance.
 Various kinds of people were offered for sale at the auction.
 A stunningly beautiful woman. A strong-bodied warrior of great stature. An elf girl with pointed ears and green hair. Even a very rare and seldom seen warrior of the Dragon Race.
 Though they looked beautiful and splendid on the outside... I saw through [God Eye] that they did not have skills that would be useful in battle, or had not yet reached a level of proficiency... none of them were the kind of people I was looking for.
 “Skills can be acquired... but even so, having the initial skills makes all the difference in the speed of growth”
 “Well, then, the next one will be the last slave!”
 While I was blabbering, the end of the slave auction seemed to be approaching.
 This time, no useful slaves were found. I guess I'd better find another way to find a partner to dive in the dungeon with me.
 I shrug my shoulders and get up to leave the hall without seeing the auction through to the end.
 But I was stopped in my tracks by Leybold's word, who was moderating the auction.
 “So... the last slave is a race as rare as the Dragon People!? A daughter of the Kijin Tribe from the northern demi-human continent!”
 I let out a doubtful voice and turned around to see a small girl standing on the stage.
 “The white-haired kijin... no way, Urza White Ogre!? Why is she here!?”
 Urza White Ogre.
 A small girl, no taller than my waist, with paper-white skin and hair, and golden eyes, she had an extraordinary appearance. Her red horns peeked out from between her white hair, which proved that she was of the demi-human race called Kijin.
 Urza is not a character in [DunBrave]. She doesn't even appear in [DunBrave 2].
 I knew Urza because she is a character in another game that is not [DunBrave].
 The name of that game is [The Warlord of Sacred Sea]. It is a war simulation game released by the same company as [DunBrave].
 Set on an island nation in the South Sea, the game aims to win the war against the enemy nation by increasing the number of friends. The game is characterized by the appearance of more than 100 companion characters.
 Urza was one of the characters...but why is she in the world of [DunBrave], a character from another game?
 “It's crazy... it's beyond the boundaries of the game. What the hell is really going on in this world?”
 I was standing in front of the entrance of the venue, because I didn't expect this.
 Standing there in front of the entrance is a bad and eye-catching thing to do. However, no one in the hall was looking at me.
 The audience, their eyes blazing with excitement, raised their voices one after another to raise the price. The price, which started at 100,000 at first, had already increased more than 20 times.
 It was no wonder. Urza looks like an elementary school student, but her face is so beautiful. Her white hair and skin are mysterious, and her golden eyes are shining like a full moon in the night sky.
 In addition, she is a member of an extremely rare race called Kijin race. Kijin, like elves, age slowly, so they can retain their youthful appearance for a long time. She is physically very strong and an excellent warrior.
 Without a doubt, she will be the centerpiece of this auction.
 I proceed to consider why Urza exists in the world of [DunBrave], despite the unprecedented excitement in the auction hall.
 “Is the worldview of [Secret Sea] merged into this world, just like the settings of [DunBrave 1] and [DunBrave 2] are merged into this world? Or... was it the same world from the beginning?”
 Perhaps, the world of [DunBrave] and the world of [Sacred Sea] originally existed on the same worldview.
 For example, I once played a famous game in which players catch monsters with a ball and fight them, and although each game in the series was set in a different place, those places were on the same world, just in different regions.
 In the same way, [DunBrave] and [Sacred Sea] are connected on the same world, and the locations where the story takes place may be different.
 “Both games are made by the same company. It wouldn't be surprising if they were connected by a backstory...”
 “Oops, 5,000,0000 came out? Are there others!?”
 While I was thinking, the amount had reached 5,000,0000.
 I touch the [God Eye] over my right eye with my fingertip and squint my eyes.
 Urza White Ogre's job is Berserker. It is a power fighter type warrior job with high offensive and defensive strength and low speed and accuracy.
 She possesses three skills: [Strengthening], [Toughness], and [Hammering]. All of them were under 20, but it is rare for a character to have three skills from the beginning.
 I also have 3 skills, but one of them is [Training], which is useless in battle. Urza, who has three combat skills, is a rare person who would certainly be called a genius in battle.
 “She definitely passed the test of being a battle prodigy. I would say she is the ideal person I was looking for”
 I wonder if I can buy Urza.
 I can afford it. It would be a considerable expense, but I have enough money to spare.
 But if this world is connected to the world of the [Sacred Sea] as I have imagined, Urza will now participate in the scenario of the [Sacred Sea] and be involved in the war.
 If I recall, Urza was forced to work as a slave by a certain nobleman, and after some twists and turns, she became one of the heroes of that world. This auction may be a flag for her to go to that nobleman as a slave.
 “...If I buy Urza here, I'm going to mess up the scenario of [Sacred Sea]. Is it okay for me to bring in Urza, who may become a lover with the main character of the other side depending on the route, into my side for my own convenience...?”
 I don't care about the scenario, but I just decided to stay away from the heroine as much as possible.
 Urza was not Leon's heroine, but... what right do I have to distort the future of Urza, who might end up with the hero of the other side?
 “Well, we got 6,500,000? Any more? Is there anyone else?”
 I look at the auction without making up my mind.
 Leybold's face turns red and he looks excited. He seems to be excited as the organizer of the auction, because the amount of money is rising at a rapid pace.
 Urza, who is standing next to Leybold, has a dark expression on her face, her eyes downcast, and she is biting her lip. Her thin shoulders are shaking slightly, as if she is trying hard to hold back her tears.
 Suddenly, Urza looked up from her slumped position.
 It must have been a coincidence. I was the only one who stood up among the customers, and a girl's eyes stopped on me standing in the aisle.
 Her deep golden eyes are so deep that I feel as if I could be sucked into them. Her eyes are about to burst into tears, and mine are connected by a line.
 A beautiful face frozen in despair. Her eyes that seemed to be begging for help made me feel as if my heart was being held in my hand.
 I couldn't help but raise my hand as I said that.

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